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Went to see Predators today and got Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Hello everyone. I saw Predators today. It was OK but a big cliche. I predicted nearly everything from the very beginning. And it has some really ridicilous parts too. Mostly the fights. Why wouldn't one bring another down with his knife instead of trying to choke him >_> My score? I'd give it a 6.5 Yeah, no reviews like every other time.

There is a major spoiler about the movie in the spoiler tag but it is hilarious :lol: Check it out if you want, you'll see it near the end of first half, I think.

[spoiler] YEAH! RIGHT IN THE BACK! [/spoiler]

Also, I got Ninja Gaiden Sigma from my friend today. Traded it for Force Unleashed :D It was a good deal. He didn't like it much and I've already finished SW. Can't wait to play it. Though, there is no TV in my room now. They took mine to another room :cry: I'm going to buy another HD TV soon and I thought asking you guys would be the best. So, I was thinking about buying one from Sony but I don't really know much about televisions. I'm gonna buy a Full HD one and can't decide. Which one is the best?