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Moving out tomorrow!

I'm moving out tomorrow guys 8) It's been a loong week and next week is probably going to be long too. Also, I won't be online since it will take like one or two days to connect the internet :( Well, that's it more or less.

But before I go, I've resigned from most of the unions I joined and don't post anymore or don't care. I wanted to say I just lost interest.

And somebody deleted my great, epic, disturbing and hilarious signature while I wasn't looking :o And since I can't find it anywhere, I made a new one. It says:

Vote for Diablo :x

In an epic way :P

And @moonknght24 we should play more killzone 2 but also find a room which has no idiots :lol: :P

Well, I'm out guys :D I'll hang around forums some more and then go box my PS3 and games.

EDIT: I'll also create a clan on KZ 2. Anyone interested, message me on PSN.

See ya people.

Charted! Again and Platinumed

Yay! Got the platinum of Uncharted 2 ;) I had to play it through 3 times. But it's worth it. I can finally play as Marco Polo and Genghiz Khan in multiplayer. It was definetely one of the best PS3 games I've played. Maybe the best. Now, I'm going to try get the platinum of Force Unleashed and Demon's Souls which is slightly harder. It needs really a lot of time.

Other than that, school is going to start in one month. Less than one month actually but only three days. Other than my teachers being badasses and their badass exams and homeworks I like it. Still, I could've wait three more months. My activity will drop highly because of that :(

On other news, I kinda stopped getting on with my review. I lost interest. And I'm a bit too lazy :P

Well, that's it I guess. See ya guys :D

Oh and they're finally revealing some news about Diablo. Still no release date though :cry:


Hello everyone. I've finished Uncharted 2 this morning. It was awesome but it could be better. It felt kinda not realistic towards the end. [spoiler] You know all that humanoid monster things. It could be just fine if they were after only the treasure. [/spoiler] Nonetheless, it was an awesome game. It might be my favourite PS3 game so far. I mean everything in the game is great. Graphics, sound effects, controls, pacing, story and of course multiplayer. I don't remember I had that much fun in any competitive multiplayer game. I have a 1.32 kill/death ratio by the way 8) :P

I'm going for the platinum in this one and probably buy Drake's Fortune too. Oh, and I'll start writing a review of it as soon as I'm done with AC 2. I kinda stopped writing it. Probably because of Uncharted 2 :lol:

I also played Mafia 2 demo. But, unlike many people I felt kinda disappointed. Controls are frustrating. Graphics could be better. And it kinda slows down while I'm playing. Is that because of my TV or PS3? Or does this happen to everyone. Anyway, I've decided not to get it.

I've made a bracket too. Although, I want Diablo to win, I made Vader won since I think it is how the end will be. Joker was on the second place.

Now, I've been replaying Diablo 2 LOD for some time now. My favourite class is Necromancer but I can't seem to play it good. I'm in Act 4 mission 3 which is to kill Diablo. However, he totally destroys me. He just kills all of my skeletons in one hit and my Blood Golem in 3 hits and me without hit :P But really, it is damn hard I'm open to any suggestions otherwise I'll go as a Paladin who I can play very well. I'm Summoner Necromancer by the way, as you could have guessed.

Well that's it, take care everybody.

Got Uncharted 2 Today

The game was delivered today in the afternoon. I turned on my PS3 as soon as I got it and tried it. It's been amazing so far. It has all I want in it. Great story, intense action, stealth, great graphics, excellent animations and great controls.

However, I kinda found multiplayer more addicting compared to singleplayer. I've played multiplayer for like 2 hours now and it's great but I can't form a party with a few of my buddies on PSN. They invite me I say join then I get kicked after a few seconds or immediately. Same things happen to them. When I try to join their party by pressing the triangle button it says "Unable to join the party". Any help would be greately appreciated. Enough of that. I'm doing pretty well for a newbie in multiplayer. I got most kills in the most of the games. Can't say it for the deaths though :P

Well, that's it. I'd love to play it with you guys by the way.

Super Bagman

Hello everyone. This one will be short.

I achieved level 23. I usually don't care about it but this one is kinda funny. And I couldn't find a topic :/

Anyway, I finally decided which game to get. Actually I've already ordered it from the internet. It's *drum roll* Uncharted 2! Well, I'm not happy nor unhappy about this but since we were going to move out in a few weeks I thought it would be better to buy a cheaper game. It didn't make much of a difference but still... I can also wait for RDR's price to drop.

And about the Game Villain Contest. It's really bad. There could be many better villains in there. Still, they have my favourite: Diablo 8) For who did you guys vote?

By the way, I've been replying your messages in PSN really late sorry about that. I'm mostly afk or afj in this case, when I'm online.

I've also started writing my review of Assassin's Creed 2. It sucks! :P Well, better than the old ones at least.

Well, that's it. I hope you all are doing great.

This is what you get if you limit me

You're here just because that ridiculous topic I wrote? Well, it's normal but if you want it to be abnormal,stay a while and listen.

Anyway, I've decided to write reviews every month (I'm inspired of someone, see if you can find him). And unlike the ones I previously made, I'm actually going to put some effort in these. I will first review Assassin's Creed 2 and then God of War 3.

I've also decided to make the Diablo union, finally. However, I still need some charter members. I've some names in my mind but still I need a few more. Especially, fans of Diablo. Oh and lots of recruits.I'll probably post a topic on Diablo 3 forums. Oh, and I'd be grateful for any help about the banner.

Other than that, I'm going to buy a new game or games. I have two options:

- Red Dead Redemption

- Uncharted 2 and another game

If you played both of them please say which one worths more. Actually I was going to buy RDR this morning after reading Dylan's advice but the more I think about it, the more I get confused.

I've also decided to make blogs about my favourite games of all time but I'm having trouble making the list and need some time.

Oh and I'm back if you still haven't noticed :P

Now as promised, that limit was actually character limit. You already knew that? I knew that.

Nero Out

Well, I guess title says it all. I may come back again. I don't know when but I've decided to take a break. Until then take care guys ;)

MGS Peacewalker, AC II Platinum and some other stuff

As some of you might know I've been playing Assassin's Creed for a while now and two days ago I got the platinum of it. It isn't exciting as getting the first one though :P Oh and, Batman'splatinumwas harder but AC's platinum needed more time. I will try getting InFamous' platinum next. I only needed two more blast shards to get the platinum but the problem is I can't find them. I'm thinking of using a map but any help would be extremely appreciated.

In other news, I got MGS Peacewalker. It is amazing so far. I really love MGS franchise and although this one's gameplay is a little bit different, it is amazing as other MGS games. The only thing I disliked is the fact that you can't move while lying down. And it needs lots of memory.

I also got Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition for PS3. It was good but not great. Actions and animations were kinda lame but still it was a good game. Can't wait for the second one.

This year I watched E3 for the first time ever and to be honest, I liked Sony's conference most. I also liked Kinect for 360 but until some good games released for it I think I'll pass. Actually, I might not even buy the move. I wasn't a fan of motion control anyway.

And after watching E3 I made a list of games I'm going to get ok here they are but not in order:

-Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

Force Unleashed 2

OK, this looks more promising than the first one. I loved all that dismemberment stuff and improved force grip. I'm surely going to get it.

-Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Probably, the game Ianticipate most. AC 2 was amazing and no doubt this one's singleplayer will be amazing too but they also added multiplayer which, I fear, might ruin my social life :P Jk. I'm thinking about buying Master Assassin edition of the game since I can't get Harlequin by pre-ordering the game from GameStop because GameStop doesn't ship games to my country.

-Mortal Kombat


It is thethird game Ianticipate most. I loved how they returned to old MK games which they should've done a long time ago. I also liked x-ray moves. And tag battles are awesome too just as fatalaties. I'm glad they returned to old fatalaties too. And that gotta hurt.

-Metal Gear Solid Rising

MGS Rising

Playing with Old Snake and watching Raiden doing those moves in MGS 4 wasn't fun. Now, there is no reason not to watch Snake suffering from his backache.

-Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Arkham Asylum 2

OK, I know they didn't show it atE3, which is a shame, but I'm pretty excited for this game.

-Diablo 3

Diablo III

They didn't show it at E3 neither but I'm a Diablo fan and really excited for this one. Maybe too excited...

-The Old Republic

The Old Republic

It looks good for a MMO game. If only there wasn't a monthly fee.

-God of War Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta

Chains of Olympus was my favourite game on PSP. I think it will change when I get this one. And yes, that is PSP's graphics.

-Killzone 3

Killzone 3

I really loved Killzone 2 and can't wait for this one. But, is this one on Helghan or Vekta?

I guess that is all. See you guys later!


Hey everyone! It's been sometime since I last blogged. Well, I was studying my last exams of this year for a week. That's the reason of my inactivity. Anyway they are over now! Finally! So I guess I'll be more active from now.

My birthday was a week ago. Nothing special actually, just getting older :P But, I bought AC 2 which is awesome. I can easily say it is one my favourite games ever! I'm on the sequence 8 now and trying to avoid finishing it. I kinda liked Ezio more than Altair. Everything is kinda better than the first game though :P Oh there is one thing I miss in AC. Some of the guards chasing you were talking Turkish. Yeah, I kinda liked that. Other than that I liked the glyphs but stuck in one. It says "The Power They Wielded Cut Down Their Enemies." But don't tell me how to do it.

Anyway, since I bought AC 2 now GoW 3 on the top of my list. I'm probably going buy it this week and continue with the other games I mentioned in my previous blogs. Well, that's it I guess. I'll be more active... when I'm finished with AC 2 :P

Oh and I have a question about game. What happens when you get all the statues?

Just Played Darksiders Demo

Yes after hours of waiting to play the demo of one of the games I was curious about most, I finally played it and finished it. It was the longest demo I've ever played. I played it for like 1.5 hours! It starts while War is riding his 'bird' and crashes into Tiamat, which is bat queen, which isa giant bat lol. Then War falls and makes his way into the cathedral whereTiamatand hismount went. After ashort time you encounter with Tiamatbut it and your mountgoes away fighting. After a long journeyyou finally find the bat,holding yourmount, which is dead, then you fightwith it. And after you kill it the demo ends. It sounds like short but it isn't. Anyway,I hope the full game is long too. War was a badass, story was looking good. Gameplay was great too. I think I will buy Darksiders instead of MK vs DC.