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Medal Of Honor.No, seriously.

Some time ago, i got an invitation from EA to start playing Medal Of Honor multiplayer beta.
I've played it for a while, and i realised few things.
1) The game is much,much better optimized than Bad Company 2.And it allows to run it good even on my machine.
2) These beta maps are close quarters , and they are designed for fast action-paced shooter game,just like MoH is.
3) I'm loving it. Basically because it's an ideal shooter for me.Tactics, weapons, vehicles, different enviroinment, etc.
So, if you haven't received beta invitation/key for MoH beta, then preorder it, and start playing beta today.
It's worth it. ;)

Holy SH*T

My pc.One word, three letters - SUX.
Settings - AMD(MAD) ATHLON 64 X2 Dual Core prc. 4600+ 2.4GHZ
GPU: FVKING Radeon HD 2600 (!) XT.
With "ultra-super-d00per-1337" powers like that, there's no even a ******* chance getting BC2 on the middle settings without lags.
I EVEN GOT THE All-Points-Bulletin AND Medal-Of-Honor BETA INVITATIONS!!!1

No luck....that's just it. I hope all you out there are getting something better than a useless pc with some good legit games.

New games, new fashion.

Hi readers.You probably know, that there are so much of new games of different genres.I was off the line of Gaming Universe for some time, and more.But i'm back again , and i've already spotted some cool games for me.
E3.Some games out there are a big disappointment.Some are just a gift from the elder gods.You know what i am talking about.The Good-Old-New Mortal Kombat.That's just one of the best games out there.Oldschool still owns.Like Mobb Deep , Tupac , Jay-Z do.
So, watch all the news.Respect and love each other.Peace.;)