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Going on a Dragon hunt!

Hello everyone.

As you, hopefully, remember from my last blog, I've got Dark Souls. I'm still playing it and it's really addicting. Anyway, I've decided to blog about it because I've encountered one of the hardest boss I've seen in my life. Picture is very much related.

Dark Souls is no doubt one of the hardest games a gamer can see. Although gameplay is pretty simple, the difficulity lies in the lack of information you get about enemies and locations. The game forces you to learn by trying and eventually dying in most cases. Maybe hard was not the right word though. It's more like, it needs patience. I haven't felt like I was lost in a game for a very long time though.

Now, what's so hard about Ornstein and Smough? Well, first of all you have to face huge enemies to face them and you are very likely to lose some health. Note that you have only 10 potions you can use until you reach a bonfire which serves as a checkpoint. However, that is hardly a reason. Secondly and more importantly, throughout the game you hardly ever face any enemy that uses cooperation. Even if they do cooperate, in most of the cases, you lure enemies one by one. However, Oreos and Soreos cooperate too well and surprisingly, can use combos. Well, technically they are not combos but their movesets just stack too well. You're basically screwed if you have nobody to help you.

One of them has a gigantic hammer which will send you flying if it ever hits you while other can attack from distance with spells or can jump at you with his huge spear.

However, defeating one is not the end. The other one gets the soul of the fallen one and achieves his "super" form. Super Smough (the hammer wielding one, even though you can't see it in the pic too well :P ) is fairly easier but get this: You gain the armor of the one you defeat last. And now look at this:

Do you see that badass look? Ornstein's armor looks amazing, has decent stats and it's not so heavy. Also, you get the soul of the one you defeated last. So, I battled them a dozen of times to figure out how to come out with a strategy but it's worth it. Finally got his armor and the famous "Dragon Slayer Spear".

I usually don't blog about how I progress in games, let alone the enemies I encountered but these guys worth it. It truly felt like I've been playing a hard game while I was battling them. From Software has done a nice job in this game.

Dark Souls...

It's eating me alive...

Got the game today. I've just defeated the first boss and died, like 20 times, roughly. Starting as a thief was probably not a good idea after all. Despite the cool outfit... I've also created a Pyromancer, only to learn I was not able to use pyromancy in the start. What a shame.

On the other hand, the game is improved a lot. Although dialogues are somewhat the same :P Combat is more fast paced compared to Demon's Souls. I mean, at least the first boss was kind of challanging. It took me a while to figure out that there was a ladder in the back where I could jump on the guy's head -_- (Thanks to whoever put that sign saying jump off). Nevertheless, it was a lot more enjoyable than Phalanx. Oh, you can jump in this one too! Well, partially..

Apart from that, I've changed my PSN. My new PSN is.. guess it.. Nero__Viper. Well, in my defense, all the good ones are taken. By the way, if you are seriously going to add me there are double "_" there. Looks like I'm not the only person who uses this username.


Another game I've been playing for a while was New Vegas. Boring game engine is boring. It was a great time killer though. Shooting those heads with my anti material rife...

That is all.

PS. League of Legends is awesome. The community of the game is not.

New Stuff

Hello everyone.

I like how I start most of my blogs like this but I can't help it: Long time since I last blogged :P

Also, it's been a long time since I read your blogs. However, you see, I've been busy. Mostly with exams. It was the first time I really studied exams.. since my first marks were awful. It has been two or three weeks since my exams finished though. I guess, I was just, unwillingful. Not like any of you care or anything :P Kidding, kidding.

Anyway, now some updates on what I've been doing.

To start with, no reviews. Not even the slightest one. I tried though. But I guess,I'm too lazy for that.

Other than that, I bought Little Big Planet 2. Gotta say, I expected more. It was still good though. But I would have preferred Dead Space 2 if I had the chance.

What I've been doing besides those was watching animes. For the first time. I only watched Pokemon and Shaman King as an anime since they were shown on TV :P Anyway,I mainly watched Bleach and now I'm waiting for 309th episode. I really can't help it but to say, it was one of the best shows I've ever watched! Really, it was amazing! I never thought I would have liked animes but to love it as much as this! *ahem* I was also watching Death Note in the past days. Plot was great. I had doubts while watching first episode but then second one totally blew me away. It was going perfect until 12 then it suddenly changed.

So, to sum up, I recommend those two but probably, everyone knows about them.

On the other hand, I was still searching for an avy >_> Vergil has only 5 or 6 pics on the internet -_- None of them are worthy of an avy. I shall change my avy when I find one. I was going to use a crappy one but I realized it was bad, thanks to ikhzo.

Oh, I've also been playing League of Legends a lot. It's a great time killer. I almost forgot! By any chance,any of you guysmight beplaying LBP 2, ACB or Demon's Souls?I'm kinda tired of playing with people I don't know. Not that I don't play with my PSN buddies but still, it would have been better if there were more peoplesince thepeople I play usuallywithare notonline as often as they were :P

That's probably it.

I almost forgot! Thanks to ClearDagger for giving me a spare Dead Space Ignition code :D

I know it was a bad blog but that wasthe best I could do, given the current circumstances.

Thanks to Azaru32

Thanks to Azaru32, I'm closer to my new theme.

He made me a new sig. Well, two actually. First one was like this:

Vergil 1

Then he made me another one since I kinda thought it was looking.. not like Vergil I knew :P

And here is the second one:

Vergil 2

What do you think?

Which one should I use? I thought I was going to use the second one but as I was searching for an avatar and trying to choose which one should I use, I'm left in the middle since nowfirst oneseems more.. complete.

Let the voting begin!

Oh and sorry about my absence. I couldn't be online for a long time now since exams are more troubling than ever..

ACB and a load of crap

Or a bag of crap... as one might prefer.

Bag of crap is better compared to load of crap don't you all agree? Or my test results which has more crap than the so called bag.

Enough of this crap.. Now, I have completed Brotherhood. It was really great. Adding combo system which is really similar to BAA's freeflow combat system was indeed a wise choice. Adding an alternate attack to every weapon was even wiser since it adds a great deal of fun to the combat. Killing two people in one hit is great. Also, ever tried throwing a bloody axe to a brute running towards you? Satisfying! Or throwing a spear, which rotates in air (I know creepy), to a horseman who is coming to attack.



Speaking of horsemen, horses are now more useful. You can ride them in cities, horse battles are improved, and you can do this:


Yes, armored horses! :P

Still, all the improvements in battles wasn't enought to make it as fun as stealth kills. Nothing beats poisoning a guard who has a spear and then throwing money around him, attracting civilians to the spot where guard is, the guard who swings his spear like crazy causing every greedy people bleed :P Or kill :| More satisfying! :P

And the main improvement, or my favourite improvement since I may need a flameshield if I say "main" instead of "favourite" :P *ahem* Creating your own brotherhood! :D Training recruits, calling them in your will, and goddamn arrow storm ability :P Seriously though, only raising your hand and making a fist after seeing a horde of guards coming towards you in suspicion and moving on as they all fall one by one, by arrows thrown by your recruits is pretty cool.

Arrow storm

That's what I'm talking about!

All the improvements wasn't enough to make the same effect AC II did though. Mainly because of AC II's atmosphere. Venice's atmosphere.. Don't get me wrong the game is improved in every way but I guess it's just me..

Anyway, I will write a review *cough* someday *cough*, so better not spoil the fun you are having around GS with my badly expressed opinions of Brotherhood :P

OK just another note, multiplayer is awesome! I mainly choose Prowler (HOODIE! :P) or Doctor. I'm playing it well, becoming #1 in most of the matches 8) Yes, I'm bragging :| ... about a fact 8) :P

Now onto the other topics.

I'm good at Brotherhood :P Anyway, I'm thinking about writing an editorial (I can hear all of you screaming noooo! :P). I know I'm not skilled in writing but I'll give it a shot anyway, don't expect much though. But before that I'm going to start a blog series, for the first time :P But I'm not sure what to do, any suggestions? I mean for the blog series :P

Oh and I can't post for some reason :/ I used to post like crazy... I've just lost intrest I guess...

Anyway, it's one of those times again.. I'm thinking about creating a Diablo union again :P It didn't get too much attention but the improved amount of comments build up my hopes to see more people intrested in joining. And another thing that I'm afraid of is that nearly every union which doesn't go off topic dies pretty fast :/

Well that's it I guess, see you all later! :D

Generic Gaming Update

Hello there!

It's been some time since I did one of these. Anyway, I have some news for ya! But only gaming news :P

I've bought one of these from net:


Why do hooded guys look so awesome?

It'll hopefully arrive on Monday or so. If you have it you can find my PSN on my profile page, add me since I'll always be looking for friends to.. err.. kill :P

Speaking of PSN, I was thinking about changing my PSN ID, getting a new one. However, since losing my trophies looked painful I changed my mind. Oh and adding everyone again would be a pain in the ass :P

Anyway, looking forward to game :DHowever, now, it seems like buying RDR and NBA 2K11 was a better choice O_o

Other than that, I've been playing only Uncharted 2's Multiplayer and Demon's Souls.

Still couldn't complete my Dex PVP build *sigh* But, my mage build goes awesome :D

Oh, I've also bought Exile Challanges for God of War 3 from PSN. It was good for its price, but I was expecting more than that. I also downloaded many demos. My favourite? It's got to be Bioshock. It was way too good compared to Bioshock 2 which I finally finished a few months ago. I'm definetely going to buy the game but I don't know for which system :/

I finally learned where "Would you kindly" thingy was from :lol: :P Kinda... :|

And some bad news... there's something wrong with my notebook's battery so I can't play anything D: I sent it to a shop but the Isaac guy there said we had to take it to another place because they couldn't fix it. Total BS if you ask me! He was just being lazy since we had warranty and wasn't going to pay. But Isaac guy was just so badass he even ignored the whole bunch of necromorphs I sent after him :P

Sorry for such a bad blog.

PS. To person or people who were thumbing up my reviews, I love you! :P

It's been hell of a year

since I joined here. 8)

Now since I've completed my one year here I can reveal my favourite user:

You :P

I guess you saw that coming. :P

Now now... who stole my cake? :x

I can't find any blog headers... again :/

So, hello everyone, this will be short.

First of all, there are three days left from my summer holiday T_T I can't believe it flew by that fast. Mostly dealt with all that moving stuff :/ Still, it was fun. I wish there was a month more though :(

Anyway, I bought my TV a few days ago. Or like one week ago, I don't remember. I chose Panasonic. Two Panasonics actually 8) Thank you all for your suggestions by the way but Panasonic was the best in the store and it didn't cost much either ;)

I've had another problem though, there was something wrong with my router but I fixed it by getting a new one :P I can happily play Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls now.

Other than that, I've finally defeated Diablo. That badass ***** :x Then I started act 5 and leveled up fast. Now, I go and kill Diablo again and again. Sweet revenge :twisted: :P Also, I've beaten Bioshock 2 and currently on the 6th level of Dead Space. It's been a few months since I bought them but didn't play them much.

That's it :|

Sorry about all the grammar mistakes, it's 3 AM here and I've played a lot today. I'll edit it later on. Or it was supposed to be 3 AM. I've tried to post this blog four times >_> I'm lucky to copy all of it on the last second.

Went to see Predators today and got Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Hello everyone. I saw Predators today. It was OK but a big cliche. I predicted nearly everything from the very beginning. And it has some really ridicilous parts too. Mostly the fights. Why wouldn't one bring another down with his knife instead of trying to choke him >_> My score? I'd give it a 6.5 Yeah, no reviews like every other time.

There is a major spoiler about the movie in the spoiler tag but it is hilarious :lol: Check it out if you want, you'll see it near the end of first half, I think.

[spoiler] YEAH! RIGHT IN THE BACK! [/spoiler]

Also, I got Ninja Gaiden Sigma from my friend today. Traded it for Force Unleashed :D It was a good deal. He didn't like it much and I've already finished SW. Can't wait to play it. Though, there is no TV in my room now. They took mine to another room :cry: I'm going to buy another HD TV soon and I thought asking you guys would be the best. So, I was thinking about buying one from Sony but I don't really know much about televisions. I'm gonna buy a Full HD one and can't decide. Which one is the best?

Those all who oppose me, beware

For that I'm back :P It's good to be back in here though.

There was some problems with my connection so it took some time to fix it.

Anyway, now, I need to vote and go read your blogs see ya people.

EDIT: Next time I'm moving out try to make less blogs :x I'll read the rest tomorrow.