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#22 - A Chronicle of My Descent into Madness

Well, I've got a new review up. I just don't think my sanity will remain the same, as I've just reviewed all 52 games of the 52-games-in-one-pack game "Action-52." And I fear my fragile grasp upon sanity has gone 'crick' like a twig in the wind. Here's the direct link for you all: Help.

#21 - More Reviews Up

Ok, so it's been a good long while since I've actually posted here, much less put up a review, but I've found a wealth of old NES games in a local garage sale - so expect more in the upcoming months. As for right now, reviews are up for... -Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu (NES) -Battletoads (NES) -Shatterhand (NES) Here's a hint on which two I prefer: it's not the well-known 'classic.'

#20 - New Reviews Up

Two more reviews are up... -Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP) -Super Mario World / Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) Also, two older reviews I didn't mention are up since the last update: -Gundam: Federation vs Zeon (PS2) -Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam (PS2) Enjoy! -S3

#19 - I'm Back!

Don't think anyone actually cares, much less notices, my blog posts... ...but either way, I figure I should actually write in here some more for that to happen. Or something. Either way, I've just put up four new reviews today - a personal record, especially since they're actually pretty long ones (you know, rather than the '100 word reviews' we often see put up to bump up a game's score). Regardless, I've put up reviews for Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (PS2), Fester's Quest (NES), Megaman: Powered Up (PSP) and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2). Hopefully, I did a good job... Happy (belated) holidays to everyone, though! -S3

#18 - The PSP, revisited.

Well, Sony has unleashed a new PSP upon the world. And very little has actually changed. In fact, while Sony claims internal improvements, like a faster UMD Drive (thank God), the entire unit still remains mostly uncomfortable and looking just plain ugly. In fact, the only real sign of improvement is the fact that the speakers are no longer on the bottom side of the unit - which is probably the worst placement on a portable I'd ever seen. Now, I do give Sony props for including a Hard Drive (8GB, from what I hear) on this unit and improving battery life (though I sincerely doubt their claims of an old PSP battery doubling a PSP Slim battery life), but the PSP still lacks actual games and controls that aren't completely horrid. Really, combine this with the news of Sony dropping the price of the PS3... ...only to release a $600 80GB model once the 60GB model sells out... ...and then denying anything on that... ...yeah, I think Sony's suffering from an extreme Tourettes Syndrome.

#17 - The Worst Game Controllers of All Time

According to Kotaku, C-Net has released their list of the Best 5 Controllers Ever. And here it is... [QUOTE="C-Net"]5). Atari 2600 joystick: Featuring a simple stick mechanism for moving around and a red button for firing. It's not technically a gamepad, but it's so crucial to gaming history there's no way we couldn't mention it. 4). SNES controller: This exercise in ergonomics is a curvy, multi-coloured, multi-buttoned evolution of the angular NES controller. This was the first controller to have shoulder buttons — a revolution that made an arcade staple like Street Fighter II a viable proposition in the home. 3). Nintendo 64 controller: This is one of the most important joypads ever produced. Not only did the N64's controller feature an analogue joystick, which made playing games such as GoldenEye realistic and subtle, but it also featured a pistol-like trigger button underneath. 2). PS2 controller: Nintendo may have started the analogue-stick-on-a-pad idea but Sony really took it to the bank. For many gamers, the DualShock gamepad is the best gamepad ever made... Having two analogue sticks meant you could play games in a completely different way to anything available before. 1). Xbox 360 controller: It was the first wireless pad to come as standard. Its comfy, solid design offers dual analogue joysticks and two analogue trigger buttons underneath. There's also a built-in jack for connecting a headset.

It's also worth noting that Kotaku got the listing upside-down on their article. Ah, well. In any case, I'm finding it hilarious that the 2600's controller actually ranked in the first place. Having used the 2600's controller, it really is pure crap. Sure, it was the only controller we had for the 2600 (outside the paddle controllers and what-have-you), but it just barely qualified as a controller in general. Is it too much to ask for the freaking button to work in the first place? And then there's the 'fun' of the switches on the 2600 itself, but that's not quite falling under 'controller,' exactly. And, dear lord, if the 2600 controller was crap... the 5200 controller was infinitely worse. Sure, it had a pause button on it. This was actually an innovation for the time - not used again till the NES. However, the 'analog' stick barely worked at all, thanks to the fact that it never centered... and don't get me started on how they barely worked - or the freaking number pad. On the plus side, I can think of several controllers I'm glad didn't make the list... Before I continue, though, I must confess: In all honesty, I should also be including the controller for the Magnavox Odyssey, Philips CD-i and the 3D0 on here as well... ...but the Odyssey's is the first controller ever made. Definate forgiveness there. I mean, even the 2600 had comeptition - even if they never changed their controller design. The CD-i and 3D0 only escape because I've never used them before - but Wiki's shots of them look horrendous. The CD-i's has a SNES controller with an Atari 2600 stick pointing out of the D-pad spot, for Christ's sake! In any case, here's the top 4 worst controllers I've ever used: 4) The Sega Game Gear I give the thing props for being the first color handheld, as well as for being the first handheld to rival Nintendo in popularity. But there's a reason it failed miserably - look at the link provided down below. The entire thing looks like some sort of monster that mutated out of a Sega Master System and an Atari Lynx, complete with one of the smallest screens I've ever seen on a handheld in terms of actual resolution and what it could show. Like I said, I give it some credit... but I take away a lot more credit for everything else. 3) The Atari Lynx While the fact that it was color made it nice to look at, and the fact that you could play it left-handed or right-handed was innovative (in that 'special' sort of way), the entire console was just plain massive - looking larger than the old brick Game Boy. The entire thing just looked plain awkward, and like crap. Ugh. 2) The Atari VCS/2600 Controller I think I've said all I can remember about that chunk of plastic above, durable though it may be. 1) The Atari Jaguar Controller. Both of them. Yes, there were two versions. A 'Genesis-3' version and a 'Genesis-6' version. And both were saddled with a numberpad, which did nothing for actual gameplay. Combine this with absolutely no thought for how the hands would fit around this bigger-than-Xbox-HEUG-Controller, and you've got a bad controller in general. In conclusion, it really doesn't matter if you've got fantastic games (I suppose the 2600 fits here), fantastic graphics (I suppose this goes to the Jaguar, despite looking like cat vomit half the time), or are in color (Hello, Game Gear and Lynx). If your controller sucks, it's not gonna be easy to get people to play you. Hell, even some recent consoles with great games have had trouble thanks to their controllers - the Sega Saturn and the Xbox come immediately to mind for me. I'm off, to work another day in the internship that is being a Teacher's Assistant. NewtypeS3

#16 - Microsoft Under Threat of Being Sued. Sorta.

Remember how Jack Thompson has blamed video games for violence? Remember how Jack Thompson has blamed the VT Shooting on video games, even though the guy responcible barely played any? (See the previous entry, if you didn't know) Well, now Jack's got a new target. He's going after Halo 3 now. That's right! Jack Thompson, Floridian Lawyer, is going after Microsoft, the people who own approximately 75% of the operating systems used by computers to date and probably own God himself. He's demanding a complete cease-and-desist on the making and release of Halo 3... sorta. Here's exactly what he demands:
"Here’s the deal, Mr. Gates: Either Microsoft undertakes dramatic, real steps, through its marketing, wholesale, and retail operations to assure that Halo 3 is not sold, via the Internet and in stores, directly to anyone under 17, or I shall proceed to make sure that Microsoft is held to that standard by appropriate legal means. I have done that before successfully as to Best Buy, and I shall do so again as to Microsoft and all retailers of Halo 3."Jacko
That's right, 'ensure Halo isn't sold to everyone under 17 or else I'll flail my finger at you and try to sue you and everyone who sells the game - even if they never even sold it to someone under 17.' Isn't that something along the lines of trying to stop a freight train with a penny? When the penny's not even on the right track in the first place?

#015 - Jack Thompson Continues His Vendetta...

...and gets smacked for it. Well, for all of you who don't know, Jack Thompson has tried to push his agenda upon the masses once again... because of the VT shootings. Literally, within hours of the shooting. But he didn't stop there... He went onto MSNBC's Hardball to push his agenda more. Really. Well, you'll notice that MSNBC kinda slaughtered him in that second interview. Well, it looks like someone decided to investivage Jack's claims after the interview, and we got this article. Not only is Jack called on his bullcrap, but it turns out that the shooter didn't even own a single video game. Not a one. The actual article can be found here. Anyone else finding this as fun as I am?

#014 - Vindication

You know, I recently ranted about's recent '10 best characters of all time' list... ...but I found that I actually agree with them on something. In the recent 'Angry Video Game Nerd' segment, focusing on Spiderman, we see exactly how crappy the old Spiderman game for the Gameboy was - even back in the day. This is the same game I reviewed long ago, and still have up under my contributions page. Seen in action at 6:30 into the video, the game was THAT bad when I first played it. So, here you go, vindication that a bad game was bad - right here. Just be careful - it ain't worksafe. Enjoy. EDIT: Having gone back to look at the other Angry Video Game Nerd game reviews, I'm completely happy with this segment of Screwattack now. I sympathise with this guy's plight of crappy video-game-cash-ins, and finally found a somewhat entertaining and worthwhile watchable segment. However, it's still kinda crude and definately not worksafe. Really crude. >_>

#013 - Superman Lives! or... CLARKS

Well, I was bored and looking about Wikipedia on information for the 1939-1943 Superman serial cartoons - which were occaisionally shown on Cartoon Network for a while. Well... I found a small site - The Superman Homepage. It's mostly fan-run... but then I found an interesting article... ...the script for Kevin Smith's Superman movie. That's right, a superhero movie from 'the CLERKS Guy.' For actual information on the background for this script, here's a wonderful 20-minute interview from Kevin Smith himself (WARNING: not kid-friendly). Really enjoyable to listen to, honestly. Anyway, I'd always wanted to see Smith's rendition of the franchise... and now I finally got to. Holy. ****ing. ****. This is a wonderful rendition of the Man of Steel - it feels just like the 'Formerly Known as Justice League' and 'I Can't Believe It's Not Justice League' comic mini-series from DC - heroes are done realistically, and they're actually far more human than DC has ever portrayed them. It tells the story of the Death and Return of Superman storyline from around 1994, with Brainiac as the main villain. Honestly, I couldn't think of a better way to do it - though Brainiac isn't the emotionless dummy he's been shown as. Think Lore from Trek: The Next Generation, and you've got a far better idea. Of course, the script also has some unintentionally hilarious moments, thanks to the Kevin Smith interview. While the Thanagarian Snare Beast is an obvious one, L-Ron (straight from the previously-mentioned comics, as well as early-90's Justice League) becomes a running joke as well - but in a good way. Really, I was amazed. While Superman Returns was a wonderful film as well, this would have been a wonderful (though not entirely faithful) comic movie.
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