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Gaming Update #2

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So here is another gaming update. I've played some more games and finished a few. Battlefield: Bad Company (360): It's a decent game. 7,0. Wanted: Weapons of Fate (360): Such a terrible game. It's by the same people who made Terminator: Salvation so I should've known what I had coming. The game is decent if you play in short bursts though. 5,5. Open Season (360): This is my favorite casual / kids game ever. Very relaxing and fun. This was actually my second time finishing it. 6,5. Call of Duty 3 (360): Good game overall, but has some design flaws in my opinion. 7,5.

Gaming Update #1

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It's been a very long time since I got around to writing a blog so here goes. These past months I've played quite a lot of video games, and actually completed most of them which is nice. The games I've finished: Wolverine: Origins (360): It's a good game, especially if you like either Wolverine or hack n'slash action games in general. 7,5. The Godfather 2 (360): It's a decent game which could've used a bit more polish, but it's generally an enjoyable game that unless one is being very critical is a lot of fun. 7,0. Project Gotham Racing 4 (360): Great racing game. I love the PGR franchise. I'm hoping for a sequel sometime soon! 8,5. Fight Night Round 3 (360): Short, but packs a punch. Hah :P 7,0. Call of Duty: World at War (360): I enjoyed this game a lot, except for the enemy's constant use of grenades, especially on veteran. Great multiplayer though. 7,5. Terminator Salvation (360): It's an OK game. Very short, but has a neat cover system which is also featured in other Grin games, like Wanted: Weapons of Fate which I am currently playing through. 6,0. Red Faction: Guerrilla (360): Great game. Lots of fun and it only annoyed me at a few points. Thumbs up. 8,0. Prototype (360): Initially I really liked this game, then I got in to the later stages of the story missions and encountered very annoying and poorly designed bosses etc. If it weren't for those bosses the game would've gotten a higher score. 6,5. Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway (360): Fantastic game. Would've been even better if the campaign was a bit longer, but I can't get everything I want right? 8,5. That's it for now. Have a nice summer.