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Ten Years - Now What?

Ten years ago, something happened. Something great happened. One of my favorite RPG/Adventure games was released. This game didn't seem promising, the cover looked lame... it looked like something a child would buy and play -- which, in turn, is something teenaged me wouldn't. So, instead of buying it, I waited a year or so and eventually found it in the used-games bin. This game blew me away. It featured great character development, smooth controls, a rockin' soundtrack, and a unique story accompanied with new takes on old ones.

Yeah, all that said and done, let's go back to the ten years thing.

On March 28, 2012, Kingdom Hearts officially hit stores in Japan. The game was recieved well and ended up being a commercial success.This gutsy new title, which had attempted something unthinkable, had spawned more than 5 spinoffs. It was one of the very few games with a very interesting take on travel (Final Fantasy's Cid, the Chipmunks and the Gummi ships - I'm looking at you!). It had great character selecton, ranging from the default Goofy and Donald to Simba and Jack Skellington!

What's this? What's this?

There's color in the air.

What's this?

There's awesomeness everywhere

What's this?

I can't believe my eyes

I must be dreaming

Wake up, NColdhardt, this isn't fair

What's this?

A-ahem... I make have gotten a little bit excited, I apologize. I get carried away easily whenever anything Nightmare Before Christmas is mentioned.

So yes, back to the original purpose of this blog post, Kingdom Hearts had many spinoffs but only two main titles. The third, Kingdom Hearts III, isn't in production yet. It will be, though, as soon as Final Fantasy XIII-Versus (the only remaining FF game I still have hope for) is released. Because, you see, the people who are making XIII-Versus, right now, troubling and toiling, are the same people who have been creating the main titles in Kingdom Hearts.

Have you played Kingdom Hearts? If so, what's your fondest memory of the game?

Don't like it? Then tell us about your favorite RPG!

Mass Effect 3 - EA is Bioware's Cancer

Many of you who track my blogs know that I'm an RPG fanatic. Games such as the old Final Fantasies, Xenogears and Chrono Trigger are what I consider to be the best games ever. However, as I grew older, the JRPG genre lost its so-called spark because it kept catering to the same audience rather than their fans. Western RPGs became my niche.One day, out of the blue, I played Mass Effect. The reason I did this was because I had recently finished Dragon Age. I fell in love with the game and Bioware quickly became my favorite contemporary developer. Maybe, just maybe, Mass Effect might be good.I was wrong. It was great. The setting was amazing. The storyline was amazing. The characters were amazing. The races were amazing... It was all, well, y'know... amazing.

The point is, the game ended terrificly. It didn't need a sequel, but they were going to make one anyway. Mass Effect 2 came out and I was surprised. They integrated the story well and I ended up enjoying the game more than the original. The game, however, had a cliff-hanger type of ending that left things open for another obvious sequel - Mass Effect 3.

Now, I spent Valentine's Day playing ME3's demo and it was terrific. The only problem is that they're releasing a $10 DLC on launch. It isn't lame, aesthetic DLC like horse-armor either. It adds a new character and its integrated to Shephard's (the main character) backstory. The DLC was complete before launch and it should be on the disk. They're releasing incomplete product and selling content that's important to the game main storyline as DLC. This has to stop. Publishers are abusing the DLC system to milk cash out of consumers.

It just goes to show that this is becoming more and more accurate.

More on the DLC here.

Let's play a game...

Rules are simple, you tell me how YOU feel. Your reply has to be lyrics from a song and you have to credit the artist and the song.

I'll start.

I ain't happy but I'm feeling glad

I got sunshine in a bag

I'm useless, but not for long

The future is coming on

- Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz

Wikipedia-Reddit Blackout on January 18th

Wikepedia and Reddit are both shutting their servers down on January 18th as a blackout to increase awareness against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Internet Protocol Address (PIPA).

Y'know what this means, right? We have to download the internets.

In all seriousness, though, since their websites are going to be down on the 18th, I highly recommend that you do NOT procrastinate on your work/research and get the information today.

Soul Calibur V (WTF!?)

According to the official Soul Calibur website, this monster of a warrior (Mitsurugi) weighs 143 lbs, while Siegfried weighs roughly 110lbs. Not only is that NOT realistic, Voldo, the malnourished blind skeleton of Cervantes, weighs at roughly 180lbs.

Someone at Namco has their heads screwed on backwards.

What's your resolution?

It's a little early but... Happy New Year!

My last year's resolution was plain and simple: to be a better person. Looking back, I think I've accomplished that. My physique improved, I got out of an unhealthy relationship and I'm genuinely happy almost all the time.

What was your New Year's Resolution of 2011? Any thoughts on what it will be for 2012?

The Official Zelda Timeline?

Well, Kotaku is claiming it has its hands on the official Zelda timeline. The timeline is based on a translated Hyrule Historia, which was released to commemorate Zelda's 25th anniversity.The timeline splits into three different places, depending on what happens in Ocarina of Time.

OOT spoiler:

[spoiler] It all depends on your actions in Ocarina of Time. If Link is killed by Ganondorf, the timeline branches left. The Wind Waker branch comes off by defeating Ganon in OoT, returning to his boyhood village and continues from the future (hence what happens in Hyrule). The last branch is if Link defeats Ganondorf, returns to his boyhood village and continues from the past. [/spoiler]