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HD Collections that I'd like to see.

HD collections in my opinion are fantastic, if they're done right of course. There have been many games I've never had the chance to play and thanks to HD collections I don't need to go out and go through the trouble of needing to grab a old gen console and the games for them, some could argue that they prefer to play the game in it's original state, though I'm not one to say anything against that I'm not really all that rich so I can't afford to buy a crap ton of consoles.

So, this is my top little personal list of games that I feel like that should get the HD treatment, this shouldn't really get taken seriously but yeah, let's go!

I'm only gonna keep it to 3 cuz if I have to be honest a lot of people have probably already said what they want already and I'd just repeating what people have said, and I'm lazy.

1, Ape Escape.

Oh man, Ape Escape. This was one of my favourite games growing up as a kid and it was thanks to this game that I expereinced what analog control was really like, at first I actually hated the analog control, it felt 'different' but it quickly grew on me and now I'll never stand it if a controller didn't have them.

Ape Escape was a fun game, very fun and addictive. Running the levels, trying to catch the apes with all kinds of whacky toys was always a blast. Sadly, I never played the games on the PS2, I did play a little bit of Ape Escape 2 cause of a demo but I never actually managed to know the actual games cuz I could never find them at my store.

And this would be a nice collection to have for the PS3, maybe have the original as a PS1 downloadable title and have Ape Escape 2 and 3 on one disc.

2, Gotcha Force.

What the hell is Gotcha Force? I probably hear you asking, well it was a Gamecube exclusive title developed and published by Capcom. And despite the fact the game had got poor reviews for being 'kiddy' Capcom apparently had fun developing this game and a whole lot of people also really enjoyed the game.

The whole idea about Gotcha Borgs was that players did battle with another by using these little robot like things called Gotcha Borgs, these little buggers came in all shapes and sizes from a ninja to a dragon, and each of these characters did various different abilities and played surprisingly differenly to one each other, the game did have some balance issues, like how some borgs could just be flat out better than some others, other then that it was a goofy, action packed ride that was really. You could also trade your borgs with your friends, so when I think about it, this kind of game would be much better suited for a 3DS/Vita release. Capcom, get it done.

3, Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 12 despite how some fans hate it was a surprisingly solid gameplay experience, a FF game that took an interesting twist in the combat system by making it like the Final Fantasy 11 Online gameplay. This was a huuuuuge game, a game where players could design characters how they wanted and take on side quests of plenty, sadly I never really got my teeth sunk into the game deep enough so I feel like I've missed a lot but I remember from what I played I really, really enjoyed it.