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E3 2008. Press conferenceseses. And the games I'm looking forward to.

So, everyone is bloggin' or rantin' or youtubin' about it. So I figure maybe I'd vent too. Why not? So here's my reactions to some of the presentations at E3.

Nintendo's mostly on my mind. And that's mostly because it was terrible... yeah, it sucked. I realize it's E3 and there are going to be bar graphs and charts and numbers and crap, which is fine. But don't devote nearly the ENTIRE time your up there to it. Microsoft kept the numbers to a minimum. Sony did it using the level editor for LittleBigPlanet. (Not only making it mildly entertaining, but showing what can be done with said game) And Nintendo just stood there are said "This is why we're better than the other guy" for 40 minutes... before all coming together in an embarrassing act to show off "Wii Music". I really don't know what to say about Wii Music other than it's a travesty to gaming.

They didn't address anything about storage space for the Wiiware. (Or any games for that matter) I was hoping for an interface change since... well... only being able to see 2.5 games titles on screen in the VC purchasing area is stupid and general everything is 900x bigger than it needs to be. There are a tonne of other problems they didn't address, but I'm going to pass out soon. So back to Wii music.

There are no notes, no right buttons to push, no bars to show you when to push these random button and... try to have a good time. Now, I completely understand the need/want to appeal to non-core gamers as well, and that's totally awesome. I respect that. But I can't seem to figure out who they're marketing too. I mean, the game isn't even going to teach children anything, it obviously isn't go to teach them how to keep in time with something... or try to use eye-to-hand co-ordination with watching what buttons to press on screen and then try to accomplish that. And if the game IS going to be more than what it is by release, then they shouldn't have shown it until then. Especially when you only show 5 games during the presentation.

GTA:CW didn't have any footage, just it's title on screen for about 7 seconds, before being moved off. And the rest was Pokemon:Ranger, Animal Crossing:Wii S-t-y-l-e (that's a bad word apparently. It keeps getting censored) and ... a very poorly staged demonstration for Wii Sports. And the whole time all I could think was... "Miyamoto... please stop fake smiling... Carrie, is that your name? Please stop fake smiling. Reggie, if your going to show off the new motion plus, show us that it is possible to properly steer a jet-ski instead of... well, that performance." ... Until of course they started prancing around on stage for Wii Music. In which case I thought my eyes were about to bleed. I'm tired.

So Sony's... Was fine. Not bad at all. Except he's obsessed with how well the Ps2 is doing. And how many ps2 games are coming out this year. And then keep making Ps3's with poor backwards compatibility. But other than living in the past, it wasn't too bad.

Microsofts was the best. Basically it was game after game after game, after short interlude to some numbers/charts and revision to the XB interface. Then introducing movie rentals and the ability to watch it while you download it, then more games. Yay!

Since I'm tired, I'm going to bed, it's like, 2:30 in the AM. Although I have to say: I hated Fable. But Fable 2 is looking really REALLY cool. Especially the ability to just invite people into your world seamlessly. So I'm psyched for Fable 2. Resistance 2 looks like it's gonna be pretty wild. GoW2 should be pretty good. I was a little miffed about CoD being in WW2, but after seeing it, it looks awesome. I'm also very intrigued with Spore. At first I was like.... what the heck is this, but now I really wanna give it a go. Oh, and RAGE. I wanna learn more about it. And Far Cry 2 looks like it should be good. I'm not convinced with Fallout 3 yet. At first I was super psyched (Not the start-a-petition-to-not-let-Bethesda-do-Fallout kinda guy!!) but then as more and more was released on it I was like... Ghouls... who run now, and are agile? Yeah, no. Apparently the gameplay is sweet, and I will be purchasing it. But until I play it, I'm not convinced.

Anyhow, this was meant to be more entertaining and detailed and all that crap... but I guess I should've wrote this when it wasn't time to pass out.

Anyhow, I hope everyones games they're psyched for turn out to be enjoyable. After all, we're gamers to game right, not to be apart of a console-war that's meaningless. Lets face it everyones got something. Sony has Resistance. Microsoft has GoW. And Nintendo has Mario Galaxies. (Blunt anti-fanboyism advertising) Take care - and sorry this wasn't more detailed.

- Matt

My first Blog! On Earthbound, and other things.

I recently imported Earthbound 3, or 2, depending on how you look at it, and for those of you who liked Earthbound and had no idea that finally, after 10 years it's sequel was actually finished, I definitly recommend getting it. Although I personally enjoyed EB a LOT more, even though absolutely everyone thinks the new one is way better. But maybe after a decade I just expected too much. But after looking back at the 3D EB that was supposed to come out, I'm certainly glad it didn't. a 3D Mother game... it just seems wrong in almost every aspect. Although I think my expectations are getting a little too high. Considering I hated almost every FPS that came out this christmas except CoD4. I didn't even enjoy Bioshock. System Shock 2 was WAY better, although I never actually got around to finishing it SS2. Bioshocks "Plot Twist" was so obvious and stupid. - but now I'm ranting.

(I'm not including the Orange Box in my hate list, Ep 2 and Portal were like amazing. And by like, I mean, they were incredible. The end credits to Portal alone was worth the whole thing.) Although I REALLY wish that instead of letting me sell my HL2 game as a "Gift" for having purchased HL2 and Ep1 they gave everyone a free downloadable game for up to 10 bucks. Like, the X-Com series, or the Original Doom, or something. I mean 110$ on the collectors edition of HL2, then 20$ for Ep.1. And then I have to re-purchase them? And then I "Get" to give away my Ep.1 and HL2? I'm not trying to sound selfish or anything, but that's pretty lame. Although HL1:Source is pretty sweet, but I suppose I could've just used a credit card and purchased HL:Source off of Steam for like, 4.99$ or whatever. But I like having the CD's. Plus HL2 came on a DVD instead of 5 friggin' CD's. I'm pretty sure HL2 came on that many, but maybe I'm just crazy, I don't actually know. I think I head someone say that once... maybe, haha. But for some reason in HL:Source the farther and farther you get into the game less and less bodies of water are fancy HL2 water...

But back to Earthbound. Even if your japanese sucks, it's not too complicated to understand, that and there are so many character animations for a GBA game, it's insane, so you always know what's going on. And there are a million walkthroughs online, and some people have even posted the entire games script translated. So yeah...

Wow. My first attempt at a Blog sucks. What the hell are you supposed to write in these things anyway?

Uh... if your neighbours are too lazy to make a password for their wireless internet connection, steal it.

Well, my laptops got 7 minutes of reserve battery left, which is probably for the better. Maybe I should read someone elses' blogs to see what everyone else is rambling about. Then maybe I can make my Blog page not quite as lame.

Also, thanks for the invite to the FPS Union? or Something? If whoever invited me actually ends up reading this. Although I have no idea why I'd get an invite. I barely post in any forums... But what the hell. I do only play FPS with a few exceptions. Elite Beat Agents is amazing for the DS. Soo much fun. The japanese one is pretty sweet too. Considering the songs are Japanese. Anyhow. My laptops dead.

- Matt