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True Grit: Thoughts/Analysis

True Grit

***Just a heads up, this isn't anything new, it's just a copy/paste from the Last Film you Watched Thread in FAU. Just posting this here cause I liked it and for anyone that cares and missed it. I might add more at some point if I'm bored. There was a pic to top it off, but it's not working.***

My favorite part of True Grit was probably the structure of the film itself. The film has a very light tone to it at first glace thanks to the music, acting and humor. However, in the film, darkness always lies right around the corner. Comedy makes way for some fairly graphic scenes of violence that show the true, ugly, nature of the west. Take the hanging scene in the beginning. While the first man is fairly sincere with his final words, the second and third man's last moments are quite humorous which provides the audience with a nice laugh right before the men are killed right in front of us. Moments like these frequent the entire film until darkness consumes it near the end.

This structure closely parallels Mattie's views of the west, which are adjusted, along with the audience's, as the film progresses towards its fantastic finale. Mattie makes a remark early in the film relating tracking down Chaney to hunting raccoons with her father, "We had a lot of fun." This idea holds true through most of the film; it's a fun film that's very entertaining. However tracking and killing raccoons is a lot different than tracking and killing a man. Like what was said earlier, the light tone is constantly contrasted with gritty violence that slowly corrects Mattie's views as she begins to go through experiences that Rooster Cogburn is all to familiar with.

The story is ultimately one of maturation. Mattie is always trying to prover herself, she's trying to show that she's ready to be the head of the family and look after her mother and siblings now that her father is gone. Her education in the film is very important as she shows her smarts in the beginning of the film. She's more than capable of handling a civilized life, however the task at hand is one that requires more than just smarts and the film questions whether Mattie is truly capable of handling the toughness of the west. Anyway, it's a good story with some very powerful scenes.

The acting is something worth mentioning. It's really great, especially Bridges and Steinfeld. It's also very much stage acting and as you watch the characters and listen to the dialogue it starts to feel like you're watching a play. It's something I really liked actually, and was a big part of the humor of the film.

Another thing I really liked about the film was the sound. It was very dynamic. The guns in the film are really loud and really sound like they have some weight behind them, which is great as guns are the strongest force in the west. Every time one if fired, or being fired you can feel the intensity (gun shots actually made me jump a few times on my first viewing). Speaking of intensity, some of the scenes in the film are quite tense and the Coens do a great job setting up the more tense scenes.

True Grit is very much a Coen Brothers film. The humor and characters in the film have a very Coen feel to them with their dialogue and mannerisms (the bear suit comes to mind). Now it should be said that I haven't read the book so I don't know how much of this is due to the book and how much is actually due to the Coens direction, but either way, the material suits the Coens well. So overall I'll say I really enjoyed the film (especially after a second viewing). There's a lot to love about it and it's certainly one of my favorites of the year.

Oh and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful, though this shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone. :P

Blame it on the Tetons (I've Been Tagged!)

So yeah, I've been tagged. The goal of this little game is the answer the below questions by putting your music player (iTunes in my case) on shuffle/random and using the songs that come up as answers. You use the song no matter how silly it sounds. Also, since a lot of people have done this (or are doing it) I'm not going to bother tagging anyone. If you come across this and haven't been tagged you can go ahead and make a blog like this and say I tagged you. >_> Anyway here goes:

1.If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say

Idioteque by Radiohead (kinda sounds like an insult)

2. How would you describe yourself?

Lightbulb Sun by Porcupine Tree (I'm the center of the galaxy/living room)

3.What do you like in a guy/girl?

Molgera Battle by Nintendo (Them being a fan of Zelda would be a plus)

4.How do you feel today?

Underground Theme (Super Mario Land) by Nintendo (not really in an egyptian mood, actually)

5.What is your life's purpose?

There Goes The Fear by Doves (No comment)

6.What is your motto?

Traveling Riverside Blues by Led Zeppelin (sure why not)

7.What do your friends think of you?

High and Dry by Radiohead (not so much)

8.What do you think of your parents?

Florida by Modest Mouse (I hate Florida (the place), I love my parents)

9.What do you think about very often?

Sit Down, Stand Up by Radiohead (why not?)

10.What is 2 + 2?

Tiger Tank by Ennio Morricone (lol)

11.What do you think of your best friend?

Single Serving Jack by The Dust Brothers (LOL)

12.What do you think of the person you like?

The Ocean by Led Zeppelin (uh...)

13.What is your life story?

Canis Lupus by Alexandre Desplat (I am quite the Fantastic Fox)

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?

(Nice Dream) by Radiohead (I want to be someone's dream?)

15.What do you think of when you see the person you like?

Whack-Bat Majorette by Alexandre Desplat (pretty happy-go-lucky, sure why not)

16.What will you dance to at your wedding?

Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright by Modest Mouse (nice country sound, but no;end could be fun though)

17.What will they play at your funeral?

Run to the Hills by Dream Theater (awesome)

18.What is your hobby/interest?

Fearless by Pink Floyd (cool)

19.What is your biggest fear?

Airbag by Radiohead (car crashes are quite frightening)

20.What is your biggest secret?

Lucky by Radiohead (I don't get it)

21.What do you think of your friends?

Custard Pie by Led Zeppelin (this sounds wrong...)

22.What will you put as the title?

Blame it on the Tetons by Modest Mouse

Best of: Modest Mouse

I'll start of saying this: This blog post is a little premature. Why? Well I haven't listened to all of This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to think about. So, be warned, this list won't have any of MM's first album on it. That said the main reason I'm making this blog post is because, one, I've been wanting to make this post for a while now but haven't gotten around to it. Two, Sammy brought up Modest Mouse in FAU's off topic and I really wanted to just go on a rant about them, so I decided I'd focus that energy into this blog. Three, MM has been my favorite band for a little while now and I just feel like talking about them to get word around (It feels like I'm the only one on GS that really likes them). Four, I'm sitting here right now listening to MM and that's really all I want to do at the moment.

So here's how I'm going to do this, I'm going to list all the MM albums/EPs/whatever in alphabetical order (I was going to originally list them by favorites, but I couldn't decide on a favorite, so... >__>) andlist the takeaway (my personal favorite) songs of the album. If I have a favorite line or something from the song I'll throw it in there too.So here goes:

Building Nothing Out of Something

Songs to check out:

- Broke: It's a song about a break up, a relationship gone sour. Very bittersweet. Slower paced song that picks up in the end, which I find works out really well. "Broken glasses but it broke the ice / you said that I was and ass **** and I'd pay the price"

-Never Ending Math Equation: "I'm the same as I was when I was six years old and oh my god I feel so damn old, I don't really feel anything"

-Interstate 8: There's a women (can't remember her name, sorry) that sings along with Isaac Brock in parts of the song. Her voice is a very nice addition to the song and the two combined sound wonderful together. "Spent eighteen hours waiting stoned for space / I spend the same eighteen hours in the same damn place / I'm on a road shaped like a figure eight / I'm going no where but I'm guaranteed to be late"

-Baby Blue Sedan: Depressing, yet beautiful. You'll find that's something I like a lot with MM songs. "And I'm lonesome when you're around / And I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself"

-A Life of Artic Sounds: Pretty straightforward. 1100 miles is really too long inside a car.

For fun:

-Grey Ice Water: The woman returns and lends her pleasant voice yet again, which makes this a song well worth listening to.

-Workin' on Leavin' the Livin': I won't lie, this song in unnecessarily long. The first minute or so is amazing though.

-All Night Diner: Refrain is a bit annoying, but the verses make the song worth listening to.

Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks

-Willful Suspension of Disbelief: One of my favorite songs. It just feels like a dream throughout.

-The Air: Instrumental. Really great beat though.

-So Much Beauty in Dirt: Almost too short. It's incredible while it lasts, though.

For Fun:

The rest of the EP. It's all good, but the three I listed are simply the best.

Good New for People Who Love Bad News

-The World at Large: My second favorite, it not my favorite MM song. It is just pure bliss for my ears. Every lyric in this song is something special. Truly melodious and amazing. "I like songs about drifters, books about the same / They both seem to make me feel a little less insane"

-Float On: Oh come on, like you didn't expect this. Not their best, but for a song that actually hit mainstream it's still really good.

-Bukowski: "Evil home stereo / What good songs do you know? / Evil me oh yeah I know / What good good curves can you throw?"

For Fun:

-Ocean Breaths Salty: "You wasted life why wouldn't waste death"

-Bury me with it: One of the few "loud songs you'll see me list. I actually really like this song and the 2nd half of the song has some good stuff in it. Also, "I just don't need none of that Mad Max bull****"

-The View

The Lonesome Crowded West

-Heart Cooks Brain: Lots and lots of metaphors. Great beat too.

-Teeth Like God's Shoeshine: Loud. Chaotic. Awesome. If you don't know, I'm not big on loud songs, but this song is one of the exceptions. There's a lot going on in this song, and all of it works.

-Cowboy Dan: Something along the lines of the little man being overwhelmed by a larger force. In this case, a cowboy wanting to get away from big cities and industrialization.

-Doin' the Cockroach: "One year, twenty years, forty years, fifty years down the road in your life / You'll look in the mirror and say, My parents are still alive" I love this line. We all have a bit of our parents in us, but that's not a bad thing.

-Trailer Trash: I always see this on best of MM lists. It's good and I like it, but not their best if you ask me.

-Jesus Christ was and Only Child: Just a fun folk sounding song.

For Fun:

-Out of Gas

-Bankrupt on Selling

-Truckers Atlas

-Convenient Parking

The Moon and Antarctica

-The Stars are Projectors: Amazing. There's no other way for me to describe it.

-Wild Pack of Family Dogs: I have a soft spot for MM's folkish sounding songs.

-3rd Planet: Love it.

-I Came as a Rat: "I don't know but I've been told / you'll never die and you'll never grow old"

-Tiny Cities Made of Ashes: Pretty strange song, took me a while to get used to, but now I love it. "I'm going down the road toward tiny cities made of ashes / I'm gonna get dressed up in plastic gonna shake hands with the masses"

-Lives: "Everyone's afraid of their own life / If you could be anything you wanted I bet you'd be disappointed am I right?"

-A Different City: Another loud chaotic song that I like. Has some slow parts "I want to live in a city with no friends and family / I going to look out the window of my color TV / I want to remember to remember to forget you forgot me"

-Life Like Weeds: Another song that grew on me after a while.

For Fun:

Everything else, seriously. The most complete album by MM if you ask me. It has the added benefit of also being their most accessible IMO because it strikes a nice bit between their old and new. Only song on the cd that I don't really listen to would be What People are Made of.

No One's First and You're Next

-I've got it all (Most): I don't know what to say for this song. It's just beautiful in my opinion. It's probably my favorite MM song for the time being. It's just lovely. Melodious is a good way to describe it, it's just very pleasing to listen to. uot;What a shock, it's Mr Sweet and Awful / Well don't look so pissed off / We all lose the plot occasionally"

-Guilty Cocker Spaniels: "Blame me so blameless / Can we find a way to blame our way out?"

-The Whale Song: One of the songs the really sparked my interest in MM. The Guitar work is just beautiful. The way it's played to sound (kind of) like a whale is just something that blew me a way. It's one of the many reasons why I love MM. There's also multiple voice tracks later on in the song, which is something I always love in a song. A bit depressing though. I've heard it's about whales being hunted, which is pretty sad. Even still, it's an incredibly beautiful, melodious, and amazing song.

-King Rat: This song features something that I really like. Something near the end that I'd describe as "a descension into chaos". An idea that I'm particularly fond of. The song just pretty much get's chaotic near the end and it really works for the song. It's about someone that gambles and takes it to far. As the song progresses I see it as he get's further and further into debt until there's no way out. This feeling is seen in another song that I'll mention later.

-Autumn Beds: Pleasant song. I dig the banjo work.

-History Sticks to Your Feet: A song I just recently got into. I can't believe I didn't listen to it more before.

We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

-Parting of the Sensory: A song that's quickly shaping up to be one of my favorite MM songs. The other song that I feel has the same descension into chaos idea near the end of it. It's about the cycle of life. "Some day you will die somehow and someone's gonna steal your carbon" "Dehydrate back into minerals / A life long walk to the same exact spot // Carbon's anniversary /The Parting of the Sensory"

-Spitting Venom: Another song that's quickly becoming one of my favorite MM songs. Starts out slow, get's progressively louder then leads into a calm finish. Truly beautiful. "Cheer up, baby / It wasn't always quite so bad / for every bit of venom that came out / The antidote was had"

-Fire it Up: "Etceteranough" Enough said. I love this made up word. I find the first half of the song to be better than the second, but it's still really good overall.

-Missed the Boat: I absolutely love the way this lyric is said: "Tiny Curtains open and we heard the tiny clap of little hand / A tiny man would tell a little joke and get a tiny laugh from all the folks"

For Fun:

-Steam Engenius: Train whistle makes this song amazing.

-Little Motel: I really like it, but I don't seem to listen to it enough.

-People as Places as People: I actually stopped listening to this song because it's get's me down real easy.

-We've got Everything: Not bad, not bad.

Wow, this was a lot of work. Doesn't matter to me though, it feels great to have finally done this. Sorry if some of the lyrics are random and stuff, I guess you really would need to listen to the song to really appreciate my love of the lyrics. So, try and listen to some of the songs if you can. If anything I hoped that I got a few people to give Modest Mouse a try after all this. Really hope you enjoy their music and hope you see the same genius in it that I do.

One last thing. If you didn't like this, well too bad. However, if you didn't like my set up, that's okay. I'm not too keen on it either. I couldn't make up my mind between doing a best of or a Top 25. I choose this because it seemed easier at the time. I'll probably make a top 25 later on, just because it's something I want to do. If you didn't like this, try that, if anything it'll be an easier way to know what my favorite songs are by MM. Oh and that should have some songs from Long Drive (I'm hoping to listen to it before I make that post).

Lastly, again, sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Proofreading is really the last thing I want to do right about now, so just try and deal with it. Hopefully everything I said made sense.

Hitchcock and Kubrick Marathon

I've decided that I'll be going on a bit of a spree with some Hitchcock and Kubrick films. Why these two directors? Mostly because they're both very highly praised directors and I haven't seen many of their films. Another reason why would be because I just figured out that a lot of Hitchcock's movies star actors that I've been interested in, as of late. Those actors being Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant.

So that's my plan for a little while. I'm hoping to jump on these movies after I watch Yojimbo and Sanjuro (not earlier because I checked these two out from the library and they're due back on friday). I'll list the movies I plan on watching below and well as the movies that I've already seen. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

Hitchcock (seen):


Kubrick (seen):

-Dr. Strangelove
-2001: A Space Odyssey
-A Clockwork Orange
-The Killing

Hitchcock (going to see):

-Rear Window (seeing it on tuesday in my film cl@ss)
-North by Northwest
-The Wrong Man
-The Man Who Knew Too Much
-Strangers on a Train
-To Catch a Thief
-Dial M for Murder
-Shadow of a Doubt

Kubrick (going to see):

-Barry Lyndon
-Full Metal Jacket
-The Shining
-Paths of Glory

Something that bothers me.

You know what really bugs me? When a large group of people are walking down the sidewalk and they're all spread out so that it's impossible to get by them and stay on the sidewalk at the same time. The make things worse, the person on the edge of the group can never handle getting behind the rest of the group so that I can walk past them with no problems. Instead, it's usually me that has to veer out of the way, last second, into the grass then back onto the sidewalk.

I can't stand it! What's so hard about moving slightly so that everyone can stay on the sidewalk? I'll tell you what, nothing, that's right, nothing is hard about it. It's like they can't handle being right next to one of their friends for a full 3 seconds. What are you afraid they'll miss you for those 3 seconds? I mean, even if they did I'm sure they could understand the situation of you getting out of the way for someone else. I mean even if you can't get behind them you can always jump in front of them. Maybe even just walk backwards for a few steps until I pass by. Seriously, some common courtesy would be nice.

I guess I just shouldn't let it slide since it bothers me so much. I'm being more assertive now when I walk, so usually I won't move out of the way and end up letting them react or else I end up brushing up right against them or pushing them out of the way. Even then, it still bothers me. Just move out of the way, it's not that hard. Oh and don't even think about turning around and looking at me like it's my fault, cause it's not! ARGH!

An Analysis of Where The Wild Things Are:

Wild Things

So I got a chance to see Where the wild things are for the second time yesterday and this time I got to see it in theaters! My roommate came with me to see it and we got to discussing the movie afterwards. We came to some pretty interesting conclusions so I thought I'd share for anyone who's interested.

Oh and let's get this out of the way real quick: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!

First off, I heard some ideas about all the wild things being different parts of Max, such as parts of his personality and emotions. I respect that idea, but I don't see it working all that well. Don't get me wrong, I took a lot from that perspective and that's how I originally saw it, but there's just more to it than that. I'm also not saying that that interpretation is wrong. It could be right, that's just not how I see it. In order to describe how I see it, I'll name each Wild thing and name what I thought they represent:

Carol: He's the most obvious example of Max, and max seems to connect with him the most throughout the movie. He's only one part of Max, though. He's the Id. He wants things to be the way he want them to be and that's it. When things don't go his way he get's frustrated and throws a fit. He also has a hard time seeing that his tantrums are detrimental to others. He's that largest part of Max.

At this point let me elaborate more on what I think Were The Wild Things Are is, as a movie. I felt it was a look at child's development. Max is a child that's in the middle of making a transition. He's going from being very egocentric and becoming more allocentric, but he's not quite there yet. He's having some trouble. He recognizes that everything doesn't revolve around him, but he has a hard time accepting this due to how his life has been going. Two things that are probably playing a key part in this were his mother getting a divorce (not sure when this happened, so I can't be too sure) and his lack of friends. Another part of his transition is that he's developing a more powerful ego/superego (I'm not sure which cause I don't feel like looking at old notes at the moment). Anyway, on to the next character.

Douglas: Another part of Max. I thought he represented that rational side of Max (the ego). Douglas is very capable and shows what Max has the capacity to be, and will be after he makes this transition. Douglas seems to be well liked by everyone and is respected by all (stranded on island with one thing = Douglas). One last example of how Douglas is the 'rational Max' is by how calm he is. He never gets angry and is very patient and understand with others. Like I said, though, Max is still in a transitional stage. Douglas should be the main part of max but he's not as developed yet. Carol is still in control, which is easy to see by him bossing around Douglas and giving him orders. This can also be seen when Carol rips off Douglas' arm. That's just another display of Carol's dominance and showing that the Id is still the primary player in Max.

KW: This one didn't come to me until near the end of my second viewing, which is sad as I found it to be very obvious this time around. KW represents Max's mother. KW is seen as distant but once was very close to everyone. She likes Carol and but has a hard time being with him due to his temper. She also has an interest in getting her own needs met and goes to meet new people. Max's mom get's a boyfriend in the movie and it's clear that Max has some issues with that. Him being around means that his mother will pay less attention to him (Id) and he has a hard time accepting that. While I'm on this subject Bob and Terry are representative of the boyfriend. Take note of how hostile Carol is of them when KW brings them back to meet everyone. There's also a very motherly relationship between Max and KW. Max wants her attention and likes her a lot as he sees his mother in her. KW is also protective of Max which can be seen when she hides him from himself (Carol).

Judith and Ira: My roommate helped me come up with this one. Judith is supposed to be Max's sister. She's in love with Ira. Ira doesn't really play a role at all. He puts the holes in the trees, yet Max is completely oblivious of the holes in the beginning of the movie. Ira is just sort or there throughout the whole movie. He likes Max but doesn't seem to connect with him too much, he'd just rather be with Judith. I'd also like to point out the one boy in the beginning who wrecks Max's igloo. He stops and checks to see if max is okay and looks rather distressed when he sees Max. He only leaves because his friends called to him and even then he checked with his sister to see if they should stay and help out Max. His sister seems to dismiss it though and tell him Max'll be alright. Judith is seen as a downer. That's what Max thinks of his sister Claire. He loves her, but he sees her as a downer because she never seems to have the time, or desire, to hang out with him. One last thing I'd like to mention with Judith is the laughing scene (HAHAHAHA). That struck me as a real brother-sister kind of argument. It showed a kind of brother-sister rivalry that I've seen firsthand between my sister and I. :P

Alexander: The last part of Max is just sort of thrown in there for me. He seems to be representing Max's feeling of desperation and loneliness. He's always trying to show off and get peoples attention. No one ever listens to him, but he still seems to have a general idea of what's going on (you're not really a king are you?). Of the people he's trying to impress it seems he's always trying to get the attention of KW (and maybe Judith, but I can't remember and nothing coming to mind at the moment).

The Bull: Not much to this character. He just sort of watches everything and wants to be a part of things even though he doesn't speak. He's probably Max's shyness or something of the sort. He never talks and stays separate from the group throughout all of the movie. The only time he opens up to anyone is with Max at the end of the movie. That could be a representation of Max becoming more willing to open up to people. Him 'coming out of his shell' so to speak.

That about wraps up my character analysis of the Wild Things. The whole scene on the island is all a part of Max's imagination and through it he get's an outsiders look into his own life. The events that happened on the island are a direct parallel to what Max goes through in the beginning. He's able to accept his own flaws and overcome them (The scene were he runs away/hides from Carol). Speaking of which that scene where Carol freaks out is incredibly beautiful. Not quite as emotional as the beginning (not my fault!) but still showed a great parallel to Max's life. Anyway, after Max is able to accept himself, he returns to himself and is able to run home to his mother.

In the ending scene of the movie his mother is very tired, presumably because it was very late and she stayed up the whole time not being able to sleep until Max returned home. It was just another good scene that showed a mother's love for her son.

Alright, I'm done now. Hopefully I was able to clear up some confusion about the movie, add extra thought to others interpretations, or even just cause some of you to think more about the movie. If you haven't seen the movie yet (which I hope isn't the case because you just read all this!) go check it out. It's one of my favorites of the past year and it's quite ingenious in what it does. Go see it, or check it out when it comes out to dvd/blu ray (I believe it's March 2nd).

Oh and I didn't reread over this (tl;dr) so there's probably grammar mistakes all over the place. Just try and ignore all that. :P

Favorite Movies of 2009.

I've been putting off making this post for a while, mainly because I've been trying to squeeze in just a few more movies. I'm sick of waiting though, so I thought I might as well just post it already. There's still 4 more movies that I haven't seen from 09 that I hope to be seeing in the near future. Those being: An Education, Avatar, Vincere and Mary and Max.

Oh well, I saw enough movies so as it is, so let's get to the list!

Top Ten of 09:


1. Moon

Okay so this was pretty much a no-brainer, but still, I really can't say enough good things about Moon. I don't even think I can accurately put into words how much I like this film. I watched it for the third time over the weekend and I swear this movie gets better with each viewing. The latest thing I've come to appreciate from this film has to be Clint Mansell's outstanding soundtrack. It really is amazing. I'll stand by my opinion that music can really help or hurt a movie (depending oh how it's used).

2. (500) Days of Summer

You know I have to thank SammyJenkis for getting me to watch this movie and keep and open mind about it. The first time I saw the trailer for 500 Days, I wrote it off as something I'd hate right off the bat. I'm glad I read sammy's review and gave it a chance. If being the number 2 spot on my list doesn't make it obvious, I love this movie! It really tugs at you emotions and you can really feel for the characters. It's just a great film.

3. The Hurt Locker

One of the most tense movies I've ever seen. Period. That aside it also has some great performances by Renner and Mackie. Even a great (though short) bit by Guy Pearce. One scene that's been on my mind for a while that I really like is the scene near the end where Mackie talks to Renner about his own life and problems. I won't say any more to avoid spoilers, but it's really.... uh..... well it's pretty powerful. One of my favorite lines of the year.

4. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

This movie grew on me a lot within a short period of time. It's just such a fun, ridiculous movie. Cage is absolutely brilliant. There's not other way to describe it. It's also a great vision by Werner Herzog. It's a film about a place that's been turned upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. It's completely crazy, absurd and amazing.

5. Up

Just as I thanked Sammy for 500 Days, I have to thank Nerd Man for getting me back into animated films. I always loved Pixar movies, but I took a break from them for a few years and missed movies like Ratatouille and Wall-E (both are amazing by the way). I got to seeing Up at the Student run theater on campus and I dont' regret it at all. I went through a lot of emotions in that theater. The whole time I was there I felt like a kid again. It was amazing. Don't take that the wrong way, though. I'm not saying Up is just a kids movie. It's great for anyone.

6. In The Loop

7. Revanche

8. A Serious Man

9. Where The Wild Things Are

10. The Damned United

So there you have it, that's my top 10 list of movies for 2009. There's more though! This was really the first year that I got serious about seeing all the movies that interested me. As such, I went a little overboard with all the movies that I saw. I'm won't lie, I probably won't be watching as as many movies in the following years and I have this past, but I can always try. :P

Anyway, below are the rest of the movies that I've seen. They are all ordered just as they would be if I continued from my top 10 list. So in other words, they are ordered from favorite to least favorite:

Inglourious Basterds
Up in the Air
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Messenger
Paranormal Activity
The Road
District 9
A Prophet
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
Fish Tank
Star Trek
The Brothers Bloom
Whip It
Bright Star
Harry Brown
Coco Before Chanel
Terminator Salvation
Sherlock Holmes
The Hangover
Trick 'r Treat
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Drag Me To Hell
Anti-blehhh (The film with Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg by Lars von Trier; Gamespot's censoring it...)
The Lovely Bones
Public Enemies
Fast and Furious
Friday the 13th
Transformers 2
Crank: High Voltage

So if I did my counting right, that's 45 movies (I almost forgot about Drag me to Hell) that I've seen in 09. Like I said I probably won't be watching that many movies in the next years, but I can always try.

Movies and Twitter.

Something I just thought of today. Twitter is good for short updates and stuff, so why not post movie scores on there?

I was originally going to do this on Facebook, but my roommate said that Twitter was pretty much made for that type of thing, so I took his word for it and signed up. I actually really like the idea. Now every time I see a movie I can just throw it up on Twitter and give it a score for anyone to see.

Basically all I'm doing (if you haven't picked up on it by now) is putting up the last movie I saw, giving it a score and maybe putting a short sentence for the movie afterwards. It's short sweet and to the point.

If you're on twitter and are interested in seeing my reviews or whatever I have the same username as I do on here, Niff_T. Also, it might be a good idea for some of the people in the FAU to do as well ;). It'd be an easy way for us all to see each other's opinions on movies and stuff. Just a thought.

That's all for now.

Star Fox 64: High Scores

So my roommate and I have gotten pretty serious about Star Fox 64 after the 360 died a while back. Oh by the way my 360 died and it's got the 2 rings of death. I can't remember what exactly happened to it but something is wrong with the thermal paste on the gpu and cpu and now it permanently thinks that it's overheating even when it's cool. It sucks, but whatever, Star Fox holds much more importance now.

Alright so I'll go ahead and say that we're not very "pro" players when it comes to SF64, but we're better than average. We're pretty serious about the game now. So I thought that I'd post our current High scores over all and high scores for each planet:

Current High Score: 1725 (updated)

Updated: I finally did a high score run after putting it off for a while. First time either me or my roommate broke 1700, so I'm pretty pleased about that. This wasn't combined, this was all me. The high points of this run were Meteo, which I completely dominated. I did on par with my roommate on X which helped. I also did better than normal on Area 6 (still not as good as my roommate though). So as of now I hold the high score, but I wonder how long that will last...

Anyway, I've also updated the individual level scores on the bottom and will continue to do so for a while. (most likely until I decide to make a new blog post, but I don't see that happening for a while)

Level High Scores:
(I'll say the level and who got it)

Corneria: 202 (Roommate (updated))

Meteo: 362 (Me (updated))

Sector Y: 162 (Roommate)

Katina: 194 (Me (updated))

Aquas: 161 (Roommate)

Fortuna: I don't know actually, we avoid this level like the plague for our runs.
(I'd guess around high 50's or so)

Zoness: 294 (Me (updated))

Solar: Not sure, we got the medal though. Again we avoid this level

Sector X: 240 (Me (Updated))

Macbeth: 208 (Me (Updated))

Sector Z: 109 (Roommate)
(We hardly do this level as well, We've both got the medal, my run for Z is off the charts now, but I think I had something like 108 or something of the sort)

Titania:200ish (Me (Updated))

Area 6: 463 (Me (Updated))
(we usually average in the 400 range here (Updated))

Bolse: Around 160-170ish

Venom A: 160 something I guess...

Venom B: 228
(we both have this as well, we got the extra hit by hitting Andross's eyes with a charge shot)

So there you go, as you can see my Roommate is certainly the better player, but I trump him by a considerable mark on Meteo and Macbeth. my main levels of interest at the moment are Corneria (I see 200 as very possible), Aquas (I have yet to get the medal on this level, freaking starfish :x), Zoness (this level is just for fun, but I've got around 256 or so; I can get the medal easily, but that's about it...) and of course I'll always be working to improve Meteo (I want 350 damn it!) and Macbeth (I don't think there's much more I can do here...).

UPDATES for the above paragraph: I hold a few more levels now. Most notable Zoness, which I'm very proud of. I'll try to top it at some point. The unfortunate thing is that i have to improve the Hard run (red path, minus Z) just so that I can get on the ranking list. Our lowest score right now is like 1489 or something of the sort and i can just beat 1500 on the hard route. Oh and I got my wish. I broke 350 on Meteo. :D

More Updates: I can now break 1600 on the hard path (minus Sector Z) and I've now gotten the medal on every level minus Solar. (damn you solar!) and I put up some of my scores for Bolse and Titania. I also changed Venom to A and B. A being the normal venom and B being the venom where you fight Star Wolf. The main issue is that my last run where I played Bolse, Venom A and Titania is that it wasn't high enough to make it on the ranking list. As such I had to guesstimate some of my scores for it. You get the main idea...

That's all, I've just really wanted to make a Star Fox post cause I thought our last run was very impressive. Share your scores and feel free to give tips.

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