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Its a Mad World

One day while searching through the web for mature games for my Wii( that weren't ports), I ran into an article about a new game coming out next year. The article was talking about how the Wii was suppoused to be family friendly, and how parents can feel safe about the games they're kids are playing, then the tone of the article shifted. Thats when it became a rant about a violent, bloody,gory, grotesque game that should be banned from the Wii. The name of the game(as suggested by the title of my blog) is MadWorld.

what it looks like

Now see, these type of things are funny to me. Its amazing how making such a big deal about a game can grab it some extra publicity. I would have never known about this game, wanted nor cared about it had people not made such a big deal. Thats one of the reasons I wanted NARC until I found out it sucked...HARD. I mean I'm only sixteen, but I'm going to get this game, I dont care what Gamestop or any Californian Govenor tries to do, because I'll just got to my hometowns small video games store and buy it there no questions asked. So there is no real point in them trying to make a ban.

what it looks like

I don't know why adults make such big deals about small things, like violence in videogames. My mother for example hates me playing games like Hitman, because "they are violent and will corrupt my mind". Why just the other day I couldnt get Farcry, because it said you could "claw" your enemies. I'm happy she didnt allow it, because that would have been a waste of my birthday money( instead I bought SSBB,YAY!). I don't understandhow they put a block on violent videogames for minors, hell you can't even trade in games without a parent anymore.I mean, I can watch an Adult film at a click of a button, but I can't see someone get cut in half? What amazes me more, is how people are not held responsible for their actions. Such as the boy in Thailand who blamed GTA 4, for making him want to see if it was easy to rob a taxi and kill the driver. The boy was eighteen at the time, I'm two years younger and I know better, but the government tried to blame the game and had all major distributors cease selling the game.

what it looks like

My point is if you dont like violence and blood, dont look at it. But dont ruin it for everyone else. Thats like saying because you hate a movies story the person who made it should be arrested and not allowed to make movies anymore. People get over your selves.