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Gaming Update! Plus what is up with the Site?!

Anyways its been a while since i posted and things have changed. The Gamespot redesign took place and i gotta say i don't like it, i miss how everything used to look, it may have been a tad outdated but it seems like they got rid of comments on my blogs, Pictures and icons, and i don't know where other members have blog updates like before.. So i wish they could bring back some of the things that would be awesome! right now i am not a fan of it and realized that the Gamespot i knew when i first joined is vastly different today and not for a good reason.. too many complications i want easy access it took me weeks just to log back because the website was acting up.. anyways thats that..

For New games i got Pokemon X and its really fun if a bit too weak.. Also PS4 just came out with XBox one coming this week.. i am on the PS4 side as of now and will get one as soon as a good bundle comes out and become more available.. Which lead me to think about what my side is for every generation. While i like all the game systems for their own brand of games i always find myself having favorite or preferred consoles. SO thats next blog see yah till then!

Gaming Update: New Purchases, Pre-Orders, and what I am playin Blog Series Delay

Hey for those of you wondering to see the next part of my Top 15 Game Series I would like to See on 3DS has been put on hold for a while due to me not having the motivation or spend the time writing it out, I did write the 2nd part, but it was deleted for being too big, so I really don't have the motivation for these blogs, also that i hardly ever get any comments for my stuff anymore so its hard for me to take the time and effort when i don't get the response I want.. so I am just going to blog about whatever I want.. 

I do have a Gaming update, while I am sure most people are playing GTA V, I have not yet due to not getting to the game store last week and on the debate on which console to get it for.. 360 for my little brother.. or PS3. However i did pick up this game last time i was at Gamestop..


Roll out the red carpet and pull back the curtain, the new show is here. This game is such a fun and unique game to come out. With gaming we usually are loaded with Sequels, Generic games we have played before with a new main character. However Puppeteer is amazingly unique making it a must own game for platformer fan. I am currently on Act 5 and its enjoyable every step.

I also Pre-orderd Pokemon X and Y so when Octover 12th comes around i have my copy on reserve. 

I recently beat..


Its a very fun overall Experience, and while i think the game is on the short and easy side of things, i did enjoy everything the game had to offer. The final stage was really weird but cool and the story was very Nintendo. Pikmin best improvments come with the Wii u pad showing the map and everything you did.. its easier to see how you can make more out of each day. 

Top 15 Nintendo Franchises I want to See on 3DS (15-11)

Hey Welcome everyone as you know the 3DS has been a pretty hot system with more and more games coming out the Library of games keeps getting better as time goes on. With Franchises like Kid Icarus coming back on 3DS as well as Ports of Star Fox 64, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Donkey Kong Country Returns  the system is starting to have a very diverse set of games. However we still have a lot of Top Nintendo Franchises that I would like to see a return or just a game/Port on the system so lets get started with..


#15. Endless Ocean


-Endless Ocean and its Sequel are 2 ocean diving games where you play as a scuba diver looking for Marine Life and Sunken Treasure. Although i never played the series i have always been intrigued by the idea and would like to check it out. I think the 3DS would be a very cool to show off the sea life in 3D.

#14. Ice Climbers


-Ice Climbers was a simple launch title for the NES (in NA at least) it was a vertical platformer where you play 1 or 2 players a climb up the stage fighting enimies with your Wooden Hammer. It was pretty fun and cool for a NES game, but apart from Smash Bros and few other Cameo appearances The series has been absent since 1985.. a 3D remake or a new vertical platformer would be awesome!

13. Elite Beat Agents


-Elite Beat Agents or Ouendan in JPN was one of the best Music 3DS games the system has to offer. With a unique music mechanic of taping and draging to the beat of the music made this game a big hit. I was sure we would see sequel after sequel with updated music, graphics and gameplay advancements.. its a shame since 3DS would be perfect for some new EBA.

#12. Sin and Punishment


-Originally a JPN Only game on N64 made by Treasure, Sin and Punishment has been one of the coolest 3rd person shooters ive played. With Star Successor on Wii i was glad to see another installement in the series (i should have bought it already..) On 3DS Kid Icarus showed that 3rd person shooters work very nicely and i think a Sin and Punishment remake would really work well with controls and 3d of 3DS

#11. Starfy


-I really wish More just one Starfy games came state side cause they are really fun platformers. I have been wanting to play this game again. The 3DS would make a great spot for Starfy with 2.5 graphics lots of color and great gameplay. Starfy would be a must own game if a new one comes out.. hopefully it will soon..


Thats it for now, please comment of what you want to see on 3DS or what you think of the list thus far.. tune in again to see 10-6 

I got a Wii u! New Games and whats in store for Wii u!

Well I did, last night i went to target and i purchased something i have been wanting for a while now.. a 


Brand New 32GB Deluxe Set Wii u! And thus far its been amazing. The Game pad is better then i thought. The whole system is awesome with very colorful graphics shiny and very nice.


 Nintendo Land has been a blast to play with my brothers. Mario Chase and Lugi's Mansion are great multiplayer games, but i think the game does a nice job in showing off the various series from Nintendo (wheres Kirby and Pokemon though on a side note..) but its a great party game and great game to show the features of the system while including some nice nintendo series like Pikmin, Metroid, Animal Crossing, F-Zero, Balloon Fight, Game and Watch, Yoshi, Mario, among others so its nice. unlockables are also novel.. but thats not it..

I also picked up a few games to go along with the console.


Ahh Good old Mario.. Classic mario Platforming with colorful graphics great framerate and awesome 5 player mode. Mario is always a great game to pick up and its been fun playing it 4/5 players.. It would have been nice to play as more characters oh well.. So far i really like this game and i plan on getting the DLC when i beat the main game..But the final push that conviced me was..


Now talk about awesome this game is the next step in the Pikmin series with amazing graphics and new characters and story makes this a game i will play for a pretty long time.. also multiplayer looks fun! So far i just scratched the suface of the game but i can't wait to play some more in the coming weeks.. Its the complete package overall..

I also got a 50$ Gift Card for Target so i was thinking about picking up Lego City or Game and Wario.. But I am more interested in Lego City, looks really fun something that grabed my attention when i saw trailers of the game.. so next time I am in a target I am gonna use it.

Along with that bundle of fun and Joy comes a Rare Game that my Older Bro adores..


EARTHBOUND IS WII U BOUND!! WOOT so far i just started my journey but its an interesting RPG gamers should check out.

But other then whats already out that at this point that really sold me but the future and it looks pretty bright with great exclusives on its way and more that we dont even know about yet but so far I am looking forward to. Wonderful 101 Demo BTW freaking Awesome more excited then i was to pick this one up..





Gaming Update: Why PSABR Failed, New Street Pass Games, and more!

Hey everyone i wanted to check in today to talk about a bunch of different stuff. I had a few ideas for Recent Blogs and i wanted to get this one done first. The Next Blog I plan to write will be a top 15-10 on games i want to see on 3DS. I will probably get it done over the weekend or early next week hopefully.. For now i wanted to talk about some gaming news like Smash bros not having cut scenes, and why PS Allstars Failed so lets start with Smash bros..


Smash Bros has been looking really good since its been revealed. Both 3DS and Wii u Verisons look awesome and have very good reason to pick up both verisons of the game. With a lot of nice good info like removal of tripping, and more color in characters and Backgrounds. However we also learned that those brillant Cut Scenes from Subspace and Subspace in general would not appear in the new Smash, mainly cause those cut scenes were posted online spoiling the reward for beating a section. I disagree although its on youtube to watch i don't think it takes away from the game, in fact i think it makes Brawl even better that it has those scenes. I hope that because they wont have that they will be able to polish and make the overall game the best it can be. 


Now to All-Stars, it was annouced recently that we have gotten the final peices of DLC in March with Zeus and Isaac. And this makes we pretty sad. Although they still plan to have some balance updates, and free costumes. Its sad to see the game is not getting more content. Overall the main reason the game failed was the lack of content/ depth in the game. Everything seems bare and skimpy compared to all the goodies in Smash bros. 3rd Party also hurt the game by not having the AAA characters like Cloud, Crash, Spyro, and Sora. I really wanted to like the game for some rival to bring Smash some friendly rivalry. However the game just falls short of content to be on Smash's level. Whats worse is that they definetly had more ideas and plans to have more DLC Characters and Stages. Proven by a leak of a potiental Fighter Dart from Legend of Dragoon!! Come on Sony! the one RPG rep Cut! also a Gravity Rush/Journey Themed stage which a lot of people wanted Journey involved somewhere.. sadly all we have are these images of what could have been..



I think the worse part is that everything Playstation All-Stars gave was good IMO. It just seemed outdated. If this was PS2/PS1 i would understand the limited roster and stages, as well as mode and options. But End of PS3 game should have more content off the back. Its sad cause i always looked forward to new DLC now its gone forever..


I also have recently picked up the 4 new Street Pass games


So far these game greatly extend my Street Pass gaming. While i used to just spend a few mins now i can play 1hour or more in a day. All these games bring something unique and fun to Street Pass and makes you want to just find more and more people.. Very fun overall 

Thats pretty much it for now, New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow so i look forward to hearing the new Info. Also I have begun to replay Sims 3 again.. its been a while since i played that on PC and its still fun playing as my family again is nice too. Also Online The Last of Us is amazing i'll be on that game for a while mixing it up a bit.. anyways till next time


Beat Last of Us Debating on what game to get next and other gaming!

Once again Naughty Dog created another Masterpeice in Last of Us. The story although i do have some problems with how the ending turned out. I don't want to spoiler anything yet (another blog i think) but I think we need more DLC or a sequel to quote Ellie I hate Cliffhangers. Overall the story takes about 12-14 Hours or so depending how you play and is an absolute blast to play. As far as graphics go nothing is better looking at this moment, facial animations are so realistic and show real human emotion, its really nice. Overall Naughty Dog has worked its magic and once more with Last of Us. 

Now after beating the single player diving into the multiplayer is better then i thought, its one of the best multiplayer games on PS3 or in general. its got a call of duty meets uncharted meets Gears of War vibe with a mix of its own originallity, my only beef is no Hoard or like mode where you fight infected online, I thought that would be cool.. Oh well..


Anyways i was thinking about what game i wanted to get next, right now i want to get those Street Pass Games, they all looked fun. and i was thinking about Pre-Ordering some games like Puppeteer, Pokemon X & Y, GTA V..

I was also debating on Getting DK Country Returns 3D but i already have it on Wii, should that stop me? or getting NSMB2 or mario Kart 7(own copy)  anybody who has these want to comment on these games would be helpful..

Till Next Time!

Gaming Update: Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Animal Crossing and More!

Hey Gamespot! I'm Back to write an Update blog about what games I have been playing, beaten, and annouced games i am looking forward to. As of now i have no pre-order games but i feel that it might be smart to pre-order Pokemon X, i want to make sure i get a copy on day 1 cause its basically the main reason i wanted a 3DS was to get the next Pokemon game.. other then that Smash Bros on 3DS is really the only other game i can see myself pre-ordering maybe Puppeteer for the extra stuff cause thats another PS3 game i am really excited about its colorful fun and the 2D platformer is what i started out playing as a kid with games like Sonic and Mario having a new 2D platforming game in Puppeteer I am hyped!


So Basically i have come to realize that i basically play console games mostly on PS3, i feel that it has the best lineup of games coming out and still coming out with Beyond 2 Souls and a new Ratchet and Clank which i will talk about more shortly. And the 3DS for handhelds. Those are the systems i have been playing most of my gaming on.. I have been playing Wii a bit more and it makes me kinda a want to wiiu with a lot of games around the corner like Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land, Smash Bros, DK, and more Wiiu is only going to be better as time goes on with more games added. And so i have purchased a new PS3 Masterpiece..


The Last of Us is everything and then some.. Its the best looking game i have ever played period. I don't know how long that will last but When you thought Uncharted could not look any better they come out with this game and facial animations, backgrounds, weather, this game i very realistic looking and fun. I really want to play more of it and beat the story and try out Multiplayer.. But this game i feel will be talk about for years when people do top PS3 games list and this has been yet another Naughty Dog Finest, and may be the best stuido in gaming.. Crash, Jak, Unncharted, Last of Us all classics and amazing games. 


I recently finished Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time and i gotta say its although short in length extremely enjoyable the whole way through. I really liked thes story and graphics a lot this time around. and gameplay advancements make this my personal favorite Ratchet and Clank as of Now (still have to beat the R&C Collection) I really liked how you can customize some of the guns, gives it more of a personal appeal to your weapons. I also liked how you had Clank gameplay with his time Staff and own story it gives Clank more of a lead role in this game which i liked, and i liked how you reunite towards the end it was awesome. After beating this game i am even more excited for..


The Game returns to its roots with an another true installment of Ratchet and Clank! With a darker storyline and new villains i hope this game pushes the series to new limits and retain the prime aspects that made the series to fun. I am looking forward to playing this when it comes out at a nice 30$ price tag! 


Overall i wanted to end this blog of by saying that Animal Crossing New Leaf is probably the best 3DS i have played to date its the best in a great series of games. its added so much and gave the series a much needed advancement. How many times to we have to work for Nook at the start.. I am glad thats gone and he gave the item shop to Timmy and Tommy and Tom Nook had his exterier Shop now adding a new customization to your home. Animal Crossing New leaf is a huge wonderful game. The only other game i kinda want is Donkey Kong but i already have it for Wii.. soo.. yeah that anyways.. peace out till next time!

Top 13 Game of E3 2013.. and Future Blog Ideas..

I wrote this whole thing out in my normal style where i post a pic and talk about the reasons for putting the game in and my reactions, but it all got deleted when i was trying to post and I was over the amount of Characters i could type for the blog so instead i am just gonna list the games i liked for E3 2013 ,Which is now a few weeks old.. So heres my list

13. Sunset Overdrive (Xbox 1)

12. Zelda Link Between Worlds (3DS)

11. Yoshi's New Island

10. Infamous Second Son (PS4)

9. X (Tenative Title) (Wii u)

8. Knack (PS4)

7. Puppeteer (PS3)

6. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii u)

5. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

4. Killer Instict (Xbox 1)

3. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

2. Pokemon X+Y (3DS)

1. Super Smash Bros for Wii u and 3DS


So thats my list i wish i could eleborate more but yah know.. so heres so other ideas i have for future blog post


5 or 10 Gamer Questions

Basically the Idea is to post Gamer Questions With no right or Wrong Answers about what you would do for example

"If You were Starting an RPG Adventure what Weapon would you choose?"

-My Answer

A Large Hammer magical hammer That only i could weild 


I would want people to comment the answers these questions i would answer my view before writing the next one, and it could keep going..

Also Continue My Top Ten Blogs Some upcoming ideas i have are

Top 10 Nintendo Franchises I want to see on 3DS

Top 10 Weapons in Video Games

Top 10 Villians

Top 10 Multiplatform Games (current Gen)

Top 10 Controllers

Top 10 Video Game Series Themes

Top 10 Sequels I'd Like to See

And More!


Also I plan on making a series that introduces the Video Game Developer Stamp of Approval. Basically I will induct 5 or so Developers into this group. This is only for the best of the best and its not a list in any order. This is to recognize the top in the industry and if its made by them you are in store for a Quality and Fun game. 

So comment on what you like to see in future blogs

Top 13 Games of E3 2013 (13-7)

Well E3 is always an exciting time of the year when the biggest stage to show the future of video games. This year was no different with a lot of great games shown off like Kingdom Hearts 3, Sonic Lost World, Fable Anniversary, New Halo game, and much more (games not on my top list etc..) but there are always those few games that stand out where you are like, when that game comes out I am so getting it.. Its always enjoyable seeing whats new and coming up for games and starting the hype for Xbox 1 ane Ps4. Heres my personal favorite top 13 games that i liked at E3, this may or may not have been revealed at e3 but every game on my list had to make some appearance at the event.. so lets get started!


13. Sunset Overdrive (Xbox one)


-Its weird for me seeing Insomniac Games now turning over and teaming with Microsoft to make a new Ip Exclusive to the Xbox 1, it features an open world with stylize graphics and art, and features colorful yet mature game. With it being an Open World Shooter and being made by Insomniac i can't help but be excited about this game, at the same time ever since Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time the team has not made a game up to par with that game, so we shall see

12. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)


-With Ocarina of Time 3D being a pretty big hit, it was time for the new 3DS Legend of Zelda game, and thus we have a Link Between Worlds, if you have noticed I am not a big Zelda fan, I enjoy the characters and gameplay, but with me getting lost in the games quite freqently its become a turn off for me. That being said this game looks really intersting and looks to be a huge Seller this Holiday Season

11. Yoshi's New Island (3DS)


-Yoshi has always been a series that i have adored. Yos hi story was one of the 1st games I beat on the N64 and even though its an easy game, for a me as a kid it was a pretty big deal. Yoshi Island DS was a fun game and i beat it, but it felt like something was wrong with overall level design in that it was not as good as the Original on SNES. although i really liked the Baby Swaping mechanic, the game just fell short of greatness.. This time it seems like the classic gameplay is back and the art direction is awesome to me. I can't wait for Yoshi's next Portable adventure in 2014

10. Infamous Second Son (PS4)


- Sucker Punch is one of the best developers we have today with hits like Sly Cooper, Rocket Robot on Wheels, and Infamous the company has always made quality games that i have enjoyed. Now its turning it up with the new console bringing the greatness of Infamous and having a new Protagonist Delsin Rowe and featuring a brand new real life city of Seattle, the game looks amazing and is one reason why I am looking forward to PS4

9. X (tenative Title) (Wii u)


- I just can't get this game outta my head. The E3 Demo has to be one of the coolest unexpected games i have ever seen. A mix between Dragon Hunter, Robots, RPG, and breath taking graphics. X might be Nintendo's Best new IP coming to Wii U. Xenoblade was an amazing game i sadly never played but i am even more hyped to play this game with Transformer like Mechs and vast Worlds this game seems to have to whole lot of awesome moments.. That song is stuck in my head lol..

8. Knack (PS4/PSVita)


-I wish more games could be like Knack, at least Sony Japan feels the same as i do in that we dont have enough colorful Character Based Platformer games that were so big in the 90s early 2000s Its something i really miss in gaming and I am so glad a game like Knack is coming for PS4. With a really cool character who can change sizes and gain new abilities this game seems to combine 3D Platforming with Beat em up action looks really fun to me

7. Puppeteer (PS3)


- Puppeteer Shows that PS3 Still has a lot of Kick left, and maybe the swan song for the console before switching its main focus on PS4 game production. But this game looks better and better every time i see the game. With unique Scissor gameplay and switching your heads using all sorts of objects as heads with different abilities, Puppeteer is very unique game i can't wait to play. For me i got into video games by 2D platformers and still they are my favorite genre today (although we have seen very little from the genre recently) Puppeteer looks to me like the first Brand New IP 2D Platformer i have been waiting for so long. I can't wait till September to play this exicting game. I was very tempted to put this higher on the list i just don't want to overhype it yet.. but i am excited to say the least



Top 5 New Comers in Smash Bros 4

Can you believe it!! its been annouced videos and screens on the internet and i gotta say this game looks amazing!! and i am so happy the 2 new comers have come from my list (one being today) Animal Crossing Villager looks really fun to play as with moves i expect to see when i thought of the character and i am so glad he made the first slot Animal Crossing needs to be represeted in the series and they did Hazah! lets pick up where we left off with our top 5 characters I also wanted to say that the order of this is pure personal and anybody on this list i love to see (except Balloon fighter since the Villager uses a balloon hat like him so thats even cooler)


5. Geno-Super Mario RPG (SNES)


-This guy has been the most requested character that has not appeared in the game, with fans wanting him from the start and growing louder in Meele and Brawl. If square would just let them have this guy everyone would be a lot happier.. Geno is a cool Puppet and with his magic powers and moves would be such a fun charatcer.. Its been so long since we last saw Geno it would be a dream come true..


4. Megaman- (NES,SNES,N64,Gamecube,Wii)


-I am keeping my list like a wrote it out and thankfully today we heard that Megaman would be appearing in the next Smash Bros game. With such a rich history with Nintendo and his unique look makes him a perfect fit for a game like this. With different Robot powers and classic megaman moves he fits in so well with all the Nintendo Characters.. add in a kick ass Dr. Wiley stage and we have a very exciting character.. Pinch me im dreaming Megaman is back!!!


3. Professor Layton- (DS,3DS)


-One of the new Nintendo Characters I would really like to play as, With P.Wright in MVC3 its tells me you can put anybody you want in a fighting game, with Fencing moves, sloveing clues and helps from other series characters.. along with a stage Professor Layton would be so cool to mix up with other Nintendo Fighters. And with him actually refencing Smash Bros in a letter sent to him, it would be logical to add him to the roster


2. Dillon: Rolling Western (3DS)


-Dillon is Nintendo's Newest IPs and man does he kick ass, with lots of different combat moves featured in his games along with cast of characters, potiential items, Stage, music and style. Dillon seems like he was made to be in Smash Bros. Like most characters in the game the game came before Smash, for Dillon being a new character it seems like his design and unique moveset fits so well in Smash Bros. I really want to see this guy and is probably my most wanted character in that i will adore playing as him. With his comboy Persona and Western Vibe Rolling Western will provide a unique series to all the other Unique Nintendo Series already represented. With him being a first party character i wait to hear news of his inclusion.

and Finally the Number 1 Character I want to see in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii u is...


Little Mac- Punch out!! (NES,SNES,Wii)


-With a series that dates back to NES, and with that being a popular series, I am surprised its taken Nintendo this long to give us their Boxing Character in this game. Little Mac is the loveable underdog boxer and has a unique look and style this game needs. With great fighting games you usually have the Boxing punch heavy character (Ie Balrog from Street Figher or Combo from KI) With Smash Being a fighting game and Boxing being man to man fighting it seems mind blowing that he has not been a series staple. Now with a Wii Relaunch there is no excuse, and seeing him as assist trophy in Brawl made it clear we need the new look Mac suiting up from this Smash game, its needed so bad and his moves would be directly from his games.. and would work brilliantly 


There we have it.. My next blog will be about e3 in general But i am so happy Megaman and Animal Crossing have made it into the Series, and i hope other characters join as we get closer to its 2014 release date which i can't wait!