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Chinese Democracy!!!

It is finally off new G'N'S akbum first after 15 years!!! Now they are torally different, whitout slash, izzy & duff that isn't it!!! There are still some good tracks but... What do you think about this!!!???

Soon! It's coming!!! My new monster, ough PC! Please read i need your coment!!

I can't wait my new PC!!! I order this conf.

- Intel Quad@Qore 2.87 Ghz

- Nvidia 9600GTX Crosshair 1 GB

- Asus P5QM Deluxe

- 4GB memory

- 2 Harddiscs 1TB (500GB + 500GB) Western Digital SATAII

- PioneerOptic Drive SATAII (i don'tat the moment)

- SIlent Pro 820W

- NZXT HU001

- Logitech mouse + keyboard ( Wave )

- Logitech X120 (sound)

- Neon blue light in PC

- And of corse games : Call Of Duty 4; Callof Duty 5; Fifa 09; CS Source; Orange Box; Assassins Creed; Crysis Warhead and I'm wating for Mirror's Edge to be released!!!


I will send some photos when it comes!

And one more thing, do you think that my "MONSTER" of machine is enough mostrous to play all this game on ULTRA HIGH!? I THINK IT IS?