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It's ok people, I'm alive.

So, I've been busy at school this year and have just finished my final secondary school exams *victory dances*.

If you look at my last blog, you'll be able to figure out that I can now buy alcohol legally (I did so yesterday after my last exam. Walked up to the counter with 2 cans of Tennents and a bottle of FatFrog. She asked me if I had any i.d......I paused for a second..... yes, yes I do I said :) )

I've got myself a nice summer job too, with the nice professional name of Internet Researcher. Basically people send questions via text message, I look up the answer in google, and get 40c for every question I answer. You can ask a free question here to try it out. (They'll not send you any spam or anything)

Yep, I'll be more active on here now, commenting and what-not on your blogs. I'll rarely write blogs though....... I rarely did hehe :)

fat frog

My Turn!! 5 things you may not know about me.

Well.... I got tagged by iMass15 so here it goes:

1 - I am Irish. I say things like 'aye', 'lad' and 'sir' quite a lot. If I spoke the sentance 'Do you want to know' I would say 'Dae ya wanna no'. I have never said 'Top o' the morning tae ya'.

2 - Although I am Irish (Republic) I am not like the 99% of the population that are catholic. This explains why. I live in Donegal.

3 - I play field hockey.

4- I wrote a poem once that got published in a book.

5- My BMI is somewhere between 18.3 and 18.7.

I suppose that'll do then. Aye lads that'll do.

I think most people on my friends list have already being tagged but I'll tag these people anyway....

Snake4eva_92, ShortTall, llSapphyrell, elitedead and Nintendo_D00d

Muhahaha......if you have already been tagged, I wont make you do it again. :)

Pics from Paris

I thought Id show you all, some of the things I saw in Paris.

.....but first a group photo from the Stade de France.

(You can only see a bit of me but I am most definitely in there)

Onto to the landmarks etc.....

The arc de triumph.....


La Madeleine (a church).......


The Paris Opera.......


Notre Dame Cathedral

A naked statue in the louvre......


Disneyland Parade........


The Stade de France......


View from eiffel tower......


and my favourite pic.......a roof from up high......


50 potentially good games for 360 in 08.

Well heres the list taken from the March issue of OXM.

1. Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

2. Battlefield: Bad Company

3. Blood Bowl

4. Borderlands

5. Brother in Arms : Hells Highway

6. Bully Scholarsip Edition

7. Condemned 2: Bloodshot

8. Dark Void

9. Dead Space

10. Don King's Prizefighters

11. Duke Nukem Forever

12. Fable 2

13. Fallout 3

14. Farcry 2

15. Fracture

16. Grid

17. GTA IV

18. Halo Wars

19. Highlander

20. Indiana Jones

21. Infinite Undiscovery

22. Left 4 Dead

23. Legendary: The Box

24. Lego Batman

25. Lego Indiana Jones

26. Lost

27. Mafia 2

28. Midnight Club : LA

29. Mirrors Edge

30. MLB 2K8

31. Ninja Gaiden 2

32. Project Origin

33. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

34. Rise of the Argonauts

35. Saboteur

36. Saints Row 2

37. Silent Hill V

38. SoulcaliburIV

39. Star Wars: Force Unleashed

40. Street Fighter IV

41. Tiberium

42. TNA Impact

43. Tomb Raider: Underworld

44. Tom Clancys Endwar

45. Tom Clancy's Firehawk

46. Too Human

47. Top Spin 3

48. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

49. UT 3

50. Viking: Battle of Askard

I got three games today for 35.44 little pounds and pennies.

biojust causecondemned

Today I got Bioshock (tin box), Just Cause and Condemned for just £35.44 in GAME.

I thought this was a very good bargain as I got 3 games for less than the price for a new release title (around £44.99)

I got them this cheap by buying preowned versions during the sale and spending points I had earned in store.

Bioshock cost £24.98

Condemned cost £7.98

Just Cause cost £9.98

= £42.94

- points £7.50

= final price £35.44

I only got to play them for about an hour tonight but so far my impressions are high. (condemned seems to be quite scary)

I will post a another blog on the games when I get to play a little further into them.

Lets hope it works this time!

Well Ive been trying to write my first blog for over a week now, but everytime I try to submit it, it gives me some p00p about html not being well formed. Please let it work this time, I give you half a cookie for your trouble.

Ive been a member of gamespot for a good wee while ( I think over a year) but have only recently got access to high-speed internet. Thats why I havent been very active in the forums for a year or so.

Since this is my first blog I might as well tell you a little bit about myself. Im an owner of a 360, ps2, psp, ds and some other old yokes like the mega drive (genisis). Today, Monday 29th October, I am playing The Orange Box and probably a good bit of Fifa 07 ( yes I know 08 is out but it only cost me £10). My Gold membership has just recently expired so hopefully I'll be able to get a new one today. The game am looking most forward to now is GH3, but after hearing about problems with the connection between the neck and body Im not so sure, lets hope they fix this before they reach the other side of the river.

Well thats my first blog, Im away to get me some breakfast now.