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Ellis calls MGS5 sexist and Kojima a "man baby"

Who's David Ellis again?

We know Kojima's Metal Gear universe is hardly realistic and going for sexualized designs, and openly admitting to doing that, is A-OK with me.  Acting like openly sexualized designs are a bad thing when you're involved with the sexualization of an AI from hologram to semi-solid woman with firm ass, large breasts, flat stomach and waving hair... not so much.  Go home Ellis, you're drunk.  And the real man baby.

Don't get me wrong, Quiet's design is neither appealing or attractive.  But knowing Kojima and his ridiculous stories it'll likely be explained.  I still have no idea how Cortana became a sex kitten.  This is the pot calling the kettle black, but the kettle admitted what it did and is happy to do what it's doing.  The pot's in full denial and trying to be a voice of reason.  F*ck the pot.