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... and glitch; No, failspot strikes again...

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New GameSpot is so I improved, so sophisticated, so innovative... that they removed one of the highlights of the site itself: Union boards. Bravo GameSpot, you've just lost the atom of respect I had for you.... goodbye...

Neo_Like out of habit forcefully saying signing off...

New gamespot?!

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Hmm... not bad so far I guess. Atleast I can use my smartphone to work around ut somewhat properly (better than the older versions). I'm still looking around to see what I can and can't do here anymore and I'm not even sure if this will mean that I'll actually come back to post more often but with the "simplified layout" I just might

So I guess we'll see ;)

Neo_Ike signing off

I missed you gamespot...

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First off, I'm not dead, envy me!!!:twisted:

ahem, all joking aside... :|

Looking back a little over 5 years ago... I remember how GS became the first online social network I ever joined (Take that, myspace!:P) and I remember fondly of some of the things I did for the 3 year span of time that I was actually active around here...

I joined several Unions, some which apointed me as officer... I even managed to lead a few unions as well... that didn't really turn out well but atleast I tried to keep the good times going.

I have fond memories of the Off-Topic Battle threads, something so random that it was only prone to generate laughs

I also remember being part of the FEURPG amd the Zelda Allianze RPG for a time... which indirectly helped me in homing my programing skills

I remember all the good times I spent with many a nintendo related forums... eagerly awaiting Brawl alongside an unique group of people who shared the same passion for gaming as I did... and hope this manages to reach their screens so they too take in some of that nostalgia I'm feeling for those days not so long past.

I made dozens of friends... some that I admired from afar, some that I aspired to be like them, and some who stuck by me to this very day in one form or another... I don't plan to name people specificly because either way most of the people I met here on gamespot had something creative and unique to bring to the table,,, from serious topics, to humorous banter... even the trolls we're somehow a delight for me here... though I rarely was afected by trolls... and what the heck, I did my trolling from time to time so I'm to blame for it as well I guess...

I became a part of many story-driven projects within the community which only served to fuel my ambitions as a wanabee storywritter to the point that some of my actual stories bore fruit to interesting and original projects... regardless if they actually took off, we're put on Haitus, or we're inevitally cancelled...

This made me grow in my ideals and made me more open minded to what other's think though I still have my objective side... the gamespot community served as an inspiration to try out new things such as blogging, video Editting, animation, music composition, reviewing movies/games, directing, storywritting, producing, ect.

I owe so much to the gamespot community that I didn't really think that I would be back here in the middle of the night making another blog post about something probably no one would even read :lol:

regarldless, I just wanted to share my thooughts on how the GS community has influenced me for the better

I'm gratefull to the community though, Not Gamespot themselves (points to every biased GS review and controversy out there) but without them this wouldn't exist so... meh:|

And thanks to GabuEx whoose name randomly popped on my youtube account and mae me think of all this mushy stuff I wrote :?


Aside from the previous part, if anyone wants to keep in contact with me

My outdated E-mail:

My new comun usernames (g+, gmail, yahoo[dead], facebook[unofficial]) : FEWarrior89/Kietsu Sentou/

Skype: Neofewarrior89

Also the outdated E-mail above serves as a way to find my personal fb page.


that's it for me for now so good luck and Good night

Neo_Ike signing off ;)

PS: sorry for the mushyness :|

Dragon's dogma and the weird but epic vibe I feel from it...

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First of all, I admit I'm a huge Resident Evil fan, and second, the whole RE demo thing related to dragon's dogma is what might have indirectly drawn me to it... but, from the first trailer I saw back in last year's E3 I was strangely anxious to see what would come of it. And why is this? Because it looks freaking epic!

Though I already know that the story is pretty basic and that the character development should be about the same as Link's because he appears to be a silent protagonist (I don't mind this but it wasn't really necessary and it makes the developers look lazy because of it) but the dense world that is promised alongside a highly unique custom-tailored grouping system known as "pawns" have me pretty exited for the possibilities that this particular title holds. the overall game development process seems solid and taking a closer look as to who is working on it, the director behind both DMC4 and RE4 (sorry but I can't remember the name :| ) and other veteran game developers as well as a 4-5 year development cycle for the game means it could be a truly refined and enjoyable experience.

And now to the obvious point I've been so cautiously avoiding, Capcom is the one pulling the string on this new IP... the very same Capcom who's trying to constantly take our wallets hostage by trying to force DLC (downloadable content) or DLkC (Disk Locked Content) that forces any game they create to feel incomplete whether by personal opinion or by Capcom's greedy little agenda... and personally, I feel bad for them. Here they have a promising new IP able to gather in both old and new generation gamers into a world (single player experience mind you) big yet dense enough for the most avid explorer to sink their teeth in it and because of their past and current business tactics could become an underrated and under appreciated title because aren't simply going to shell out money to a game made by a company who's sole purpose for the past couple of years has solely to screw over all of their supporters with horrible sequels (in comparison mostly to their own former counterparts), bad re-amps of old games, horrible marketing desicions and worse little to no customer loyalty and /or precaution from their part.

Capcom has already DLkC in the game though they've announced their thought to re-think this strategy, I find it unlikely, and also if they DO change back to DLC it just means more spending money and downloading wait times for us right?

So... Dragon's Dogma, I plan to get it and I'm really exited for it, hoping it could be the best RPG this year because I'm really psyched for it... also Xenoblade doesn't count because it was already released nearly everywhere else last year... if it were, I Might tie DD with Xenoblade out of pity but I have to get my hands on the game to really think about giving it a final verdict.

And what you guys think?

Neo_Ike Signing off...

Finally done

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Woohoo, after a couple of tedious weeks I've finally completed my statistics assigment. Yes, a heckit process indeed and even though I didn't quite get the amount of results I wanted to Tally up I still managed to peform a decent presentation.

Regardless, I still roam around here from time to time so see you around

NEo_Ike Signing off

Annoyances and (FINALLY!!!) NHFSA part 3 (HELP!)

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See part 1 here and See part 2 here

So after several tedious encounters with troubling times...

I Finally got around to finishing up the survey. It's really not that impresive since I used Google docs to do most of the work for me. (as far as gathering data comes into play) and then later comes the part of the oral presentation which the really complicated part since I have to PROPERLY convice people of the thruth behind my investigation.

So if you want to help out by filling a simple 10 question survey (In both Spanish and English... I'm from Puerto Rico so I need to appeal to all crowds whether in or out of the island) You can simply go

Videojuegos como base para el desarrollo de destrezas a un nivel subconsciente┬╗

(Videogams as a Base for Subconsious Skill Development)

(Again, main language is Spanish but you'll always find a nifty English Translation below every Dentence. Sorry for any inconviniences)

I thank Everyone who is willing to help out for this Assigment beforehand and I hope Wether or not you decide to help out that I can come again to tell everyone the outcome of this Investigation.

Neo_Ike Signing off

Need help for a Statistics Assignment part 2

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See part 1 here

Hey everyone, following up on last weeks post I've been extremely busy with my intership and college course to finalize my survey but I am however going to post my overview for the survey which is a small essay regarding the questions I will ask in the survey later on. it's a basic overview of videogames, how they have evolved and how they could still use some improvement. (in the learning curve department, not the entertainment department, sorry :oops: )

why do I post this ahead of schedule you ask?

1. Feedback would be nice
2. Saves you guys the trouble of having to read through it later on (of course you don't HAVE to read to fill in the blanks but I have to make it eitherway so... :| )
3. So far I like what I wrote and want to share it :)

So without further adue here we have it:


Videogames as a Base for Skill Development

Nearly every child is drawn to videogames at some point in their lives due to their original design to appeal to them as a means of both entertainment and distraction. However, we must take into consideration that at this early state in their lives, children are still in the process of developing their motor skills and their thought processing. Videogames could be utilized as a tool to expand their thought processing capabilities as well as their motor skills at a subconscious level if implemented correctly to the development needs of each child. But sadly, videogames can also be used to tamper with their development processes if they are exposed to inappropriate material for them in this critical state which could lead up to disastrous results if not dealt with properly.

Throughout the years, videogames have been thought as a form of entertainment because in its origins it served no use than to create a distraction for children in their spare time. But this perception has changed for the worst in most circles because the video game industry; following up on their premise that videogames are a form of entertainment, have blindly developed countless videogames that their sole focus is that of entertaining the players and enhancing their capabilities within the confined, false, and otherwise completely pointless boundaries of a videogame rather than to deliver an alternative that not only does it reward your in-game skill growth but that it can also be substantial part of enhancing your skills and knowledge for a more practical use outside of the games themselves.

As a result of these changes, many unaware parents forbid their children from playing videogames as a means to protect them from the violence an inappropriate material that can be found within them nowadays; but they can become victims at the same time of an even bigger threat, this could create seeds of rebellion in their children which can cause even worse results than simple inappropriate videogame exposure which is why videogames are considered the fault of children misbehaving when it could have probably been caused by inefficient parenting.

By denying him this chance they can also close off opportunities to expand their horizons, to explore and discover beyond that of what they can perceive in front of them, to even help to determine their future course in life. Instead of denying your child the chance to play videogames, parents should embrace their children's curiosity to explore the unexplored alongside them, to join them on a journey to discover what lies within the surface of a videogame and search together for something that both they and their children can enjoy and that could possibly do even more good to their child's development that they could even imagine.

Videogames and video gaming in general can only be described as an experience; Mostly an Entertainment experience, but has long since evolved into its own realm of infinite possibilities where its only limitations or lack thereof can only be determined by the designers who create videogames in the first place or by the videogame players themselves which is why it can be considered strange for videogames to be taken seriously as a learning experience because the problem isn't creating a videogame that is mainly portrayed as a learning experience but how can said videogame be masked within a portrait of an entertainment experience so that it can appeal to the inner curiosity of a child while still instructing them on valuable skills they'll need to develop for a proper education or career.


So there you have it, a basic overview to my survey theory which is:

Can videogames serve as a base supplement for skill development?

your thoughts on this so far would be gretly appreciated and I'll let you guys know when I finish the actual survey :)

Neo_Ike signing off

Need help for a statistics assignment

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Yeah, not my typical thing to randomly ask people to fill in surveys and stuff but you see I have this statistics project relating the subconscious development of skills through video gaming and I thought that I could find no better way to fill in said survey than with the help of the gamespot community backing up my claims.

I am currently working on the layout of the survey questions so this post is simply to hear if anyone would be interested in helping me out with this little project of mine and if you'd like to spread the word about this project be my guest. the more the merrier.

For those who want to be a part of the survey simply reply to this post saying that you want to participate in the survey and I'll contact via PM to ask to send you the survey form via a Personal E-mail address which after you complete filling in the blanks you will need to send back to me via the E-mail address where I sent the form in,

(Note: An E-mail Address will be made solely for this project and I have yet to create it)

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding my project please feel free to add them to your post, every bit of help counts.

I should have the survey ready by tonight but I have to wait until I get final approval from the professor on Tuesday so I will probably have it ready to send by next weekend.

Again, not my usual thing to ask but if you can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

Neo_Ike signing off.

I'm in Stiches :'(

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the level... as in... Stitches :|

this... wasn't a good attempt at a post :?

Neo Ike signing off :lol:

[spoiler] though I'm still here XD! [/spoiler]