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Yeah, the colonel calls off the air-strike as I recall. Meryl's ending is the "real" ending.
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I completely agree. Don't get me wrong, RE4 is a good game. But RE used to be a survival horror game. Now it's just an action game. There are way too many enemies, and even when you have a beefed up shotgun it still requires up to 6 blasts to the head to kill some of them and those enemies are usually the ones that one-hit-kill you. That's not scary... It's just annoying. If they put RE4's camera and controls into RE, 2 and 3, I think you'd have a perfect game. (and a more flexible inventory, Re2's is just bad...)

As it stands, I like RE: Dir. Cut, 2 and 3 much more. They're short, sweet, and you can get through it without dying if you're skilled & careful. RE4 on Professional just feels like the game is geared towards screwing the player with cheap insta-kill monsters and sequences, whereas RE3 was a difficult game on Hard, but not to the point you'd see "You have died" over and over.

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I'd say the lack of actual rewarding bonus content. It's cool that there's TV, and the internet and the city is absolutely huge. But there's no reason to explore it. I liked looking for Packages, and rampages, and buying property.

I just can't see very many people finding all 200 pigeons without a strategy guide. At least with GTA 3 and Vice City you'd get rewarded. Even if you don't get 100 packages, you'd still have earned an m16 or grenades. There's just no reason to do extra's like vigilante's. You're not rewarded with money or Armor or police bribes. I agree that SA took things to an extreme (Like weightlifting and haircuts) But they should've kept everything III and VC had. I'm certainly not going to kill 175 pigeons and then painstakingly figure out which 25 I missed from a walkthrough for a helicopter I'll probably never use.
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R isn't really a horror game like, lets say Resident Evil 3, where you're always on edge and NEMESIS is always waiting to smash down a door and kill you. Whenever your out exploring, and finding loot there's absolutely nothing scary, or tension filled. However, as you get further in the zone there are some labs you have to explore underground. Those are actually scary. Mainly from atmosphere (and supernatural events from the disaster). If you think RE4 is scary (because I in no way consider RE4 a horror game), I don't know if you'll make it through those labs... But S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a game you really shouldn't miss out on. Try it.
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I would say Red Steel is worth maybe $6.50. It's got about 3 really cool levels, but aside from that, I thought the game was painstakingly long just from sheer boredom. I still don't recommend it. But red Steel is nothing compared to Far Cry. Please don't ever purchase Far Cry on Wii.
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I would import Mother 1,2 and 3 from Japan just to prove that those of us in N.A love Earthbound! ... Oh wait... I already did do that, and I'm still waiting. On the plus side I believe Nintendo stated somewhere that they are 100% bringing it to the VC. They just didn't say when. And at they rate their moving, it'll probably be released 2 days before they release their next console. :(
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A new original story. (DE2 botched this up, by saying JC did every ending in the first game, instead of picking one of them, and just going with it) biggest_loser

Also, lol uhh...change the interface, fix the non-existent AI: You could walk around with your gun out and no one cared in IW.

But if you start afresh though don't you risk people complaining about it being too separate from the others? I'm just thinking about people's response to Far Cry 2 which has absolutely nothing to do with its predecessor whatsoever..

I can understand that. But they never really decided to choose a story and stick with it.  The first one, yeah.  But the second one tried to play out as you choosing to shut down the core and becoming one with the super computer, and whatever the other option was.  And the DX2's story was not very good... At all.  In UFO:Aftermath you can choose to side with the aliens using earth for this large scale biological test, or kill them and save the earth.  The sequel plays the game with you siding with the aliens with most of humanity lost. It's not necissarilly the good ending.  Or the ending that every player might've chosen.  But they picked it, even if it's really the "bad ending".

DX2 seemed to want to cater to everyone and every ending.  A strong story is what DX3 needs.  I really think they should've made a stand.  This may not be the ending you liked, but it's the one we're going with.  But I suppose since DX3 looks like it'll be a prequel it won't suffer from DX2's crap storyline.  (But that's just my opinion)

And yeah, they really do need to hire someone for the AI department.  
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Eh... I'm almost scared to hear they're making DE3.  Personally, I thought the second was a failure as it retained nothing that made the first one so great.  But, since they are making it, this is what I'd like:

 A new original story.  (DE2 botched this up, by saying JC did every ending in the first game, instead of picking one of them, and just going with it)  I say just START OVER.  Here's your chance not to make DE3 then rename it Project Snowblind because it sucked.

 The Skill system needs to come back.  Seriously.  RPG Elements.
 A lot more Biomod options.  And no more universal ammo.  And an Inventory system.

 And most importantly, I think.  That all the factions aren't corrupt.  The factions all need to have different ideals - but genuine ideals.  In DE2 everyone was corrupt.  You didn't want to help anyone, because they were ALL bad, or backstabbing you.  I think it needs to be more Political like.  Where you choose a group because you honestly think they're right.  Like, voting for the liberal party, or the democrats, or republicans, or whichever.  There needs to be a sense of actually GIVING a damn about who you help.  I really think that the whole everyone is greedy, or corrupt and power hungry is WAY too overplayed.   

 And maybe a reputation system.  In DE2 if you helped lets say the WTO, and the stupid cultists didn't like that, they'd send some lousy shot losers to kill you, obviously you raped them.  And then you get a message, "Well, since you killed those 2, I suppose we can give you one more chance." - you shouldn't be able to just "switch sides at the end of the game" if you've been assassinating, or plotting against one faction those members shouldn't be talking to you, or being friendly, or asking you to do missions for them, they should plotting against you!

 Obviously I hate DE2.  :P  - That's my 2 cents.
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I was really worried about going to widescreen because all of them are LCD.  Mostly because the backlight causes the blacks to be... not so black and basically the colors aren't as good.  I went from a 17" 4:3 CRT to a 23" Widescreen LCD.  I instantly removed the memories of playing in 4:3.  To anyone worried about upgrading to Widescreen - JUST DO IT.  It's amazing!
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I wouldn't even consider boycotting Stalker.  Personally I'm just glad that GSC is actually patching their game, even if the patches are delayed.  It's still playable.  I don't know about anyone elses experiences with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.  But that's a game I'd deem unplayble.  Physics objects were floating around in the middle of walls and blocking doors in one level as I recall.  With Stalker it's just lots of little things I found for me.  And Stalker is a HELL of a lot more ambitious.  
So a side quest bugs out - the side quests are all pretty useless.  You can find stronger weapons and money with just a little tiny bit of exploring.  And saving sometimes doesn't work or causes a crash, the game autosaves between levels.  And personally as of patch 1.0004 the game runs really well for me.  Well enough that hell - if they decided to stop patching it I'd probably be okay with it.  With pc gaming comes compatibility issues and bugs and I'm very used to it.  I know I have the option to play BioShock on my 360.  (although stalker doesn't have that option) but my point is - so patches are delayed at least their still patching it and not ignoring it.
But in regard to the patch 1.1 and boycotting CS.  Stalker is an amazing game and even with all those damn annoying bugs it has, it's just too good of a game to not play.  I'll get Clear Sky regardless.  - But that's just my two cents.  ;)  peace.  
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