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I'm a swine flu pig and we shouldn't be killed.

I am the swine flu pig as you can see on my avatar . That is an actual picture of me .I am personally offended by the cruelty that has happened to some of the pigs . The murder, andtorture of some, because some humans died . We shouldn't be killed, it's against nature, but most importantly it's against god . Harold was a good pig, we were together for 12 years now, best friends since then . He went to school with me . We met when we discovered a piece of bacon on the street near 32nd street in Ponce Mexico . We were afraid, and we held each others arms, and promised we would never be turned into a human appetite . Through the course of our years we ate, played, dreamed, and shared each others girlfriends . But on May 11th 2009, Harold was injected Rat Poison by an HOMBRE down at 34 street . He was 15 . I just want to show you the effect of where the swine flu has taken us . It is not our fault, it's the world's fault . For its glorific portrayal of celeberties like Miley cyrus, Jonas brothers, and Paris Hilton . They have brought an infection, pest and genocide into an already unlikable world . We have been deemed cursed by many other reasons . Mainly terrorists, oil, transformers 2, 50 cent, and many other things . The swine flu was not initiated by pigs, but by man . You should be injecting yourself's with rat poison, and a chainsaw . But it's good enough you have been killing and murdering yourselves since you were sperms . This is for my best friend Harold which will live in my heart till I am murdered -