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I got engaged!!!!!!!!


anyways here what just happened...

Our wedding date would be year or maybe two from on now not quite 100% sure which date yet. We are going to River John for weekend so I pack up her clothes and her phone then I woke her up and see if she want to go right now and she agree to because she is looking forward to this weekend. Once we got off on road I told her that I hit nasty bump last night on way home from work and she gave me the look. So we keep driving half way to River John then I was like man.. gas brake being weird and she gave me the look again. Once almost in River John area I was like oh shit... I couldn't push gas anymore and car started to slow down and Chantal started to freak out and she was like WHAT! ARE YOU F****** SERIOUS? so I pull over and open my car hood then I check my phone and I have no server so I asked Chantal to get out her car and she had note inside her cell case she was confusion and I asked her what hell is that inside her cell and she had no clue what going on so she opened her note but all of it are in 20 different language so she had no idea what it said while we was trying figure it out together so I point it out at top so she noticed it then she unfolded paper and it written Will you marry me? in English so I drop my knee down and she cried so yeah but there was beard guy strop by to see if I need any help with car which it wasn't part of my plan lol.


I'm thinking about design themes for our love ;)

Also, I'm very sorry I will get back to help gain groups to fix unions once I solve all my issue in my life at the moment.


Hopes for Unions!

I'm sure everyone knows  the difference from the past and present.

Now I would like to ask everyone here to support union community. Members of GS were  asking for an upgrade several times but their hopes were turn down.

The main question is, Why didn't gamespot give unions hype or an upgrade? The answer which I believe is that they don't make any profit from it. So why bother giving any effort to upgrade forum and unions for us?

Unions were dying because of glitch such as BONK! The longer the glitch, the more members disappear from the union community.

If it is true.. then we going need work together help gamespot reach top again. We could have a nice upgrade for unions. I got few plan for myself but I want to hear from coummity mangner for answers! Please show your support by speading this blog around and I will PM to coummity manger as well!

Let begin the chat We want the answer!

Everyone.. I need your help making my cat become next cat internet celebrities!

I would like to have huge favor for all of my friends on gamespot. please reblog it and spead it around! it would be awesome if my cat become new internet celebrities along with another grumpy cat and wtf cat and ects! Please vote and share it with your friends!


Idk why gamespot link is not working well, just copy and paste to address :(


Cool Story Bro

Thank you everyone! if it is success, I would let world know about you guys!

what I should to do...? life is hard.

I'm tired... really.. I'm really tired.

first, I could use some help and feedback.

I love my mother and father. even they did bad job at parent but I do understand that they are trying their best to help me out and give me what I need to built my life. Once I finally hit sweet 16, my father pushed me so friggen hard to learn how to drive even I wasn't in rush to get mine full. he brought me a car that only last 2 years. even I fail beginner test two times :lol: then finally pass on thirds try. Bam I`m on my own. just come visit him when I need to or help him out or when I need some help, just like that. my mother started make me paying rent at 16! so I could understand `what is life`I do get the idea but still why do they have to be so hard on me. I'm in high school trying to pass so I can do some trade or go to university so I can affort better life. but that didn`t happen. my father stop pay child support and my mother started to panic and raise my rent little higher as going school full time and working full time since I was 16. so you see once I got older and I started to careless about school and very tired all the times. so that why I didn't bother take seriously in school just try to pass so I can move on in my life and was in rush because I can't take this anymore. so I just do what I need to do pass high school hell I was on honour roll without take it serious. so on my record, I miss 184 days of high school in 2 years and half and graduation as honour roll just because I was in hurry to get out of my mother house.

because of my mother boyfriend. he is too damn depress and being angry all the times. My mother is stressing like hell all the time. I always got crap toss at me for not doing something perfect or forget something. I just suck it up because I can't stand argue with them all the time "because my mother boyfriend bring the most money to home" oh please, I work as well I had crap job standing all the times and feeding people for almost 5 years straight. I'm supervisor now but still can't afford anything because all my money goes to food, gas and rents. hell of hard time to save anything to put down while buying a house.

I just found out I got 6 month left to stay because they are planning to move out yet I'm not done with college yet and economy in here is too much. hell I can't even afford apt.. ether no roof or no food. Yes I'm living with my girlfriend right now. I understand that she cant work and going university. it impossible, we are human not a machines. she is trying get phd. I'm trying to finish school so I can work under government as payroll account I got seat there for promise for epic marks and quick I flew through the course. just need get work out of way so I can finish it without problem.

you had no idea how badly I love chantal and it hurt me so much seeing her crying and felt bad for me going thorugh all this trouble. I hate say this chantal is only person that I felt loved from. My parent didn't show it right all they was looking from me is money.

I got mother boyfriend always angry with me and my father's girlfriend hate me so much for stood up told her story that she made up to make my father depress "ditch visit my father to help him out just because I was busy with video game" no man I was study for final exam in college and told him that I could help him next weekend and that didn't went well.just be careful one click on facebook would cause huge top story to my family.

only choice I got right now. is move in with my grandfather who is not doing so well at the moment or live with my girlfriend and roomates which I don't want do that at all. I don't trust anyone and hate anyone touch my stuff that I been work my butt off since I was 16.

so what I should do? my girlfriend found some apt but still too risk because I'm not working or in school at the moment because I start to sleepwalking little often and almost burn down restaurant. I'm so lucky enough to have job. just need doctor order so I can go back again.

any idea? I could use some help.

thanks lots,


Never got my prize from gamespot =( and why I couldn't post anymore

I was run up for sf vs tekken contest which I would get copy of sf vs tekken game. been wait for it in mail for almost 4-5 months.. so I sent pm to coummituy mangers about this. they said that they already shipped out while ago and I asked for track number and they said that they don't do it for prize under $100 so seem like I'm not getting anything :( same with another prize from social reward as well. seem like I had awful luck with gamespot since board don't even work well anymore for me which why I don't post anywhere for while beside Gotei 13 since it only place that are working for me.

not totally happy with this. I miss post around here oh well what I can do?

I'm planning on buying new car soon 2011 dodge avenger... been thinking about it hmm :P

anyways can't wait for new one piece game coming out tmw ;)

hope everyone is doing good as always!

funny gif of the day!


marvel avengers alliance game!


pretty awesome game! wonder anyone ya on gamespot play this game? I'm level 70 and unlock more than 20 heros.

this game got me thinking starting to read comic again.. wonder if there any free stream site to read comic book? I been looking everywhere and couldn't find one :(