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Going to College! (And some other stuff)

So, after much procrastination and trepidation, I applied for Computer Engineering technology at NAIT and made it in. :D


I've spent the last two weeks learning cool new stuff as they put us through the basics. Introductory C# Programming and Digital Fundamentals (logic gates, circuitry, etc) have been the funnest courses so far, but of course there are a bunch of other topics to learn about as well. They load everyone up with coursework in the first semester to get us ready. Pretty much it means I've only got 5 hours of free time a day, and most of that is supposed to be taken up with homework and whatever else I need to do.

And my other bit of news is, I was selected for a moderator draft! It's very cool to see what happens 'behind the scenes', and it gives me a new appreciation for the Mods here. Learning all the new stuff is taking up quite a bit of time though, so hopefully they don't mind if I take a slower pace.

All in all, I'm quite happy right now. :)

P.S. Oh, and at the risk of being overlong, I'll be turning 20 in two months and I'll be having surgery a few weeks later. I'll probably post another blog after that latter one is done. (Sheesh, lots of stuff happening lately)

Custom Book

My sister just finished her first full-sized story about a month ago, so I thought I'd try and print it off as a novel for her as a birthday present. So after a ton of research and editing I submitted the final draft to a printing company, and two weeks later the finished product comes in the mail:


It turned out way better than I had expected. There are a few typos, and the indent is too far in (glitch in their software), but otherwise it's perfect. Besides, at ~$12 a copy I can afford to correct some errors and order in another if necessary.

TS Page

Feel free to read the whole story, The True Sith, and comment on her work here: KotOR Fanmedia

(just click on the track button for a full list of what she's written)


Over the past three of four months, I've been collecting a ton of wallpapers that I like. [Sentence Redacted]. Stuff from all four corners of the web. Concept art, official wallpapers, art, photos, whatever I think looks good.

I've decided to let you guys see my collection and take home whatever you like. I've uploaded almost all of them to Gamespot, so just go to My Images and take a look.

Make sure though to tell me if you see anything you like, or if you think my backgrounds suck.