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I can't find any blog headers... again :/

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So, hello everyone, this will be short.

First of all, there are three days left from my summer holiday T_T I can't believe it flew by that fast. Mostly dealt with all that moving stuff :/ Still, it was fun. I wish there was a month more though :(

Anyway, I bought my TV a few days ago. Or like one week ago, I don't remember. I chose Panasonic. Two Panasonics actually 8) Thank you all for your suggestions by the way but Panasonic was the best in the store and it didn't cost much either ;)

I've had another problem though, there was something wrong with my router but I fixed it by getting a new one :P I can happily play Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls now.

Other than that, I've finally defeated Diablo. That badass ***** :x Then I started act 5 and leveled up fast. Now, I go and kill Diablo again and again. Sweet revenge :twisted: :P Also, I've beaten Bioshock 2 and currently on the 6th level of Dead Space. It's been a few months since I bought them but didn't play them much.

That's it :|

Sorry about all the grammar mistakes, it's 3 AM here and I've played a lot today. I'll edit it later on. Or it was supposed to be 3 AM. I've tried to post this blog four times >_> I'm lucky to copy all of it on the last second.