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I started my own Let's Play series!!

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Hey everyone, long time no see!!  How's everyone doing?  Does anyone even watch this little piece of internet anymore, since I've been absolutely terrible with my presence here for the past several years?  I have no idea! :P

Anyways, I'm dropping by to let any who might be isnterested in such matters that as of a few weeks ago I have started my own Let's Play series! :D  Because nobody managed to convince me that it was a bad idea! :P  Only got one game in progress so far, since it's my first foray into this sort of thing, but I'll be starting up some more sooner or later.  Now for the all-important linkage...

Metro: Last Light

Part 1 - The Journey Begins

Part 2 - To the Surface!

Part 3 - Nazis!

Part 4 - Escape from Nazi Land

Part 5 - Rescue Ranger

Part 6 - The Light that Blinds

Part 7 - How to Improperly Land a Plane

Part 8 - Patron of the Arts

Part 9 - Commies are Dicks

Part 10 - Escape from Commie Land (Part A) (Part B)

Part 11 - The Pirate Episode

Part 12 - Bandit Problems

Part 13 - Gone Fishin'

Part 14 - Venice

Part 15 - Swamp Romp

Part 16 - Return of the Swamp Thing

Part 17 - The Catacombs

Part 18 - Through the Fire and Flames

Part 19 - The NSFW Episode

Part 20 - Freaky Time with Khan


That's all I've got so far.  If you like this kind of thing, I hope you enjoy my offering to the world of Let's Plays. :)  And if you've got any suggestions for games you think I should play go ahead and let me know (currently restricted to PC only for the time being).  And as an unintended side-effect of doing this, I'll be updating this journal at a more frequent pace as I do more of these.  I hope. =P

Legends 3 cancelled...

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Why Capcom? Why did you take Megaman Legends 3 away from us...?


Well, this makes the decision between getting a 3DS or a PSVita first really freakin' easy.


Actually, that's a lie. Sony spilling the beans on it at E3 made that decision easy.

Damn you Capcom...

I love Steam sales.

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Seriously. 15 games for $55. Just picked up the THQ Hit Pack for $50, and also Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale for another $5. Sure I've already played Darksiders and Red Faction: Guerilla, and I already own and am working through S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033, but Imma finally get the Dawn of War 2 fix I've been after for a while. Plus a bunch of other stuff! For really cheap!

Have I mentioned I love Steam sales?

New artwork shenanigans!!

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So who all remembers when I used to use this space to plug my artistic shenanigans way back when? Damn, sure has been a while eh? :P

Well I finally finished a piece I've spent most of the last several weeks working on, so I'll be damned if I don't go around showing it off any place I can think of!

My original character Nicole Strackman, having gotten really pissed and gone and killed a whole bunch of people. More details and my thoughts on the piece can be found here, although you won't be able to see the image there unless you log in to deviantArt, since I turned on the content filter just to be safe.

And yes, new profile banner. Been forever since I changed that thing. :P

Prototype 2 is a fail name on Radical's part...

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They should've called the game "Production Model." :P

So yeah, Spike TV's VGAs were a heaping helping of "meh" once again this year. But really, were we expecting anything different? :roll:

Ah well, at least there were lots of spiffy reveals and such to break up the monotony.

I made an animated thingamajig!!!

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Good god, I haven't posted anything in this space for over two and a half years. So I'd better have a really good reason to suddenly use this blog again, right?

Well yes, actually...


Nicole blinking cycle

I'm quite pleased with myself, in case you couldn't tell. :P

If you remember the good old days when I used to post stuff I drew here and want to see what I've been up to these past few years, then check out my dA gallery. :) I've certainly been busy since I disappeared from here. :P



Top 10 Metal Albums of 2007

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New Year's Eve is upon us, and it's time to look back on the year that was 2007. In particular, let's look at the world of heavy metal.

Because let's face it... 2007 was an absolutely bad-ass year for metal!! :D If you're a metalhead and you didn't find anything to listen to over the past year, then you've got some serious problems. :P

So let's get on with the show already!! The following is a list of my top 10 favorite metal albums to come out in 2007, as well as any thoughts I have about them. I tried to get ahold of as many albums that came out this year as I could, so I had a lot of stuff to go through in getting to a final 10. Needless to say, I've been listening to a lot of good music this year. :)

#10: The Way of the Fist by Five Finger Death Punch - I wonder how many metalheads out there would include this album in their "best of" lists? With a bunch of high-profile releases in '07 from the likes of Behemoth, Machine Head, and the likes, I think that a lot of people probably looked over this release. Regardless of whether people noticed it or not, I found the debut release from Ivan Moody's (formerly of Motograter) new band to be a rather enjoyable listen. If you like modern groove metal, then you should enjoy this album. None of the ten tracks are bad, and even the lead single "The Bleeding" is pretty good.

#9: Dark Passion Play by Nightwish - I really got into Nightwish earlier this year, and despite learning that the band was without longtime vocalist Tarja Turunen, I was still excited for their latest album to come out. I know that peoples' opinions are going to be quite varied on new vocalist Anette Olzon, , but I think that this Finnish symphonic metal band's latest studio offering is just as good as their last album, the awesome Once. I think that Dark Passion Play succeeds because, despite a vocalist change, the key songwriting force in the band, keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, is still in Nightwish. So if you enjoyed Once, then chances are you'll enjoy Dark Passion Play.

#8: Bleed the Fifth by Divine Heresy - I must say, this album took some time to grow on me. When I picked it up on its release day, I didn't really think much of it. In fact, I probably wouldn't have even considered it to be a contender for this list then. My, how things have changed. If you're a metalhead, then you probably know the name Dino Cazares (if not, you've got some serious catching up to do :P ). Divine Heresy is the former Fear Factory founder/guitarist's newest band. I read in a review once that much of this album sounds like it could pass off as Fear Factory stuff; perhaps that's why I ended up liking Bleed the Fifth so much. I really listened to this one a lot as the year went on, thus earning it a spot in my Top 10.

#7: Passenger by Mnemic - I'll come right out front and say it: I really like this album, and I'm not quite sure why. There's just something inherently addictive about Mnemic's sound, and I found myself listening to Passenger a lot over the course of the year. So, despite not being able to really explain why I like it, the album gets spot #7 in my list. Or perhaps, that's the whole reason its here...

#6: Road to Bloodshed by Sanctity - If you had talked to me earlier in the year, this album would have been somewhere around #3 or #4 on this list. Well, that's certainly changed. But that doesn't mean I like the album any less now then I did then. The first track I ever heard from Road to Bloodshed was the album opened "Beneath the Machine," and I had to look at my satellite radio receiver because my brain thought it was hearing Testament. I got around to downloading the album, and only listened to it once before I went out and bought the CD. I was quite impressed with Sanctity's modern thrash/groove metal. A very enjoyable listen from start to finish, placing it at #6.

Here we are, moving into the top 5...

#5: Icons of Evil by Vital Remains - Arguably the most brutal album on my Top 10 list. I was officially introduced to Vital remains one night after work when I heard the song "Hammer Down the Nails" on the radio in my car. I was pretty much instantly hooked on this wicked sick death metal stuff. Icons of Evil boasts the absolute fastest double bass drum work I have ever heard in my life; seriously, it sounds like the minigun from your favorite shooter going full force. Dave Suzuki sure can pound those things... With songs that rival stuff by Dragonforce in length (thus leading me to call it "epic death metal"), there's plenty of ridiculous drum work to go around, as well as superbly awesome musicianship from the other instruments. And Glen Benton, of Deicide fame and one of my favorite metal vocalists, is here on vocal duty. So I really really like this album.

#4: The Apostasy by Behemoth - I will admit, this was an impulse buy for me. I saw The Apostasy on sale for $10 at FYE while shopping one day, and decided to pick it up to get a feel for Behemoth since they were going to be on Ozzfest this year. Unfortunately, I missed out on Behemoth's show this summer, which is a damn shame... Because I have absolutely fallen in love with this album. This Polish band's blackened death is relentlessly brutal, and features some of the sickest drum work found anywhere in the metal spectrum. Just listen to the first minute or so of "Arcana Hereticae and you'll know what I'm talking about. If you like heavy music, get this album. If you don't, you're seriously missing out on something amazing.

Seven down, only three to go...

#3: The Last Kind Words by Devildriver - I've been into Devildriver for a little while, and I can say that if you listen to the band's three album's back to back to back, you can definitely hear an evolution in their sound. With their first album the band had a very groovy sound to their metal; great music to get up and move around to. Their second album took a turn towards a more technical st-yle with fancier guitar work. With The Last Kind Words Devildriver seems to have struck a middle ground between technicality and groove; and I'll be damned if it isn't a resounding success! Devildriver's third album is without a doubt their best so far, with plenty of catch riffs to headbang to and good guitar work to boot. One person I had in my car when driving out to Ozzfest this summer seemed somewhat surprised to hear soloing on a Devildriver album. Every song on this album is catchy and will stick in your head, and there isn't a bad track in the bunch. Devildriver has found a sound for themselves, and I think I'd still love them if they made three more albums like this one.

#2: The Blackening by Machine Head - Machine Head's latest studio album is probably going to be on top of a lot of metalheads' end-of-the-year lists. Hell, for most of the year it was almost guaranteed to be #1 on mine. The Blackening is the definition of how a metal band in this day and age should make an album. As soon as opening track "Clenching the Fists of Dissent" starts with its slow acoustic guitar part, this album proceeds to grab you by the neck and kick your ass, and it doesn't let up until closer "A Farewell to Arms," ending just as slowly and quietly as it began. In between you are treated to a collection of amazing songs, with even the weakest track ("Now I Lay Thee Down") managing to come out good. The highlight of the album, though, comes from the nine-minute masterpiece "Halo," which I guarantee you will have in your head for a while after hearing it. There's only one problem with The Blackening being so damned good... How in the hell is Machine Head going to top it for their next album?

So The Blackening got #2 in my list, eh? What could possibly have booted it down from the #1 spot that it help for so much of the year? Read on...

#1: Rise of the Tyrant by Arch Enemy - Wow. What. An. Album. As much as I like all of Arch Enemy's albums with vocalist Angela Gossow, Wages of Sin has always been my favorite. There's just something about the writing on that album that makes it so awesome. With their latest release, this Swedish melodic death metal group has done the one thing could make me infinitely happy with them; write another album in the same st-yle as Wages of Sin. Not just a Wages... Pt.2, though... Rise of the Tyrant is something all of its own. If the air raid siren that sounds at the start of opening track "Blood on your Hands" is any indicator, this is going to be one hell of an assault on your ears. Every song on this album is awesome; there isn't a weak moment to be found anywhere. Trying to decide which album would get the top spot on my list, between Rise of the Tyrant and Machine Head's The Blackening, was a difficult matter indeed. There was one deciding factor, though: Machine Head's album took a little bit of time to strike me with all it's awesomeness. Arch Enemy, on the other hand, beat me over the head with a steel rod the instant I put it in my CD player. And that is why Rise of the Tyrant is my #1 metal album of 2007.

So there you have it. My 10 favorite metal releases of the past year. I have spent so much money on music this year it's not even funny, but it was so worth it. But wait! There's more! These may be my top 10, but there were other metal albums that came out this year that I greatly enjoyed as well. Just... not as much as the above ten...

Honorable Mentions
Resurrection by Chimaira
The Hinderers by Daath
The Dethalbum by Dethklok
War of Attrition by Dying Fetus
Hellyeah by Hellyeah
Red, White, and Screwed by M.O.D.
United Abominations by Megadeth
The Art of Partying by Municipal Waste
Black Rain by Ozzy Osbourne
Temptation Come My Way by The Showdown
Cannibal by Static-X

2007 was a great year for metal all over. 2008 is looking to be a good one too. Happy New Year, metalheads!! \m/ :twisted: \m/

Holiday aftermath 2007

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Guess who got a PS3 for Christmas this year???


In case that wasn't enough of an indicator, I had a great Christmas this year. :P Got lots of cool stuff. From a friend of mine I got a sweet leather armband covered in metal spikes. :D Then the family got the PS3 (bundled with Motorstorm), along with Transformers: The Game and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. I went out the day after Christmas and bought myself Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and Resistance: Fall of Man. :D Much bad-assery to be had all around. And now, I'll actually be able to play God of War 2 again! I played it once after I got it for my birthday, and then our PS2 didn't want to read the disc again. It's old and wearing out, which is part of the reason why we got a PS3.

Other stuff I got includes...

Season 2 of The Tick on DVD (I f*cking love that show)
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus for PSP
A Mr. Potato Head that looks like Optimus Prime :P
A Mythbusters shirt (Front says "I reject your reality and substitute my own." Back has big BUSTED on it)
Bad-ass Devildriver watch on leather armband (seen here with spiked armband):
365 of the Stupidest Things Ever Said 2008 calendar
POTC calendar
A trio of Metallica CDs (Ride the Lightning, their self-titled "Black album", and S&M)

And... I think that's about it. I went out and bought season 1 of The Tick today, along with a few more CDs (The Art of Partying by Municipal Waste, Framing Armageddon by Iced Earth, and In the Arms of Devestation by Kataklysm. My little brother got the old animated Transformers movie, so I totally geeked out over that. :P I've got fond memories of that movie... :)

So, I hope everyone here had a great Christmas as well if you celebrate it. :) I've got a little present for all you Roommates readers, so go check it out. :D

2007 is drawing to a close and the new year is almost upon us, so I guess I can wish you all an early Happy New Year!! :D I'll be doing a "Top 10 Metal Albums of 2007" list to close out the year (because let's face it, 2007 was a great year for metal), so be on the lookout for that sometime tomorrow. :)

See you all next year! :D

Almost forgot!!! My username on the PSN is NanoElite666. Wow, I bet you never would have guessed that one... :P Anyways, if any of you are PS3 owners, feel free to add me to your friends list. :)

Nano turns 21, discovers why the rum is gone

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You know, in the Pirates movies they're always asking why the rum is gone (or something similar)? Well, now I know why the rum is gone...

I DRANK IT!!!!!! :D :D :D

Yes, yesterday (the 11th) was my birthday, and I am now officially 21 years of age! :D I can now buy all the beer and other alcoholic beverages that I want, and the only thing that can stop me is shortness of cash. :P

But, I had a good day yesterday. Woke up and played the "Birthday Dethday" song by Dethklok real loud on my stereo. :D Went and got my license plates renewed and get my new driver's license, and in the process of doing so forgot my checkbook at home and had to drive all the way back to get it and go all the way back to the BMV again. Which isn't that long of a trip, but it was still dumb. :P After that, I went and finished up a new Roommates scene (yes, got another one done! :D ) before heading out to get lunch at the Applebees where my brother works. Had a really good burger with bacon and BBQ sauce on it, and my first beer of being 21. :D Then I went to work to buy more beer and, more importantly, a bottle of Captain Morgan's pineapple rum. More on that later... :D

Dinner of pizza and doing gifts was up later in the evening. From my friend I got a nifty belt and wallet set that's decked out in metal skulls. :D My brother gave me this cool sleeveless button-up Slipknot shirt that he found at a concert he went to a few months back, and he also got me God of War 2. I finally got my hands on GoW2!!! :D I got some shirts (one of which has more skulls on it), a new pair of jeans, another belt with a big skull design buckle, this little Atari cl@ssic game console thing you can plug into your TV, and a Wacom Intuos tablet. :D

Nano gots a tablet!!! :D I have a fancy new toy to play with! :D It's actually sitting here on my bed, waiting for me to set it up after I'm done writing this out here. :P

After dinner stuffs, I went over to a friend's place. Took that bottle of pineapple rum with me. :D There was Super Smash Bros., there was some Gundam: Federation vs Zeon (because it's simple and it's fun :D ), and there was American Pie Band Camp. The rum disappeared at some point during Band Camp... :P And let me tell you, I've been to band camp four times, and it was nothing like that movie. =P I mean, they didn't even have closet climbing... :roll: :P

And then... There was Pirates... I have finally seen the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie! :D Granted, I was drunk and will probably have to watch it again to pick up some stuff I missed last night... :roll: But from what I remember, it was a good movie. :) It's funny, I think I was calling out stuff before it actually happened and was turning out to be right half the time. :P

And after Pirates was a trip to the bathroom before crashing out a couch for the night. And boy, what a trip it was. :D I don't know what I found so inherently amusing about stumbling down a hallway, but I was laughing like an idiot the whole time. :P

So yeah, that was the gist of my day yesterday. :D I had fun. Got cool stuff. :) And now, my brain seems to have quit out on me, as I've run out of stuff to talk about... :roll:

I'm gonna hook up my new tablet and play around with that now. :D Oh, and update Roommates, before I forget. :P