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thats my reaction to all these super hero movies.

Spiderman, Superman, Green Whatever, Captain Murca, Xmen, Transformers, IronMan, Hulk, Thor, Marvel, DC, Avengers, etc. all those bullshit lame and ultra generic Super Hero movies.

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bitch was just comparing me to some guy she was talking to at the same time as me (but was in another state) and she just kept bring him up in everything.

How the fuck are we chilling and doing this and that and getting intimate for a bit now and you just thinking about another guy through the whole thing?

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pretty dam stupid way of handling it by the Japanese.

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Never cared for these overly dramatic Patriotism propaganda movies that glorify the people serving.

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Will Smith doesn't act, he just plays Will Smith in every movie he's in.

lol even tho Im a big fan of Will, this is true, he does he usual funny chill cool funny guy personality he has in real life.

He really is just himself in every movie he plays no matter what role he's playing. I literally had this same thought as I watch a trailer for his newst movie FOCUS like 4 days ago.

Normally this could be a bad thing, but we all love Will Smith so we dont really mind.

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also the new Mustangs look like a shitty copy and paste Toyota design Mustang.

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I would just buy a 2013 Dodge Avenger (its the only car I cant think of right now that I like) and one of these

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you should ask her on a date

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Sure, but this site is too dead for it to matter anymore

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Queen C*nt being a c*nt again...

nothing new here.