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Thank you GameStop!

For all the outrage over GameStop reprinting and selling Xenoblade Chronicles at $90 (the average price on Ebay) they've managed to actually drive that price down with their greedy reprint.  I purchased Xenoblade Chronicles for $65.  Sure, it's used, but it beats $90.  No tax either, so if I had bought the game when it was available I guess I'd have saved $10 or something.  Either way, I'm eager to see if this game is as amazing as the folks who play it say it is.  At this point I might as well pick up Pandora's Tower too to just complete the Operation Rainfall initiative.  I'll wait on that one though, it's cheap.  I don't see the price jumping to $90 anytime soon.

I also purchased Metro Last Light since it's on sale for $20.  Not expecting it to be nearly as memorable as BioShock Infinite but with 2013's releases being fairly forgettable thus far I figure what's one more piece of fodder.  Regardless, I'm living in 2011 right now, playing Dragon Age II and Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Once I beat DA2 I'll move on to either Dead Space 3 or Metro Last Light for a semi-spooky shooter experience from this year.  As with Metro, I'm not expecting Dead Space 3 to be anything more than pure fluff.  Basically, there's room to surprise me.

After Skyward Sword on the console side of things I'll either jump to Xenoblade or The Last Story.  The Last Story looks more appealing to me, it always has, but Xenoblade is that sort of sought after fruit that comes along once in a while so maybe I'll start with that.  Either way, I'm still roughly halfway through Skyward Sword so it'll be awhile before I get to either of the RPGs.