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The first 10 minutes are amazing, but overall Up is the worst great movie ever.
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I don't think tha twould be a good idea. It would just turn user reviews into an immature flame war, with people insulting each other because some one's favourite game didn't get a perfect 10.


I agree, but there's a worse problem. Reviews should not be allowed on the day a game is released, as there should be a rule you cannot review a game until you finish it. Take Dragon Age: reviews being posted after 7 hours of gameplay, yet the game takes 50-100 hours to complete.

You don't have to play an ENTIRE game to know with reasonable certainty how good it is. Take Mass Effect for example, another Bioware game. It's pretty obvious how boring it is within an hour; playing any longer is just confirmation.
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Because many people find it entertaining to enact a virtual fantasy of what they would find immoral in reality. Life =/= computer scripts. /thread
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My favorite song is Kill Dog as a Sacrifice to Dog, because it scratches my itch for low and fast guitar playing, without being generic. This is different from what I think is the best song, which is The Cat Attached to the Rust from the same album. Perhaps not coincidentally, these two tracks play in immediate succession in the game they were made for.
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Metal as in music? Japan then.
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You already got an extra grade point by using the word dissertation. [QUOTE="HellsAngel2c"]1) What's your favourite game which uses ancient features? God of War 2) How does the game use them well/ not well?) The game uses Greek myth as a source of interesting characters and environments. It is not entirely accurate to its source though, e.g. Pandora's Box is just a magical box that makes you big. 3) Is it other aspects of the game, or the myth elements which appeals to you most?) While the mythological elements do add a lot of flavor, what appeals to me most is the core gameplay. 4) What is your opinion on the world represented in your favourite game?) The world of Greek mythology doesn't make a lot of sense realistically, but it is an interesting setting for storytelling. 5) What's your overall opinion on ancient history in games? (eg: do you feel the devlopers are unimaginative for using already provided sources, do you think they're not as good as games based on modern events? etc) Using mythological sources as inspiration tends to create interesting settings, as the myths are themselves interesting, though simply knowing that a myth was drawn from can be annoying, as it is an excuse for the games' creators not to come up with their own ideas.

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I'd like every game to be just barely realistic enough that I can easily equate in-game objects to real counterparts.
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"AAAA" is a convoluted way of saying "perfect", or near-perfect. Open-world is a bad thing, or if it isn't, it has never been done well and is thus unlikely to suddenly be awesome once. Either way, this doesn't sound like a perfect game. I also see perspective swapping (between the two FBI agents), which is detrimental to storytelling and immersion, and conflicting gameplay styles (detective adventure VS action-probably shooter).
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Your argument fails because you didn't define the word natural.