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the car exploded and how i learned to open windows?

(i s*** you not, that is exactly what happened to my car.)

okay, so we begin, this afternoon...

i get a call from my neighbor and he want's to buy some of those bamboo fence roll things, that roll out, and did i mention that they were fences, they roll out too (exciting) soooo...

he want's to atract panda's, but these damn jugalo's keep showing up.

i take my jeep over there, and we have to drive really far, and we don't want to go on the parkway because there is all this construction going on, so we take this really long route through all these towns, and we had to go over all these bridges..

but there is still road construction all over the place, so we see this detour, and it takes us around the part of the street that was already repaved, and the road is covered in dirt at this spot, and i see coming out of a drive way on the left, it's a red 97 subaru forrester (i know my cars) and she drives right into the side of my car....

and i was like FFFFFFF****************!!!

(mother f***er got me caught on the power lines)

and my car slides across the road, because of all the dirt the car can't grip properly. Which ended up saving the car from too much damage, but the two driver side doors are damaged and the rocker panel below, so i will have to get these replaced, and the passanger door on that side is bent..... but there is good news, the windows which i haven't been able to open for months, now magically the buttons work.

So, thank you woman who hit me, my windows now work.

so thank's for reading (unless you scrolled down to the bottom too see the review score.) (and i got the new playstation, and i find out that my 640gb hardrive that was in the old PS3 is also broken:()

haunted ghost spirits..

Okay, so this takes place many years back, before I moved to this house… so at my old house, which was/is haunted.

(this is not the house by the way, just some picture i found, it wasn't as bad as this, not even close, just s cool looking picture.)

(This is before I was born) So there was this guy living here, let's say 1984. He is old, a World War 2 Veteran, and he has lived here most of his life, had a family here. In his old age he has become afflicted with all manners of ailments. Alzheimer's is probably what turned him insane, I heard from neighbors that this man had neglected this property, the yard had become over grown with weeds. It was after many years of his insanity that his daughters finally realized that he was unfit to live on his own, he was relocated to a nursing home (it's called a nursing home because there are nurses I guess, not because these old people are breast feeding), where he passed some time in 1988.

Now before we move forward, I will have to tell you that the room that I had slept in for 11 years of my life was this man's office/den, where he would keep all of his personal mementos from the war, his old uniform, his medals.

So we move forward to 1995, another family was living here, and they had attempted some renovations, but for some reason they were selling the home, but it was in a good area with supposedly good schools (we will get into that another time), so even though the house was far from being in full working order my parents happily purchased it.

The first thing that happened, well it was summer 1995, so I was 3 or so, and the entire family went out, we came back and the stereo was on, playing a Salsa music CD, which was not in the CD player when we left, and no one had broken in the windows and doors were all locked.

A few years later is when my next memory of ghost's and spirits occurred. My cat's (they were 2 siamese cats) had passed recently, one of them was 21, the other 20, and I had known these cats my entire life. So I was walking into my parents bedroom, to use the computer, it was kept in there then. It's dark, and I see by the closet a glowing figure of a cat, and eminating from the cat a ghostly meow, I was so f***ing scared by this, that I would not go into my parents room without anyone else along side me.

(it's so cute)

This was not the only encounter with ghost cat's, almost every night when it was quiet I could here the cat's claws as they walked along the floors.

The cat's weren't the most frightening thing that has happened there… We had an attic of sorts, well not really an attic, but a third floor, though it was mostly unfinished, I assumed the previous owners were trying to renovate the space before they sold it. And as anyone knows ghosts will usually inhabit the least inhabited area of the house, which was the third floor.

Any way there was this light at the top of these stair's and night after night it would go on, my dad would always be like "you little s***s stop f***ing with those light's", but no one had been up there for weeks. This would happen every time we went out we would pull into the driveway and see through the window that these light's had come on again.

There was something in that attic. Me and my brother had a bunk bed and he was up on top (this was so we had more area to do activities) and he would tell me that he could hear things up above him, I just just brushed it off and told him he was hearing something else, like tree's and s***... and racoons!!

Years later my mother confessed to me (I guess she didn't want to frighten me when I was a child) that she heard thing's up there. We had this old rocking chair that she would hear rocking back and forth, she would hear footsteps up there too. She also said that she had recurring dreams of an older man sitting on the deck in the back yard smoking a cigar, and listening to old Spanish music.

But it was my bedroom that was the most frightening, at night I could here voices, conversations and such. I would just lay there so the spirits would not see me, but I think they knew I was there, and one night I heard them calling my name, I was so afraid I would not move, I would stay there the entire night, wide awake from fear, just laying in my bed. I recall once feeling something sit on my bed, I could have been a ghost cat, but this was way too heavy.

One thing that scares me still to this day is that my sister witnessed the shadow of a man walk from my room to the bathroom down the hall on several nights.

(the ghost's made a mess, all those years of haunting he never really had time to use the toilet regularly:))

Now I think this man was the guy who lived here, the war Veteran, and even though I have moved twice I am still afraid of the dark and will not sleep without a light on, but I don't think this was one of those violent ghosts, or demons, as I never felt threatened it was just very frightening as a child to see ghosts and hear these things.

So has anyone else had any problems like this, with the spirits and such?

PS3, she has died:(

Sooooo.... this begins two nights ago. I was playing Uncharted 2, and i got to the last chapter where the blue man group attacks you, and i was right about to fight Lazerevic (bald guy), and keep in mind this was in crushing mode, so about to get the gold trophy. But then suddenly i had to go and pick up my friend from his school, so i turned the machine off.

I returned yesterday, and it looked like dozens of hobo's had their way with my stuff(because my brother and his friends were down there and they don't clean up after themselves.).

So the PlayStation 3 was off, like completely off like from that power switch on the back.... do you want to know why? because my brother is very lazy and shuts off the PS3 with that switch. I turned it on and ejected Burnout Parades, and i see when the PS3 comes on that it says "The hard disk's file system is corrupted and will be restored."


So i did that... and now it just keeps saying that every time the damn thing restarts. So i have lost all my saves... but i can return it to Costco, because of their return policy, so i get a new PS3 (eventhough i bought it in 2007), but i lost all my f***ing saves. (do they really think every one backs up all their data?!)

watch out for cyclists!!

I was out today riding my bike, going down the same usual streets, down forest ave and back up to Grove Street. If i plan on turning off onto a side street thats on the opossite side of the street, i will cross as soon as there is an opening so i don't end up waiting like some idiot becuase no one let me across.

I saw it was clear so i went across, and the street i was going to turn onto had a stop sign, so i saw this guy going down this street and i went across. Assuming that he wasn't a complete moron and knew that you have to stop at a stop sign, but he didn't stop, and he almost hit me. I was steamed, so i started yelling obsenities at his car, he rolled down his window, and said"you stupid f***, get in the f***ing bike lane!!":evil::shock:

So i told him, "you're the stupid f*** stop means stop there, not stop 8 feet out into the other road."

I wasn't too angry because he was obviously angry that he was too fat to ride a bike and if he tried to the seat would get stuck in his a**, so i left, and anyway i just got Luigi's Mansion, so i rushed home and here i am about to play it.:)

parking ticket :(

I volunteer at a cat shelter a few town's over from mine. It's because my brother had to do community service for them finding him drunk at a party. I have been going there for the past few weeks to take care of cats and s*** and i park in the same spot every time I go there, i have to park there because the street in front is two hour parking and i didn't want to get a ticket and i don't park in back because the spots are for the people who live in the apartment over there and i would get towed. So i park at the municipal lot that is down the street. I thought it was free parking because there is one sign but it's all the way on the other side of the lot, and the lot looks like crap, but apparently it's not free and i need a permit, but there was no where else to park.

Any way i have to go to court on the 28th, and i have to give them $30.

Also i got Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if anyone wants to play my PSN is FRISKY_PONY

found an NES!!

Today my neighbor was having a yard sale, i didn't go because i didn't want to get dressed this morning. Then when i was going to the pharmacy to fill my brother's prescription, i drove by his house and sitting there in the trash was 2 NES systems!!

and inside one was...

MEGA MAN 2.. and the best part is that it was free.

Also they didn't let me fill the prescription because they said it was too old, it was from march.

It was also my dad's birtday this week and i bought him a helmet for his motorcycle.

but his name is not Lil' Derrick.. but he is 4, i was born 15 years before him. and i have to go to New York tomorrow to get some insulation and an air compressor... and it's FREE!!

also i need some games. anyone know any good ones? could be for any games machine, but i was thinking of getting.


i like platformers 2d or 3d and rpg games, if you know any good ones.

1st.. steam.. and i got a ds.


i have just over 5 dollars in my steam account and was wondering if there are any good games i should get?

also i installed my sisters gay friend's air conditioner and he gave me a ds in return for the services (it was missing a charger.), i am getting 4 games from my friend, soul silver, chinatown wars and both zelda games. but i want to know what games i should get. i like JRPG's and i know there are quite a few of them on ds.

and a funny story.. yesterday i went to this guys house and i had to clean his crack, wash his wood, and clean out his bush... if you know what i mean.