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The OT King Is Calling Me Quincy Now...

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Hey guys, just checking in for the first time in April.

Every blog needs a topic, so here it is. The OT King is calling me Quincy.

This started when for some unknown reason, Pintabear49blue quoted me and said he's gonna start calling me Lenny now. LJS (The OT King) saw this and then stated something along the lines that he was going to call me Quincy. Ever since, those two have been at it.

Guys, if you're reading this, I don't mind. I just want to know why I'm Lenny and Quincy. :P

Remember to never fear,


I Got Tagged...

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5 Things About Me:

1. I'm single. :(

2. I want to be a mod.

3. I have no pets.

4. I have the Pokemon theme song on my iPod.

5. I prefer cake.

I'm not very interesting. :cry:

I one. I'm that cool. 8)

Getting A Lot Of Tracks Lately...

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It's barely afternoon and two people have tracked me today...and I haven't posted anything yet this morning. :P

I guess I'm becoming a bit more popular here on GS. Yay! This might increase my chances of an OTcar...

But let's not jump to conclusions here, I'm only a Level 20. I think I'm still classified as a noob. :roll:

Ah well, just felt like making a blog. I'm sorry you read all the way down to here. :P

Level 20 + A New Account

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First off, I'm a Level 20. Yay.

Second, I have a new account. No, I'm not switching accounts, but Solid_Snake2287 (or something :P) is under my control.

Thanks for reading,


Never_Fear's Tip On How To Get Your Level Higher

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Well, you may not believe me, considering the fact that I'm a Level 19 right now. But, try it for yourself. So, one day I was looking at my level, wanting to raise it. I remembered that last time I made an interesting topic that many posted in, I got some points. So, I figured, what topics get the most posts? I facepalmed myself, and remembered one word. Religion. I made a topic titlec 'Do You Honestly Believe In Jesus, God, etc.? Wow. I had just gotten to Level 18 when I made the topic, and when I looked at my percentage the next day, it had increased by about 50%. So make topics about religion and politics and stuff, and your points will go up up up. :D

Never Fear,


No One Posts In My Blogs...

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I don't know why. :P But look! I can make a dog!

Happy Dog: (:D) Silly Dog: (:P)

Try it! Please! Oh! And post in the blog! Please? PLEASE????? I'M GOING INSANE HERE!!!!!!!!!! DO IT FOR THE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanye West And Daft Punk's Grammy Performance Of 'Stronger'

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If you haven't already heard, the famous French band 'Daft Punk' recently teamed up with rapper Kanye West to make one heck of a song! The song is a revival of Daft Punk's 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' and is amazing.

So, with last night being the Grammy's, Kanye West gave off one of the best performances I'll ever see. I knew it couldn't be just Kanye West with a random pyramid in the back though. So of course, a little more than halfway into the song, the pyramid opened up, revealing Daft Punk.

This was there first ever on-air performance in their 14 years of music. Of course, the band was in their amazing robot suits (and Kanye was in a suit that I'd pay all my money for), so you didn't get to see Daft Punk's faces.


Level 13

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Back to normal life now. If you scroll down, you'll learn that I recently sold my 360. I am now regretting that. However I still want to buy a PS3. What do you think I should do, but don't answer unless you are going to tell me why I should or shouldn't buy the 360 or PS3. Thanks.

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