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St.Louis Cardinals closing on playoff spot!

The St.Louis Cardinals` (89-63) magic number is just 2, today could be the day that they clinch a division title. For the past few season the Chicago Cubs (78-72) has won the division, but failed to reach the world series. But this is the season that the cards will win it under the wings of fine pitching and timely hitting.

The trade for Matt Hollidayproved to be a very good deal for the [cardinals]. He`s hitting .358 avg-13 hr-50rbi in just 54 games with them. First Baseman Albert Pujolsis having yet another MVP season, as predicted. He`s proudly putting .330 avg-47hr-129rbi this season, and the 3rd mvp award is just around the corner.

Microsoft buying electronic arts!!!

Scuttlebutt is going around Wall Street regarding a possible takeover of Electronic Arts at the hands of Microsoft. Talk of the potential buy has been dismissed as "unsubstantiated chatter" by Reuters, but rumors among traders have already served to drive up the stock of both companies. EA stock is up 5.24% to $19.36, while MS increased by 0.9% to $26. Some traders, at least, are banking on the possibility. Whether purely the product of imagination or a legitimate piece of inside info, the rumor is plausible enough. The last year has seen a steady fall in videogame sales, the largest sales drop in nine years, leaving EA in a potentially weakened state. Such acquisitions have happened increasingly often, as in the case of "Activision Blizzard", and Zenimax/ID, and even EA's own attempts to acquire Take-Two. Your thoughts on this topic!!!

Nintendo Wii Price drop Article

Wii price drop confirmed: $199 starting this weekend The rumors were true, and Nintendo's knight in shining armor is finally about to see its first-ever price drop. For nearly three years now, the console has sold briskly at $249.99, but beginning on September 27th at Best Buy (and everywhere else, naturally), the happy-go-lucky machine will be offered for just $199.99. Interestingly, it appears that suits at BB expect Nintendo to make an official announcement on the drop this Friday, yet retail stores won't begin selling at the discounted rate until Sunday. Something tells us that won't go over well, but we guess we've but a few days left 'til we find out exactly how the Big N plans to play this.

Naruto Shippuden!!

On my personal opinion, i didn`t like that last episode that much. It seems to suspicious, jiraiya saying goodbye to Lady Tsunade, it makes me wonder what will happen. This week will be another 2 episode special! I love naruto anime, so i`m totally watching every single episode till the end. If there ever is one;)

My First Blog!!! Questionaire

Q.1 : Why do you guys think is the reason for the sudden drop in PS3 slim prices? Q.2 : Is there any reason at all that Nintendo WII should not do the same? I think that for the past months those PS3 didn`t sell according to there [sony] plans, and they [sony] had to make a move. The bad [world] economy is again to blame here. But bringing another PS3 version on the market isn`t gonna solve the problem. Nintendo WII is just keeping up with them [sony playstation 3] on my opinion. They just posted an ad in japan stating an price drop on their product, their talking about $100.