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A New Type Of Blogging.

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I've never had any interest in blogging on gamespot. Well, at least in the traditional sense.

But I've thought of a neat use for this under-used feature :D!

Every month I'll post some screen caps of what I've been playing and say a bit about them. This will also provide me with a neat way of looking back on past experiences with games.

Edit: My pics are getting cut off for me >.<. I'll look into a fix for this asap if this isn't just my end showing this.

JULY 2012

DayZ- I've put 200 hours into DayZ the past three months. I'm on summer vacation with no job atm. I don't think I've ever played a game this much. I currently have a camp I help manage with about 8 other guys. It's basically an international group with people from Sweden, England, Canada, and the US. It's pretty badass. This first picture is me and a friend of mine stumbling across another group's camp. We took everything. #2BAD

All I hear is this-

Piggy Down.

A hearty meal.

Mirrors Edge- AKA Wallpaper Simulator (I accidentally took jpgs instead of pngs. This means that the quality of the pictures could've looked even better than they did :/)

Lastly, some Blacklight: Retribution. It's a rather good looking F2P fps. It does COD better than COD in my opinion.

Anyway, hopefully I will remember to do one of these once a month. It could be quite cool to look back on. I got a bunch of games from the steam sale so along with DayZ I'm sure there will be a variety of games in the next PicBlog!