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Its time to low down the Skyrim score Gamespot.

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Despite of all the hysteria around Skyrim, the true fact is: the PS3 version is still a beta version.

I have never seen so many bugs, glitches and errors in a console game in my life. Hell, even World of Warcraft in beta was more polished then this outrageous release from Bethesda.

Some other press representants have already spoken about it, yet, as we could expect, Gamespot is acting like nothing happened.

When the Sony collapse happened, leaving players months without online gaming, Gamespot would post a new article about it every day, sometimes twice a day.

Now that Bethesda, a company "befriended" with Microsoft is commiting (AGAIN) a real software crime against the consumers, Gamespot is quiet and silent.

Wake up people, this is not a serious gaming site.

You can see the REAL situation in the official Skyrim PS3 forums:

Shame on you Bethesda, shame on you Gamespot.