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portal 2 and fatal frame 1

Ok, so I bought Portal 2 yesterday :P and it was awesome! I Looooved it, and I already played it through :(

the robot at the beginning was funny as hell :D made me giggle like mad!

also, I found Fatal Frame 1, used though, for 20 euros, but bargained it down to 15 euros, horay me! Now i just gotta wait till it comes in mail x)

other than that, I dont really have anything else to blog about, except that my little sister and her bf are moving to the house next to us, so that means lan parties woopee!

Nenn out!

Oh my!

I just realised that I HAVE TO GET project zero 1, 2 and 3 (fatal frame outside europe)! I watched some trailers of it and that game looks so damn spooky. And lucky me, I still got my playstation 2 :P Now i just have to get ALOT of money to buy them, seeing as the prices are wacky on ebay, over 40dollars x.x unless you guys know a place where to buy them a bit more cheaper?

I also, am officially in love with the lady below!

I also just ordered Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, for my ps2 :>

im going all out on scary games! :3

Lets play!

Ok so I decided that I want to become a Let's Player .

I think that would be a way for me to play through all those scary games, since I would be talking and narrating the whole game, and it makes me feel safe, as silly as it sounds :P

The problem I have is, that im a bit shy when it comes to speaking in English, and I did make a Lets Play start on penumbra overture, and im uploading it now on youtube. I want to finish it, but I just need a bit of courage to properly speak to my mic :3 eeeeee im a nervous weirdo!

I will give a link to the lets play video that I made, but please dont be too mean ^^

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the comments you give me on my blog, its much appriciated! :3

if you guys got any tips on being a "Lets player" then go ahead, and give me some! ^^

Im gonna go back into uploading the video to youtube!

Edit: here is the first part, rest are coming soonish, when the uploading is done x.x

LINK TO PART 1 *embarrased*

the link might not work, and for some reason the whole thing is mostly out of synch with voice and video -.-



Its been so damn warm in here, its unreal :( Though we did get some thunder and lightning yesterday! Ho hum!

I havent really been playing anything the past couple days, Dont really know what games to get, I do have the sims 2 castaway for ps2 though, its pretty good, but since my other half is using the ps2 for playing Final fantasy xii... :p was thinking of playing Aion or Wow a bit, but im bored of alliance, and I have no friends on horde anymore, so meh. and Aion, well im sure ill get bored of it in like a week again so not sure if its worth it. Goooosh I want something to do! im so bored :D

I also have been watching some "Lets Play"'s on youtube of games that im too chicken to play, mostly Penumbra series :P The guy who is playing the game is funny as hell :P His channel if anyone is interested is

I was thinking of starting my on Lets plays on youtube, but I would be only playing horror games, and then in the end I would stop playing the actual game cause I get too scared! Im a chicken when it comes to scary games :(

I tried playing Amnesia Dark Descent, I got to the cellar part and I saw some weird shape walking and making sounds, so I kind of panicked and hid in the closet, and the shape appeard in another room aswell, and that was the end of my play x)

anyhow, im bored, so gonna go try find a game I want , and then buy it ,_,

Witcher 2

Ok, So I just finished Witcher 2, and all I can say is, wow. Thats one hell of a game. I loved every bit of it. That game made me wish there was more games with Witcher 2's features. I really liked the whole deciding your own route to go, and the fact that I could hump some biatches in whorehouses :D

anyway, the game was simply amazing, and I would suggest you all buy it, and play it!

Other than that, I have nothing else to post about now, except that its damn warm, and I need some new game to play, suggestions welcome!


So today I did that merging thing with Raptr, Fuse, and Gamespot, and its all so confusing. My achievements show me that I have all the achievements on world of warcraft, when I dont... oh well.

Otherwise it seems cool!

ANYHOW! I started playing Witcher 2 yesterday... And I have to say, that its one hell of an awesome game. It has some tiny problems like mouse sensitivity, and when going in or out of a room that has a door, is a bit annoying. Also the fact that you attack, AND loot with the same button, so you gotta wait till your "out of combat". But other than that, im addicted, and loving it. Cant wait to see what happens today in it. So far im in Flotsam, trying to find the water monster.

Witcher 1 wasnt nearly as good as witcher 2 seems to be so far. I mean, I did make a review of witcher 1 ages ago, but then I picked up the game again, and tried it, and liked it more. Im a weirdo :)

Anyway, im gonna keep this short, since I have some stuff to do, like take the dog out, then eat, and THEN witcher 2... Maybe ill eat and play at the sametime, oh how adventurous of me >.>

anyhow, piccie of the day!

2 years o.o

Havent been here in 2 or so years it seems. Kinda forgot I had the account :p

Im currently Engaged, and living with my fiance, in Finland! Met him in world of warcraft during my last blog post time :P

then he moved to finland, and weve been living happy ever since.


Games game games!

I have been playing ALOT of games, and thats not an understatement. I think I have played pretty much everygame that has been made 2009-2011.

I loved Fallout 3, and Fallout New vegas. I thought they were great. The only minus was that I thought the character customization was a tad poor, and that it should of had more "casual" quests, like for example renovating a WHOLE town :P but yeah, both of the games were great, Loved em, and i still occasionally play them.

Then we come to the other games, like Aion.... It was rather horrible and a crappy game at first, when it just came out. But i picked it up again 2 months ago, and tried it. It has changed alot, and it is alot of fun. But being me, I got bored of it fast.

The sims 3 is awesome :P yes yes, I know most people start whining and cringing on their chairs when you start talking about sims. But it is alot of fun, and a great way to spend your time ! I have all the expansion packs aswell, but they are quite dissapointing compared to the sims 2´s expansion packs, like university, pets,seasons, and the likes. I do however excitedly wait for the new expansion pack for it thats coming this year, I THINK its called unleashed, where you can have cats, dogs and horsies! :D

ok ok enough about sims 3, lets see, what else have I played... Ohhh I have been playing alot of random visual novels, and stat raising games, so if anyone has any suggestions of which ones are good, and in english, inform me! I recently played Fading hearts, Heileen 1, and 2. Shira oka second chances (Its damn fustrating, but its allright:P), bionic heart, and magical diary. I wish there was longer games like that, where you have to raise your stats, and have multiple choices, and endings etc maybe there is, and im just blind:p

Oh my, I almost forgot the most anticipated game I have ever waited for! FABLE 3!!! God that game rocked my world! I enjoyed it so much. But again, I wish there would of been some more stuff to do when you got to be the king, or queen. I do wish fable 2 was on the pc, but meh, its not, and doubt it will ever come.

I am still playing world of warcraft. I however dont raid anymore, since I find it extremely boring. So instead I level my alts, and joined an roleplaying server, Argent Dawn, on European servers. Its one of the greatest servers I have ever been to. Most of the people are great, and extremely nice. And there is alot of RP going around, if you are person who is interested in it. Cataclysm expansion pack was a big let down for me. I thought it was boring, and didnt have enough content to keep me busy. Its all the same as it used to be. you level your character up, you do heroics to get gear for raids, you raid, raid raid, and raid. Or in somecases pvp. But its all the same. AND what the hell was blizzard thinking when they gave that crazy eyes dog woman to alliance, I mean Geez. Its so damn ugly and you cant hide it even with a helmet showing, cause the helmet looks horrible aswell. As a female player, who likes to play on female characters, it was a big downside on the whole worgen thing. All though, the male worgens look really great. anyway I need to be going now to do other stuff, and find some nice horror games, or perhaps simulation games from the internet, and then go and order them ^^

If any of you know any games similiar to these: Academagia, King of Dragon pass, Shira Oka second chances, or a good horror game, let me know please :)

Aion online


Ive been playing various games, like Fiesta(didnt like it, but its free), and Perfect world international again, with my guild mates from world of warcraft. I really love the guys there :>

Anyhow, this blog post is all about the new upcoming mmorpg!

Aion online!

God I want that game! THe graphics, look f*cking awesome!!

and i mean, if you look at the movies of the game, they look just absolutely brilliant. If they do everything right, that game will so overthrow WoW, Me and couple friends of mine from WoW will reroll to Aion. All the things ive so far heard from Aion seems too good to be true, I mean aerial combat, pvp etc GIVE! now! The boss fights in that game, are like, you actually need to find weak spots etc, now GIVE! The whole game just looks brilliant, and final fantasy alike, and im a fan of final fantasy series, even though, I havent had the chance to play the PS2 and up sequels. But anyhow, Aion just looks so amazing, and I really cant wait to get it and play it. I heard it should be out around october, and im definedly going to pre-order it when its possible in Finland.

Give! Aion onlineSooo pretteh!

Me and my friends are going to be the dark winged elf's though!

anyway, I gotta stop here again and go do some nasty food :D

Woopsie doo


Havent been here in ages again! (like 3 months... ). Got fallout 3, wrath of the lich king, and tomb raider underworld... also graphics card died, which i sent to be repaired today :)

Fallout 3 was great! I wrote an review out of it, just my opinnion out of it... :) Definedly one of my favourite games! Tomb raider: Underworld was rather good, really liked it, allthough I played it through in almost 2 days... heh Wrath of the lichking has been keeping me busy, 3 chars 80, 2 of em fully epiced, and I raid in an hardcore guild... Maybe I should just find an casual raiding guild or something... raiding 5 times a week 3-5 hours is alot :>!

Anyway, other than playing games again. Ive really not done anything interesting, except installed windows vista on my pc.. twice, had some complications on the first try! And then formated my HD to instal windows XP back... the whole vista was just weird. My internet wouldnt work on it properly, kept dcing every damned second, and pc wouldnt wanna shut down!

My geforce EN9600 Gt kinda broke down couple months back. My screen went dim in the middle of a game. Not black, but dim. Like really dim, so that I couldnt really see the stuff on the screen. So I sent it to the repair place today. I think it might be my PSU, but dunno. I mean everything else works perfectly on my pc. Im using xfx 8600 at the moment. Which my friend gave for me, since he had no use for it anymore.

Now I have more stuff on my shopping list again. I gotta buy a new more powerfull PSU, and im thinking of getting a 360-750gigabyte HD... since my 250gb one is too small for my stuffs, and I cant plug in my IDE HD back to my pc since it messes up my dvd player :>

Anyway, im gonna go watch night of the creeps... Hooray for 80's horror movies!

Also, sorry for not commenting on anyones blog posts for a while. Will be back in harashing business soon! ^_^

Stick in the eye!

Mmyes the topic of this blog post makes no sense.

I finished Stalker clear sky , and Crysis warhead couple days ago. I liked em both alot ! The graphics were awesome, and the sound's etc were great aswell. The ending of stalker clear sky dissapointed me a bit though. Well, atleast the one I got. I didnt really "get it"... you know, understand it. I mean I killed the guy in the end, shot him, and then the game ended and showed a scene of men sitting , and I guess dying, in some big hall looking thing. Oh well :P

I played doom 3 ressurection of evil yesterday. I uhh got scared in the middle of playing it, and one mob came out of nowhere and I spilled my cola on my keyboard, now half of my keyboards keys dont work properly, and I gotta hit em hard to make em work ! Annoying, Gotta buy a new keyboard on monday... again... Ive done this lie 3 times now. I love scary games, but some of em end up creeping me out and spooking me so badly that I spill or accidentally push a glass of something all over my desk / keyboard. :D

Speaking of scary stuff... I found this awesome site... It has alot of asian horror movies on it. And I love them. I'm unsure if im allowed to post the link or not... So please dont kill, and burn me !

If am not allowed to post it... please inform me, and ill remove it :>

Woot couple weeks till fallout 3 is out!! Cant wait !

Ladies, and gentlemen! This blog's picture, is the one and only. P-p-peeeennnywise the clown from Stephen king's IT!

it (Scariest THING ever!)

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