About NeoGen85

What's up Gamespotters? I've been apart of this community since 2003 and surfing Gamespot.com longer then that. A lot of things have changed. We've had our fair share of negativity here, but much of my experience has been great. I'm glad to see this website still kicking.

As a gamer my taste has evolved drastically. Currently I consider myself a PC enthusiast who is in love with MMORPGs, The Elder Scrolls, and really bad games that are too hilarious to pass up. Being a PC gamer doesn't mean I'm the elitist-type. I'll admit, sometimes I brag.

..Wait...I received an Xbox One for Christmas!

Other than gaming I'm a ex-illustrator/graphic designer turned engineer in a manufacturing environment; to be more specific aviation. I live in a historical southern American city called Charleston. Beautiful people, beaches, great food, art, and southern hospitality.