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EA lets you return digital games through Origin

It's not a 30 day return policy, but you have either 7 days from date of purchase or once you install and start the game you have one day.  But you get a full refund if the game just doesn't work, or you're bored out of your mind with it.  It only applies to EA's own titles for now.

So far in 2013 this has been EA:

"Guys, take Dead Space 3 and a bunch of other games, pay what you want, we aren't keeping a penny.  It's all going to charity.  BTW, we're already over $7 million!"

"Guys, you don't like Origin, we get it.  But what if you buy one of our games and you just don't like it?  Return it!"

These are things I'm digging.  Very much so at that.

Ahem, Valve?

"We don't have a return policy.  Tough shit."

If this catches on with all publishers through Origin I might just go to the dark side.