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I bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl the other day, at FYE. I had been wanting this game since the first day it was announced. This lone game was, orginally, the only reason I bought a Wi. 2 Months or so after it was released and I have finally got a copy. After all the rave reviews I had seen for this game, saying how spectacular it is. I wonder, does it hold up?

NOPE. I'm sorry, but this game just feels mediocre. My main problem is playing with the Wiimote. I don't think Nintendo realized that, this game was built for regular controllers, not a remote thats motion sense function has absolutely no use in the game. The game felt more comfortable playing with the GC controller. The controls felt very loose also, and messed up the experience for me. Now, don't get me wrong this game isn't bad its just not awesome. The game feels like it has less control, than Melee and less heart to it.

I think one of the reasons they added Sonic and Solid Snkae into the game, is so they could get both of their fan bases to buy the game. Its like Nintendo just doesnt care, as long as they get paid. I noticed at E3, every spokes person for Nintendo sounded like they were programmed. I wonder if they use robots now? Anyway, back to my point. Brawl lacks the depth of Melee, mostly because ,its combat system seems downgraded from before. They might have done this so it appeals to people of all ages, but for hardcore lovers itfeels like shes just not the same.

Brawl fight

I mean the game is still Good, and an excellent fan service(Snake and Sonic). I just think they could have tried harder. For example, the F---ed online fights. I sat there for 5 minutes after I picked my character(Link) and stage, waiting for the system to find someone for me to fight. Then when I found those people, the game said connection lost and took me out of the fight. I'm not the only person going through this either, there are other people who have good internet connection, like me, and this still happens.

I like the game a whole lot, but its just not good enough to say it is better than Melee. Had Nintendo actually spent more time on it, it might have ended up better, but it feels just a little more lackluster than the others. What might have ruined it for me, was all that hype. Hype always ruins things, people should learn to never underestimate or overestimate. Off topic, I like the way Ganon looks though.