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Back on the Spot

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It's been a long time since I've been on the Spot. ha Just kidding. I was finally able to change my password through a long lost email. I gotta say GS community doesn't look all that changed, besides the gamer profile synch. I'm still on PS3 if anyone wants to game or chat or whatever. Just hit me up PSN: HeadBang1211 Good to be back GS community

Year of the Pre Order!!

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I've started out my PS3 gaming year with a huge bang by pre ordering Grand Theft Auto IV in January. Then I pre ordered Turok. Awesome game btw. don't believe everything that you hear about. It's a really sweet game. Anyway I just now pre ordered Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection! Figured I'd reminisce while I wait to order MGS4. I'm not getting Haze because of it's further delay! I'm sick of waiting for it, so screw it! I know I'll never be able to borrow money off my parents forever so I'll have to get a job over the summer. It's gonna blow, but I'll need the job so I can get the sweet games coming out in the fall.


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I just got a bunch of cash coming off the holidays and a few gift cards. I pre-order GTAIV with the gift cards. So now I got around $40 left and was wondering what you dudes think I should get. I'll have more money by mid Febuary/late March and should I get the multi-platform Turok? Or the PS3 exclusive Haze? What should I do?

Play Station Online

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I'm sorry I haven't been on for the last few days. I've pretty much been getting my PS3 online. I got a wireless connection on friday and will be playing Resistence until Warhawk comes out. My PSN is HeadBang1211

100% San Andreas

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I finally did it!!! After nearly 3 years, 10 files, and thousands of hours, I got 100%. For a total game time of 74 hours and 9 minutes it wasnt all that crazy. I had a lot of firsts on this one. First time a plane landed on me when I had one more ambulance level to do. That was frustrating. But it was all worth it. It all makes me more anxious for GTA IV's release. Until then I'll have fun, and get crazy on some cheats.

YEAH!! 2 Years!!!

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Last week was my 2 year forum birthday as an official member of GameSpot. Last year wasn't that great. I wasn't commited to the Union's I joined, but I plan on changing that this year. GTA Legends, I'm coming home.

Resistence: Rise of Man

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Rise of Man is rumored to be the name of the next Resistence game coming out next year. Another name would be Revenge of the Cloven. You'll most likely be wiping out the rest of the Chimera and killing Cloven in Russia and the rest of Europe and Asia.Thats pretty much all I've heard about it.

I get my new PS3...

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.... at the end of January. I had some gift cards from last Christmas, and bought Resistence today, along with the 10,000 Days album from Tool. Sad to see my PS2 be cast into the shadows. I had to get it when my PlayStation stopped working. My first game was WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth. The last game I bought for it was Battle Front 2. I'll always remember the good times.

My Poetry is in the Finals

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I have a poem thats in the finals in out of 104 finalists. I wasn't even trying to win, I was just trying to get in a site, so it's not my best work. If you don't beleive me, go to the site, type in my name, and check out my poem. But, here it is anyway, for you Gamespot eses. - Dark Ness Deep inside we see him hide, From all the wars and bloodshed he fears that he may wind up dead. Snake, you are the snake You feel, the earth wind's quake. The dirt falls off your skin. He sees whats up within See a boy hiding in the dark. trys to make light with little sparx. You say, "Hey boy" He says, "die" Now, you're trapped inside. - What ya think?
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