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Reviewing under earthquakes

I'm back, or almost back, got a new work back on january but with no internet till a few weeks ago, i'm still trying to do my best to make some reviews of Ps2 titles, got to write them on the job carefully to avoid get caught lol and even under earthquakes (i'm on Santiago, Chile for the ones that doesn't know) thankfully my Ps2 survived with no major problems the 8.3 earthquake registered the 27/02 evenwhen my tv crushed on it.

Today's review comes from the Team ICO and their popular Shadow Of The Colossus, and the last week's review of GTA III. You can see them on my profile, i suck at linking yet sorry for that.

Cheers from Chile and Argentina :D


Yeah, as you read i just got fired, so i'm in another country, almost alone if it wasn't for my girlfriend and her family, i just got my tv and ps2, and lot of games lol, at least that, but i feel really empty sometimes... Don't even have any company to play but my chick and that's like 1-2 days per month when we play... :cry:

On the otherside, i have a lot of free time, peaceful time rocks! and i was really tired of my old job :Dand i'm advancing fast on 2 rpgs and my old FIFA 09 :P

Tales Of The Abyss

This game really surprised me, this is my first Tales of and i'm not regreting it at all... the game is long, the battle system it's good enough for me, maybe a little repetitive but the battles against bosses are really fun and sometimes challenging. The story hook me from the very first moments and keeps getting better as you progress, the character development is astounding, really i've experienced not many games with a cast of chars as this one, great.

I'm still playing it, like 60hs of progress and still a lot to go (or so it seems) so i won't give a score for it yet, but my preview would be:


Persona 3 FES

This was in fact, the first rpg i've tried on the ps2, nice achievement for the game huh? but i left it on 21hs of playgame it was like on July... and picked it back a few days ago... this time playing it like 6-7 hs on my best days lol. REALLY ADDICTIVE mostly on what regards the relationships with other persons (not personas) cause i got a little tired of battling on Tartarus, yeah too bad it's a bit boring after some hours lol, i found the battle system a little difficult when meeting new enemies, however boss fights have been extremely easy by now...

The characters are pretty well done but your main one it's the tipic mr no personality (though it can use many many personas) you can choose your decisions many times but it's not that deep...

I'm playing the first part of the game and now i'm at 55hs but it's not even the half of it :S this will probably become the largest game to date.


I gtg now hope someone reads this lol cheers for all and Merry X-mas!

Busy, busy!, busy!!

I have a very busy week in my work, i was close of getting fired, so i'll be off for some days, idk maybe weeks, trying to improve on my job, i was expecting they raise my payment but that's not gonna happen by now :(

I'll miss the temple, it's a great union for any console rpg fan but since i no longer own a comp on my house i won't be doing much here, but i'll keep playing PS2 on home at night.

I'm quite new though so maybe no one's gonna miss me at least :P

Starting The Blog

Hello my name's Mariano and i'm from Paran√°, Argentina but i'm currently living on Santiago, Chile from like 8 months ago cause my gf is from here, i'm 22 years old by the moment and i love to play videogames amongst other stuff like playing soccer, guitar and listening good metal artists :twisted:

I'm new to this site, i have like a month and a half here but just a few weeks really into it, so i'm willing to make new friends here and to contribute the site with reviews, ratings and also helping on the games forums (and of course taking what i'm giving, will be looking for the same things for me, so if you see me in a forum asking a lot don't get surprised) :P

By now, i'll only making PS reviews, and while i'm finishing some of my PS2 titles will review those too, i left my consoles on Argentina but i just bought the PS2 4 months ago coz i still can't make many friends here :(

Well that's enough about me, this Thursday 13th i declare this blog opened!

PS: hope to start with the right foot on this day lol.