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A little Thought

I wish gaming companies such as EA etc. would come up with games that have good story lines like they had done in the previous generation of gaming consistently rather than just making random games without any good plot, sure there have been good games with amazing story lines for this gen of gaming but it hasn't been consistent unlike the previous gen i wish they were able to see that content alone will not motivate a gamer to play, that with the help of a firm story a game can be very good e.g: Onimusha, God Of War, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Assassin's Creed to name a few. Why i decided to talk about this topic was simply because a game called skyrim which has very good content had no story whatsoever... well not much anyway, just makes me wonder that all games from now on will only be good as online games for social purposes... Personally i hope not, if anybody has any other views please share

PS Vita

I've been getting a lot of talk that the PS Vita is going to fail which I think is a load of bull because it's competitors are supposed to be the ipad, the galaxy tab and other new devices with the same features. It's ridiculous how you could compare something so well built for gaming to some half-assed crap gaming software just thrown in for an extra feature....

What do you guy's think??


Man i got nothing to do on a wet day. does any body have a good game or movie that they like to suggest, cuz i am willing to take anything. lol