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God of War: Ghost of Sparta and some other things

Hey everyone! It's been sometime since I last blogged. Anyway, there is a totally new God of War game as some of you might heard: God of War Ghost of Sparta. At first, I thought it was set in the time when Kratos started to be called as Ghost of Sparta. However, the game sets in between first God of War game and God of War 2. And yes you guessed it right. We'll have a chance to play as Kratos while he is the God of War. Can't wait for it. It'll come out in Q4 2010.

God of War Ghost Of Sparta Screen Shot

Another thing I heard which is I'm not sure of and hope it is wrong since it is really disappointing. Diablo 3's release date has been delayed... again... It will come out in 2013. So, if world ends in 2012 it will be really bad to die before playing it. Speaking of Diablo, I wanted to give sometime to Diablo Union I was going to form. Well, I'll do it for sure, probably in summer.

Diablo 3

I also started playing with my PS3 again as some of you might notice in PSN. Oh and feel free to add me as a friend in PSN if you want. I'm often online but only bad thing is our time zones might be different. Anyway, what do I play on PS3? Demon's Souls. I finished it (went for the bad endingbut Ithought I could getMaiden in Black's soul by killing her butI guess I was wrong so soul sucker needs to wait a little bit)but NG+ is totally awesome and I have created another character which is really better than the other one. If you have Demon's Souls, just say it and we can play it together.

Demon's Souls

Another thing, I also bought BioShock 2 which is really cool but I'm not fond of the graphics. However, gameplay is really great and the atmosphere is brilliant. Can't say it is scary. Especially, while playing Dead Space.

And here is a list of what I'm going to buy in summer. If you have any other suggestions or if you don't like the game please say it since I want some good games and don't want to get disappointed. Anyway here are the games:

1. God of War 3

I was going to buy Ultimate Edition of this but in the first place they wanted 64$ for shipment -_- And later on its price became more andmore so I don't know if I'll buy Ultimate Edition but if I find a good game then why not?

2. God of War Collection

Remake of my favourite PS2 games? Hell yeah!

3. Assassin's Creed 2

First game was pretty good. However, it was really repetitive. They say it is not really repetitive now and it was a nominee for Gamespot's GOTY so I think I need to play this game. Besides, I love assassins.

4. NBA 2K10

As a basketball lover and an NBA fan it will be really cool to play it with my brother.

5. PES 2010

I can say I'm pretty good at this game and it's my brother's favourite game. I mean not the 2010 version but...

6. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

MK is my favourite fighting game. I played it somewhere and pretty liked it. Throwing your opponent from a building and punching him while you both going down was just epic. Of course it doesn't have a large roster but it has Scorpion, my favourite fighting game character. Followed by King from Tekken.

Well, that's it. I guess I willwrite blogs more often but then again anything might happen. See you all later.


Well, thanks for everything guys. I have a few names in my mind now to select as charter members. I'm planning to establish this unionat the weekend. Until then, I will try to find a good name for the union and a few more officers. Thanks for helping guys.

Oh and if you have suggestions please name it.

Please read this!!

Everyone, as you know I'm creating an union about Diablo. I need at least 4 officers to establish it. If you love Diablo and want to be officer please consider this and PM me. Thanks guys.

Forming an Union

Hey everyone. I'm thinking about forming a Diablo Union since there are only two and one of them is dead (haven't checked the other one). However, I don't know if I can handle this since I don't think I have much experienceso I ask you should I establish this?

Quick Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick update. You may have noticed I'm not very active these days, well I have a good reason: Oblivion. Well, Oblivion is one of the best games I've ever played although animations kinda suck while playing with Third Person camera angle. However, it is surely awesome at least fora RPG addict, that's for sure. Other than Oblivion I'm playing Dead Space mostly. I've heard it was creepy but I didn't expect that much. Not to mention gore and all that dismemberment stuff. I liked that in a weird way. And, yesterday, I was looking for Diablo 2. Thought I might restart it. However, I found this as well as Diablo:

Jazz Jazkrabbit 2

Brings back the old memories. I remember playing this with my brother for months.I don't know why...Anyway, I'm thinking about starting WoW. I'm not sure though. That monthly fee is something I really hate. Well, I gotta think about it. And here is a list of games I'm anticipating:

1) Diablo 3

2) The Old Republic

3) Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

4) Splinter Cell Conviction

5) Dragon Age Awakening

I'm sure there are more but I can't remember right now.

Oh, and I'm gonna buy GoW 3 sometime soon. Maybe, Ultimate Edition I don't know. Now, Igottaplay Oblivion :P

General Update

As some of you guys know I started to play games on my PC lately. Anyway, I have just read somewhere there is "Games For Windows LIVE" :shock: I didn't know that until today. I bet some of you didn't know it too. Anyway, I signed up to it, it's free. And then I saw they have achievements :oThat means I will play my PC games even more enjoyingthem :D I hope it was useful to you guys too. And I've bought these games for my PC:

Bioshock Dead Space

Resident Evil 5

And I'm gonna buy Bioshock 2, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 when I'm done with these games.

I've alsorestarted God of War: Chains of Olympus on my PSP although I've finished it 4 times lol.

I've finished reading Percy Jackson & Olympians: The Lightning Thief and went to the movie of it. I wish I hadn't. Really, after reading the book you want something better than this and the movie'sscenario was mostly different than the book's. First of all, Perseus was supposed to be 12 or 11 years old. Also, there wasn't Ares, Dionysus, etc. There wasn't Cronus either. Besides of these, book is more exciting and have a better storyline although they were kinda similar. Also, I didn't like graphics, animations at all. So reading the book is a better choice in my opinion.

Well that's all for me. I hope you guys are having fun because I'm having a lot :D

Update: Demon's Souls

*Caution: There Might Be Minor Spoilers*

I was playing a Demon's Souls a lot these days. I started from beginning because I made very idiotic choices while playing with first character. I was still at level 1-2 though. Well, I have no regrets though because my new characters are a lot better now.I created a Knight again. I made its soul level 19 so far. Yeah a little bit low but sure to gain more. Lately, killed 1-2 boss which is Tower Knight.

Tower Knight

He is pretty enorrmous, after all he is as tall as a tower,but still easy to kill.

I also killed 2-1 boss. Name is Armored Spider I guess. It was a very easy but its damage output is surely a little bit high.

Armored Sniper

So called armored spider. Bad thing while you fight him you can't go around him.

And I also created another character which is a Thief. Yeah, to be honest, this character css (there is 'la' between 's' and 'c'. Sorry, GS doesn't let me put it)pretty cool. It is fast, using bows and daggersso it comes pretty handy while fighting with big bosses. Just like Vanguard, the one in tutorial.Yeah I killed it :D


Actually it is the one in 4-1. Couldn't find a pic for the one in tutorial.

It gave me a 'Grey Demon's Soul'. Then I teleported to a new area and I saw Dragon God :shock: Holy $%@? ! He starting holding his punch as soon as he saw me. Well maybe I'm wrong but he was looking like holding it. Then I came downstairs and walked a little bit forward. Then a cutscene came in. Showing how Dragon God smacked me :| I will show him later on :x

Dragon God

o.O No comments on this one.

Yeah, pretty much the same like I wrote in the last blog.

The last thing is I played it online for the first time. I mean with a phantom. I was seeing the hints written by other playersbefore. Anyway, it was a blue phantom which aids me. He died a bit quick and in a weird way lol. Well that's it for me. Hope you are having fun too.

P.S I guess I play pretty good this time. Only died a few times with Knight and only once with Thief. And I recommend everyone to buy it. After you get used to game it is pretty easy. However, I'm still at the early levels.

Demon's Souls First Impressions

Hey everyone. If you read my previous blogs than you probably know I bought Demon's Souls. I bought in on the internet and this morning my game arrived. Anyway, game is really damn hard. I mean I can't pass even first level and not to mention I died in tutorial :| Yeah, that really happened while trying to parry an attack,someone from back stabbed his sword and... I guess you understood :D However, I'm glad it is challenging because I've been searching a hard game for a long time and of course because of its difficulity it is also longer than a usual game. Really, I'm playing the first level for an hour now and I didn't even come to half of it (Died more than 10 times I guess.). I'm sure I'm gonna get used to controls sometime soon. Anyway, the story is better than I expected.I don't think it is great but good. Controls are a little bit hard, well for me at least, but even now I start toparry attacks. Graphics are pretty cool and I liked the thing that you can push a corpse while moving. I mean while walking your feet hits it, lol. I'm glad they arenot like corpses in InFamous. Sound effects are cool. There aren't much talkings since you mainly battle. However, I thought character creation could be better. Well, that is it for now. Actually, it isn't but I gotta go and play the game, lol. Catch you guys later. Oh and I have a question to who played the game. At the end of the tutorial a boss comes. Well, I knew I was gonna die when I first saw that guy.And I thought they put him there just to send us to Nexus a little bit quickbut is there a way to kill that monster if there is what happens after you kill it?

Unleashed The Power Lies Within

Hey everyone. I went to site 'Can You Run It' and what I've seen surprised me. For those who don't know about it, the website says whether your computer can or cannot run the game you selected looking at your system and requirements of the game. Anyway,I selected Crysis which I thought a game that my PC can't run. However, the website said my PC passed the 'Recommended' system requirements. Then I tried Mass Effect and it runned it too which was ironic because I wrote that I thought my PC wouldn't run Mass Effect in a post today. Then it said it could even run Mass Effect 2 and MW2! Man I'm so happy now that I will go to my game store and buy Mass Effect. Hope the website is saying true.

Good News and Bad News

Hey people, as you understood from the title I've bad and good news for you. I'll start with bad news. I won't be active in here very much these days. There is a problem with my Internet connection. Hopefully, it will get back to normal soon but yesterday, I had aterrible stomachacheso I was resting. Then my heartbeat became really fast so I went to a hospital. On the way, I was almost fainted, strange isnt it. Anyway, they took some blood from me and they said, there is nothing really important. They saidit is a commondisease.I'm better now and hopefully, I will be OK in a few days. So I'm sorry if I can't be active these days.Anyway, here is the good news. I had tochoose whether get a new Dualshock 3 and Tekken 6 to play with my brother or Demon's Souls. I chose Demon's Souls because the price is double for the first option and my brother doesn't play games much, well with me at least. Anyway, I'm so eager to play it.