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Got An Xbox 360 !

**** yeah ! :D As of today, I own 'em all... No longer will I be pissed whenever a console I do not own gets a sick exclusive. Fanboyism for the lose ! 8) So anyway, I went with the Premium version. The console came with Assassin's Creed, Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, which I immediately sold back because I already had AC on the PS3 and I really couldn't care less about the other 2. :P I also bought Ace Combat 6, Bioshock, Gears of War, Halo 3, Mass Effect and The Orange Box...

Speaking of games, it's crazy how many good games came out lately ! To give you an idea of how late I am to the party, I have yet to start (Not counting my new 360 games): Battalion Wars 2, Call of Duty 4, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank Future, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Super Mario Galaxy.

AND...I still haven't finished these games: Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistance: FOM and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition.

Yup...That's a LOT of catch up to do... :o And with the new wave of games coming in 2008, I honestly don't know when I'll be able to finish them all. Maybe I should spend less time buying games and actually start playing them ?

Nah... :P

Got A Playstation 3 !

Hell yeah 8) I was actually on my way to work this morning when I decided to drop by my local EB Games. They had banners promoting the recent PS3 price drop, so I took a look at their PS3s. That's when I saw "it". A beautiful 60GB PS3 sitting there, waiting for a owner. They told me it was only $349.99, which is an awesome deal, considering that it's $50 cheaper than the new 40GB version. I'm an impulsive consumer, so I just couldn't resist. Then, I called in sick to work and went home :P

I haven't installed my PS3 yet, it's still in the box. I like to make that satisfying feeling (You know, like when you finally get something you have been wanting for a long time) last as long as possible. I'm also one of those people who actually read the instruction manual before they screw something up. I especially hope that this one will last...not only is it the most expensive console of the generation, but this console's version was also discontinued months ago. Anyway friends, please send me your PSN IDs, so I can add you once my PS3 is online. ;)

Oh, and I have been a little inactive on Gamespot lately, thanks to college and work. I'd like to apologize to my unions and friends, but I hardly have any free time. Kinda makes me wonder why I even bought a PS3 in the first place... :P Ciao ;)

Thinking Of Starting A Union...

Hey, I just realised it's been a while since I blogged. How is everybody ? :D Me, i'm doing alright. Been really busy with school and work lately, so i'm not on Gamespot as much as I used to be, though I still hang around in my unions a lot.

Speaking of unions... I tried to join a Metroid union recently, as it is one of my favorite series of all time, but I was saddened to see that they were all "dead". :( But then, my amazing brain thought of a wonderful idea: I can make my own Metroid union. :) I wasn't too sure about the idea at first, but then I flipped this coin I found in my pockets and now it's decided !

I already have tons of great ideas for the union and i'm sure people will love them. :D So, I was wondering if anyone was interested in becoming a charter member ? If not, do you have any friends that could be interested ? The charter members will have to be active and dedicated, by the way, being a Metroid fan also helps :)

Anyway, gotta go to work. :( See ya !

Got Photoshop CS3 !

Like the title says, I just got Photoshop CS3 today. Yay me :D

It's been years since I Photoshopped, so i'm a little rusty. I have been using it all day and relearning some old stuff that I forgot. After that, I then decided to make a new sig to see if i'm still good, lawl. It turned out okay, in my opinion...

Here's the sig that I made:

Not too bad, eh ? Give me some feedbacks on it, so I can improve ;)

Account Anniversary !

Yup ! Like the title says, this account was created one year ago ;)

So I've reached level 24, posted 6929 times, made 74 friends and best of all, only got moderated 15 times in the process (:o OMG), which is not bad at all... So,umm... Who's up for yet another party ? I still have free beer for everyone :P

Hey ! It's My Birthday...

...and don't you even think about coming here without a birthday present, you cheapo ! :P

Anyway, so today im 18... you know what that means ? IT'S BEER TIME !!! :o

Me, my family and a bunch of friend are going to a restaurant tonight, then we'll go have fun in a casino. We were supposed to go to a strip club, but ya know...there are girls coming too :P Then, I guess we'll go to some cheap, random place and get drunk, but that's not 100% confirmed yet :P

Anyway, for now, it's PARTY TIME at my place....err... blog !!! :o Even police officers came to celebrate :P

And since it's my birthday, there's free beer for everyone ! Cheers ! :D

5,000 Posts ! PARTY TIME !!!

That's right :D I reached 5,000 posts today !

So err...I would like to thank the lord, my family for always believing in me, and my GS friends...

...Ah, screw this, let's party !

*snaps finger and music starts playing* 8)

It's About Time...

Hey ! Guess what, everyone ? I finally made it to level 21. :D

My level percentage was stuck at 100% the last few days, I thought I was going to stay level 20 forever :cry: Metal Slime totally sucked ass...

Other than that, everything's fine. I got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl last week and I cant stop playing. Speaking of Pokemon, who's got a ditto for trade ?

Enjoying The Wii...

Hey, everyone. I haven't talked much about my Wii since I got it, so I guess now is a good time...or SOME people may start to think that im still reading the instruction booklet... ;)

So, where to start ? I recently completed everything in LoZ: Twilight Princess and "finished" Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, although im still trying to get some new high scores. I also got Trauma Center and Super Paper Mario. Actually, I havent played the latter because, well, ...im still reading the manual. Na, just kidding :P It's just that I must have like, 20 unfinished games right now, so starting SPM is probably not a good idea...

As for the Virtual Console, I have downloaded many cool games that I used to play when I was a kid, such as all the Zelda games (im a Zelda fanboy :P), Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Country, Excitebike, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Kirby's Adventure, Mario Bros., Mario Kart 64, Punch Out, Starfox 64, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World and Tecmo Bowl. My Wi-fi USB Connector recently stopped functionning, so im pretty glad I stored all these games in my SD card, even though some people say that its pointless...

Like I said earlier, my Wi-fi USB Connector stopped functionning. I'm pretty sure the problem is not the USB Connector itself, but the program on my computer. However, im too lazy to re-install it :P

By the way, if anyone wants to add me, my friend code is 3719-2144-9481-9943. Just make sure to give me yours if you add me, so I can add you back. :D

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