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Thats it!

Since Gamespot obviously doesnt care about the peoples opinion on the stupid scoring system. I give up. I quit, there you go Gamespot, you're just digging yourselves your grave with this stupid scoring system.

Blast from the past

I got bored lateley and decided to play my Dreamcast again, so with that said, expect some classic reviews coming your way!


This is wierd, I have reviewed a helluva lot of games and I still dotn get any people recomending (Or not recomending) them. please do check out my reviews and tell me what you think of them.

Im still here...

Its been a while since ive updated my page, but im back and want to say that expect more reviews (The Splinter Cell games,F1 carrer Challenge,SSBM) and other stuff.


Never Forget! 4/16/07


Hello peeps, as you all know (I hope), The Virginia Tach Massacre has brought a nation into a state of mourning and grief. I would like to do the same, please whenever you see a half staff flag, stand there for a second and think about those lost in this Tragedy, I reside in Virginia and trust us, OUR HOKIE PRIDE WILL NEVER FALL, WE MAY HAVE LOST OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY BUT THEY WILL NEVER!EVER!TAKE AWAY OUR SPIRIT AND THAT MY FRIENDS WILL PREVAIL.

Also I dont go here yet but I plan to.


Goodbye to all the fallen, You didnt die in vain,


Looks Like EA Sports finally got the hint...or did they?

Well as more news is coming in on NASCAR 08, it looks promising, new tuning options, COT, Legends making their return since NT2004 (Finally) but apparently the COT's dont have makes cause of they will be like the CTS but stock cars :-/   Hopefully they will fix that up. Thats all for now.

Im Back

Hey peeps, after a long "Hiatus", I am back postiong. This year has been pretty interesting in the NASCAR scene, I just hope Junior can do better than he is currently. Also I cant wait for koRns next album. ALso i have an awesome game you guys should check out. Its an MMOG made in 97 but is still popular, Subspace, check it out. Its downloadable and free. If you get it, go on the Trench Wars (Http:// zone it has the most players. And say Hi to me if you see me. My account name is Serj Tankian or Johnathan Davis depending on which day it is.See ya later peeps.



Year in review 06

Well this year was a big year in video gaming.The wii and "Gay"station 3 release ,A ton of kickass games,Sadam being executed (make a game outta that) Jack Tomphson being the moron he is and the Death of E3.In all, i think this year was a great year for gaming and a horrible year for video game shows...(R.I.P Electronic Entertainment Expo)Thats all for now peace out folks.

My First Blog: Horray?

Well hello guys.Thsi is my first blog here ,  I had a pretty good christmas. Got a few neat stuff (4 Korn cd's,THP8,Some NASCAR stuff, SAW 1 and 2) and am looking forward to 2007.Thats pretty much all i have on my mind for now.Talk to ya guys later.