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This is me, who disapperar sudenly and appear from no where suddenly. XD

Mmm, have to apologise for not coming here often as I promised. I am busy you know, busy letting myself rot at home..=_=||| Ok j/k~ I am as free as you can imagine. It's just that I lost that passion when I first got here. (Sorry but I have to be frank)

Instead, I am spending my time on twitter and facebook (Everyone's on facebook..Bah~). I'm being active in my facebook anime discussion group (My main interest is anime and not games..). That's why I disappear. Okay~

So why I am back here, again? Hmmm...can I say because I miss here~ XD Miss you guys~

That's all. Hope to see you guys again..(I will be back tomorrow)


Finally..I am back..And this time I am really back to GS after so long... XD

Today I sat for my last paper and when I passed up the answer sheet I was so touched..Touched by I finally freed from the exams after all the hard work I paid... My friends high fived with me and they were sort of hugging each other already. This exam is sooo important to us..we were dreading over it..Having insomnia~ and one of my friend was like giving it up because she couldn't study well for the subject. BUT, it was over. Just like time goes by, the paper goes by too..:D

And after I passed up my last paper my first thought was, 'I should go back to GS'....haha.. Yeah, I was thinking finally I can spend more time for GS now..I made friends here, and I want to continue making friends here~

So, I am back~!!!:lol: Changed my profile picture~ XD Handsome guy...:P Heiwajima. I think anyone who watched Durarara will know who he is~ Btw, found one online chat site quite interesting. Link here~ Try it~! Maybe you can meet me there too~! If you can know which one is me..haha..No signup require~! Just choose one icon, use any username you like, click login and you are in there already. After you login you can see many chatrooms, separated by language used. You can barge into Korean chatroom too if you like..:P Once I clicked into a Japanese room, and OMG..I can't understand at all cuz my Japanese level know. So I simply talked a bit, and I told them I was not Japanese, and they were so shocked..haha~ But I noticed they are quite friendly, so I stayed in the Japanese room longer despite my poor Japanese~

That's all for today~Will be back tomorrow~! BYE~!! :)

Oct Blog

Yo~!!!! Guys, this is Nickoleru~! Back to gamespot for just a short moment in October~!

Just finished the torturing almost-a-month exams. And started new anime now~ haha...

Great, I got the news from magazine about Dangan-Ronpa 2-Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen (PSP) is out~! Can't wait to download it and start the journey of despair in main 5 islands~!

I'm bored now...T^T Wish someone can chat on msn with me~! :cry:

Love seiyuu Koji Yusa~! His voice is sooooo awesome~! Long Live Koji Yusa-sama~!! ^^

That's all for Oct blog..See you guys soon~! XD

This is Nickoleru signing out from GS

Sadly... T^T

Sadly, I'm going to be away AGAIN. And this time it will be the whole month.

Yes, I can't online for the whole month as I have a really important exam this month. So I guess I will see you guys again in October.

Bad news : I will be away in November again. As another important exam from the middle Nov till the middle Dec, exactly a month again. As soon as I finished the last exams, I'm going to return as an active member in gamespot~!! Yeah~ Cheer~!!

Well, as for now..I will say bye for this month first~ :) See you all in October~!

Anime, anime and anime

New animes again..just bought them today..^^

1. Natsume Yuujinchou season 1 & 2

2. Bleach Movie 4

3. Nurarihyon no Mago season 1

My anime blog officially opened for visitors now ~ Comments welcomed~! Don't forget to visit frequently. Also, please do pm me or comment there if you want to have certain anime or manga posted there. I'm happy to do so~ ^^

Dropping by...

Well, just drop by to give some news:

Super obvious one: I leveled lvl16..T^T Not so active this year~

Not-so-obvious one:

That's my second managed blog about anime and manga and japanese music..Drop by if you are interested~

(Warning: Sorry, I haven't really posted anything about anime and manga at this moment..XD Have to wait~!)

But still, thanks for dropping by in my blog~ I welcome comments~! Stay tuned~! ;)


Hello. Back from the abyss again..:P

Recently bought manga(s):

1. Nurarihyon no Mago

2. Blood+

3. Zombie Powder (Tite Kubo's early manga..O.O)

4. Rebellion of Lelouch (I think this is not the original one..T^T)

PS: I never meant to buy so many in a short period. But my dad was so kind suddenly that he bought each series a week.

Note that those mangas I mentioned are not in complete series YET.

Exams starting next month..T^T 7th of Sep. I realised I don't even have time to revise for it all in a sudden, what should I do?

Addicted to Katekyo Hitman Reborn..And I haven't finished Tales of Abyss yet..T.T I wonder when I can start watching Durarara? I can't wait~!

Okay, Comic Fiesta 2011 (aka CF) on 17th Dec in KLCC Convention Centre. Surely I have finished my finals at that time, but am I given the chance to go? *praying..praying..* Hope I can go this year too~ I have never been to KLCC ya know~!

And I am so looking forward to see various cosplay and doujins stalls~ :D

That's all for this time. Nickoleru retreating back to abyss again. See you~ :)

Birthday Blog

Today's my birthday~! ^^ Happy birthday to me~?!

:lol: Anyway, feel great today. My friends, parents and sister wished me since the early morning. And my mother bought clothes for me as my birthday present..:D

Newly bought anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn box 1 & 2

By the way, watching Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD now..:P

And I haven't finished Tales of Abyss...:cry: One more disc to go~ Ganbatte, Nic~!

Well, nice to be back~ Once more..:D:D

Hope to see you guys soon enough~

This is a notice to inform my friends that I, Nickoleru, will be inactive in GS and away from my computer starting from tomorrow.


1. Holidays are over.

2. School reopens tomorrow.

3. I am allowed to online twice a week only (that's Saturday and Sunday)

4. I have important exams coming soon (maybe in July/August)

Returning time:

Every Saturday and Sunday

PS: I will miss all my friends here :) Farewell~

Exams are over~!! ^^

I'm back to GS..AGAIN~!! ^^ As I was going to sit for my mid-year exam, so I stopped surfing the net for few weeks. And now the exams are over, I am back again!!

Exams are not so good, so I don't want to mention it.

Newly bought anime:

1. Ouran High School Host Club ( i watched it already, but I still wanna buy the original Jpn ver.)

2. 裏切りは僕の名前を知っている

Although I bought new anime, actually I have few more anime that I haven't watch..Like anime accumulating..:D

Anyway, I'll manage to find some time..since starting today is my 2-week holidays..Yeah~!