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Diablo 3: First Impressions

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Well. That didn't go well. When you can't play the single player game you just paid for on the day you bought it on the only night of the week that you can actually put some time into it, it officially sucks. Server maintenance until midnight. I was afraid that the game being down for maintenance would annoy me, but I wasn't prepared for just how much.

The game itself is great. I was really enjoying it for the time I did get to play it tonight. I created a Barbarian and was wreaking bloody havoc. The graphics were awesome and the opening cinematic was crazy good looking. The gameplay is good and is very Diablo, but modified enough to make sure you know that you're going to have a new experience this time around.

That's kinda what makes it so annoying that I can't play it. It's a good game so far. I am into it.Buuut the fact that I can't play the game because Blizzards servers are down sucks a big fat one.

I can deal with World of Warcraft going down. I pay a subscription for that and I expect constant ongoing maintenance and customer service when I have a problem. I WANT that from a subscription. But what I don't want is to buy a single-player game and have it treated like a subscription. I want to buy my game, install it and then play it when I want, no hassles. I don't have time anymore to put into hours of gaming and when I have to wait two hours (or all night on Tuesdays) it is damn annoying.

If this game had a 'Play Offline' function, it would be absolutely perfect.

Game on (or apparently not).

Diablo 3

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So, today I am biting the bullet and buying Diablo 3. I've been a bit ambivalent about this game.

On one hand, it's Diablo. I love the first two games and I've devoted many, many hours both in single player and in LAN games with mates.

On the other hand, I am pretty wary about supporting a business model which in my eyes seems to punish the people who actually purchase the game, rather than pirate it. I feel like I shouldn't be giving Blizzard my money on this one because essentially it means that I am supporting online-only single player games and in game revenue raising techniques both of which I really do not like.

However it is looking more and more like that business model will be the model of the future. I suppsoe I can put up with it as long as it doesn't impact on the actual gaming experience. I don't want my hand held by the company and ad's pushed in my face with each step of the game.

A good friend of mine whos oppinion I value highly has convinced me to give Diablo 3 a go. I hope I am not disappointed.

Game on.

Resident Evil 6. Say what now?

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Okay before I begin, let me clarify that the last RE game I played was number three and it was a long time ago. Don't get me wrong, I love the first three games dearly and I didn't stop playing them on purpose. They just ended up being one of those games that drop off your radar as you get older.

Anyway, I just watched the RE6 trailer. It's basically the first RE thing I've looked at in years. Unfortunately, my only thought was 'meh'.

When did Resident Evil change from a survival horror game, full of tense atmosphere and devious puzzles, into another action third-person shooter? I loved the old controls in RE2. I don't wanna combat roll. When I was young that game gave me nightmares but now we have what appears to be Gears of War with zombies? /sigh/

Bring me back my Resident Evil 2 damn it. And while you're at it, get off my lawn *grumble grumble*.

The City Of Angels

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My second review is up on GameSpot. I know this game has been out for a fair while now but basically I am playing through all my old games that I haven't completed yet and I will try and write a review for each of them. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! :)

First review.

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So I have posted my first review on this website. Max Payne 3 is a great game and very true to the originals, even if it has been taken in a new (better) direction. Hopefully I will post some more reviews up here. I have quite a few I've written on my Facebook Notes page. I hope you guys read and enjoy them. :) Peace, Nick.