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First Platinum - Batman Arkham Asylum!

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Arkham Asylum Boxart

Finally got it! After hours of trying to complete challanges finally got theplatinum! Actually, I'mhappy for getting the Platinum and sad because there is nothing left to do in game :cry: Anyway,I recommend everyone to buy Arkham Asylum. It is one of my favourite games and its trophies are so easy to obtain. Now I gotta play InFamous since I need only 1 more trophy for Platinum.

Just Finished Arkham Asylum

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Finished it. It was one of the best games I've ever played. I'm so happythat I bought it.Hopefully, I'm gonnawrite a reviewof the game. Yeah, the bad ones which you guys need hell of a time to understand what I meant because of my bad English :P Anyway, going for the platinum, my first platinum. After getting it I will try InFamous platinum and I need only one more trophy for InFamous platinum.

Welcome To The Madhouse

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Yesterday, played Arkham Asylum and MGS 4 first time. I really loved both games but I'll talk aboutArkham Asylum. I've never thought a superhero game would be that creepy. The combat system is really exciting. The freeflow system is hell of a thing. However, the most impressing one was the atmosphere. I knew howthe game's atmosphere a little bitbecause ofthe demo but playing the full game is totally totally different. There is one more thing I like about the game I can't waitabout.It is Scarecrow. I can't wait to encounter with him. He is one of my favourite villains of all time.

I have a question though. One of my friends has BAA for PC and it seems like he stuck because of a glitch. There seems like a spot to use Line Launcher but when he fires it rebounds. Is thisglitchexists on PS3 version too?

The War Has Changed...

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Played MGS 4 for the first time yesterday. I understand why it got a 10 now, first scenes were epic and the game isreally realistic.Well, actually I was on the first mission when I quit but I was too tired and it was two o'clock. I mean at night. And since I had 2 exams tomorrow I had to quit. However, even playing for a little amount of time I can say how the game will be. Awesome.Hopefully, after studying a little bit to the exams tomorrow I will have a chance to play both Arkham Asylum and MGS 4.

The 5 Games I Look Forward To Come Out

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1- God Of War 3

I'm a fan of series. Finished all of its games like 10 times. So I guess you can understand why I'm so eager for it to come out.

2- Batman Arkham Asylum 2

I love Batman. I can say Batman is my favourite hero and Batman deserved a wonderful game just like Arkham Asylum. Can't wait until it comes out. Trailer of BAA 2 was revealing some villains I hope there will be news soon enough.

3- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

The first game was good enough for me. However, there were some big missing and bad things about it. Still a great game though. The trailer of SWTFU 2 was brilliant. I hope the game will be brilliant.

4- Dante's Inferno

Played the demo of it. It looks like God Of War too much. It's like Kratos is Christian now. The graphics were pretty good by the way.

5- Army Of Two: The 40th Day

I know it may sound like a bad one compared to other four but gotta saythe first gamewas one ofthe best coop games I've ever played.

Best 5 PS3 Games Of 2009

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Here is the Top 5 list of 2009 for me.

1-Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2 Boxart

No need for writing. You know why Uncharted is here.

2-Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls Boxart

Demon's Souls introduced us a great system to fight with incredibly hard enemies. The game is absolutely hilarious.

3-Killzone 2

Killzone 2 Boxart

An awesome multiplayer with an excellent single player mode,realistic enemies, great game engine, excellent graphics with a chaotic atmospheremakes Killzone 2one of the best shooters ever.

4-Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed 2 Boxart

Well, I guess many of you have played this game. Assassin's Creed 2 has a pretty good reputation these days. I guess everybody can agree with me after playing this game.

5-Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum Boxart

Dark Knight deservesd such a good game like this. Finally,it had it. Nearly everything isperfect with the game andbattling with Arkham's habitants needs a perfect combat system just like Batman Arkham Asylum's. In addition, detective mode makes Batman even better. Looking forward to BAA 2. Hope it will be just good as the old one.

New computer

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My brother has just bought a new computer. This is my first blog entry using it. And gotta say computer is pretty awesome compared to old one.

The End

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Finished Killzone 2 which was a wonderful game. Gotta say I'm so happy that I chose it over MW2. I recommend everyone to buy it.

It Is 2010 Everyone!

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I hope it will be a wonderful year for you, your family and your friends. And I wish it will be a good year for GameSpot. Also, I hope there will be good games on 2010. Looking forward to more nice PS3 exclusives.