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Generic Gaming Update

Hello there!

It's been some time since I did one of these. Anyway, I have some news for ya! But only gaming news :P

I've bought one of these from net:


Why do hooded guys look so awesome?

It'll hopefully arrive on Monday or so. If you have it you can find my PSN on my profile page, add me since I'll always be looking for friends to.. err.. kill :P

Speaking of PSN, I was thinking about changing my PSN ID, getting a new one. However, since losing my trophies looked painful I changed my mind. Oh and adding everyone again would be a pain in the ass :P

Anyway, looking forward to game :DHowever, now, it seems like buying RDR and NBA 2K11 was a better choice O_o

Other than that, I've been playing only Uncharted 2's Multiplayer and Demon's Souls.

Still couldn't complete my Dex PVP build *sigh* But, my mage build goes awesome :D

Oh, I've also bought Exile Challanges for God of War 3 from PSN. It was good for its price, but I was expecting more than that. I also downloaded many demos. My favourite? It's got to be Bioshock. It was way too good compared to Bioshock 2 which I finally finished a few months ago. I'm definetely going to buy the game but I don't know for which system :/

I finally learned where "Would you kindly" thingy was from :lol: :P Kinda... :|

And some bad news... there's something wrong with my notebook's battery so I can't play anything D: I sent it to a shop but the Isaac guy there said we had to take it to another place because they couldn't fix it. Total BS if you ask me! He was just being lazy since we had warranty and wasn't going to pay. But Isaac guy was just so badass he even ignored the whole bunch of necromorphs I sent after him :P

Sorry for such a bad blog.

PS. To person or people who were thumbing up my reviews, I love you! :P