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An Honest View on Piracy

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Up until a few years ago, I used to be pro-piracy. I would simply say to myself "Why buy this game when I could simply just download it?". When I started investing my money into games, I realised that going out and buying a game feels much better than just downloading it from some P2P network. Eventually I started buying all my games, I stopped pirating completely. I didn't really have a view against piraters until I was at school the other day.

I pull out my DS and start playing Final Fantasy VI Advance. A game that I said "I'll just buy it later" and then never saw it ever again, I spent weeks looking for this game and eventually found it and bought it right away. A girl at my table then says to me "Oh, I have that" and I was interested on where she got it, so I asked her. She just simply said "Oh, I have it on my ROM Cart". I blew my temper there, I go searching for this game, and spend a significant amount of money on it, and somebody just goes out and simply downloads it.

Why am I rambling on? That's simple. I'm calling out for all your piraters to stop. Go out and buy the games you want, there is no excuse. Games arn't really all that expensive, I usually buy 2 a month, sometimes even more if I have some games to trade in. I also want these companies to stop making these mod chips and ROM carts, they should be charged with piracy or something, as they are encouraging the use of these devices.

I know how easy it is to go onto your favourite search engine and find the newest releases, but before you do that, think about all the people that worked on that game: programmers, graphic designers, music composers, package designers, the people that transport the games to your local store, and the regular joe who works at EB Games.

My view on the "Game of the Year"

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To start things off, I am NOT placing The Orange Box in any of this. Why? Because it's simply a collection of games. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice collection of games. Portal and Team Fortress 2 are two of the most addicting games I've played on PC in a while, but it's still a collection and these small games can't compete against games like Super Mario Galaxy.

Now for my nominees:

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Yes Yes, I know, I know. "Oh great, another stereotypical Game of the Year post" is what most of you are thinking, but hear me out. The truth is: This game is GOD. (No, that is not a typo) This game takes everything Guitar Hero and improves on everything. The soundtrack is unbelievably good and the replay value is alot better thanks to the inclusion of online play. Rock Band can kiss Slash's butt, this is the best rock game ever.

Halo 3

Okay, I'm sure most of you people are booing right now. In my oppinion, Halo 3 was the best Xbox 360 game released this past year. I'm going to make a brave statement and say it's better than Bioshock (I didn't like Bioshock to begin with, It's rather overrated). While Halo 3 might not be as good as the original Halo: Combat Evolved, it's still a very fun game. The campaign isn't too long, and it's not too short. It's just the right length. Combine that with a great soundtrack and a great finale to one of the most epic video game franchises in history.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Pokémon's return to handhelds was a great one. People like me who assumed that Pokémon was going downhill after the releaseof Ruby Version andSapphire Version were happily surprised when this game turned out to be the best Pokémon to date. While it lacked random online battles, it included a "Global Trade Station". This allowed players to trade Pokémon with anybody in the world. To add to the novelty of this service, if you recieved a Pokémon with somebody in Japan, the Pokémon's name would be in Japaneese. Oh, I forgot to mention that this simply is the most complete Pokémon experience ever. The power of the DS allowed the routes to be almost 3x as long as they used to be and the cities are actually very large compared to the old games. Come on 'tendo, we need a Gold Version and Silver Version.

Super Mario Galaxy

Words cannot do justice for this masterpiece of a game. If you took everything that was right about Super Mario 64 and took the awkwardness factor of Super Mario Sunshine, you would have this game in a nutshell. It's a shame that the platformer genre has been killed due to the high populatiry of shooting games, because this game is just brilliant. Jumping from planet to planet feels so fluent and you practically have full control over everything. The story does lack a little bit, but at least it's better than "The Princess is in another castle!". This game is a true example of the Wii's graphical ability as well, as this is the best looking Wii game by far.

and the winner is...

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Yes, I said it. In my oppinion, POKéMON IS THE GAME OF THE YEAR.

Now excuse me while I put on my flame proof vest.