ACB and a load of crap

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Or a bag of crap... as one might prefer.

Bag of crap is better compared to load of crap don't you all agree? Or my test results which has more crap than the so called bag.

Enough of this crap.. Now, I have completed Brotherhood. It was really great. Adding combo system which is really similar to BAA's freeflow combat system was indeed a wise choice. Adding an alternate attack to every weapon was even wiser since it adds a great deal of fun to the combat. Killing two people in one hit is great. Also, ever tried throwing a bloody axe to a brute running towards you? Satisfying! Or throwing a spear, which rotates in air (I know creepy), to a horseman who is coming to attack.



Speaking of horsemen, horses are now more useful. You can ride them in cities, horse battles are improved, and you can do this:


Yes, armored horses! :P

Still, all the improvements in battles wasn't enought to make it as fun as stealth kills. Nothing beats poisoning a guard who has a spear and then throwing money around him, attracting civilians to the spot where guard is, the guard who swings his spear like crazy causing every greedy people bleed :P Or kill :| More satisfying! :P

And the main improvement, or my favourite improvement since I may need a flameshield if I say "main" instead of "favourite" :P *ahem* Creating your own brotherhood! :D Training recruits, calling them in your will, and goddamn arrow storm ability :P Seriously though, only raising your hand and making a fist after seeing a horde of guards coming towards you in suspicion and moving on as they all fall one by one, by arrows thrown by your recruits is pretty cool.

Arrow storm

That's what I'm talking about!

All the improvements wasn't enough to make the same effect AC II did though. Mainly because of AC II's atmosphere. Venice's atmosphere.. Don't get me wrong the game is improved in every way but I guess it's just me..

Anyway, I will write a review *cough* someday *cough*, so better not spoil the fun you are having around GS with my badly expressed opinions of Brotherhood :P

OK just another note, multiplayer is awesome! I mainly choose Prowler (HOODIE! :P) or Doctor. I'm playing it well, becoming #1 in most of the matches 8) Yes, I'm bragging :| ... about a fact 8) :P

Now onto the other topics.

I'm good at Brotherhood :P Anyway, I'm thinking about writing an editorial (I can hear all of you screaming noooo! :P). I know I'm not skilled in writing but I'll give it a shot anyway, don't expect much though. But before that I'm going to start a blog series, for the first time :P But I'm not sure what to do, any suggestions? I mean for the blog series :P

Oh and I can't post for some reason :/ I used to post like crazy... I've just lost intrest I guess...

Anyway, it's one of those times again.. I'm thinking about creating a Diablo union again :P It didn't get too much attention but the improved amount of comments build up my hopes to see more people intrested in joining. And another thing that I'm afraid of is that nearly every union which doesn't go off topic dies pretty fast :/

Well that's it I guess, see you all later! :D