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Gamespot, I just don't know you anymore...

I've been a member of GS for nearly 10 years now, but in the past few years it seems like things have changed for the worse. GS used to be my favorite place to go for anything and everything video game related, now; however, it full of pointless articles and meaningless videos. I blame the British take over! Maybe it's not them, but once all the American personalities started playing second fiddle to the Brits, nothing is as good as it once was. So, I have moved myself over to IGN to see what it's like over there. I have never used that site before, but when I went to the main page and clicked the first video that popped up, I was greeted with and AMERICAN host! Sold! I'm sure everyone has opinions on GS vs. IGN vs. whomever, but I think it's time to leave GS behind. Sad.

Tis the Season for iOS Gaming

So I got some iTunes cash for Christmas and I've been combing the App Store for games; namely RPGs. I found three: Bastion, Oceanhorn and The Shadow Sun. I am playing the first two now and plan on posting some reviews soon, but I must say, wow. I never thought that such small devices could produce such an excellent gaming experience! Be back soon! More to come!

Skyward Sword: First Impressions

Well, I'm seven-ish hours into the game and I must say I am not impressed. The graphics are full of low-res textures, the level design is a bit uninspired and the motion controls are not at all necessary. I absolutely enjoyed Twilight Princess, but this game seems lacking. I'm not wowed and eager to turn the next corner. It does have some cool elements, but it doesn't seem to have the same production values that other entires have had.

I will definitely play though and finish and maybe my attitude will change farther in, but for now I feel a bit let down.:(

Adventure awaits...

I've been waiting for two weeks now for Skyrim to arrive in the mail. I can't wait! I've nearly watched all 12 hours of the marathon and I think I'm well prepared to begin the massive quest. I am really looking forward to wandering off in a random direction and seeing where it takes me. I'm still not sure what type of character I will use though. I know I want to use ranged and stealth, but I don't really want to use light armor. I may just do heavy armor, one handed w/ shield, and a bow as secondary. As for magic, I'm not a fan of it, so I'll stick more to medicines (potions) and possibly some restoration. I just can't wait to go adventuring. The only thing left to really wonder about is if my computer can render the game well enough. I think I've squeaked just over the minimum, but hopefully the performance isn't minimum.

What a contrast!

I dug deep into my blogging archives and found my post from when the Wii was announced. I thought I'd give it some daylight to compare it to my reactions to Wii U.

Original Post from 11May06 :

It nothing new to say that I was upset with the choice of name for the mew system, but after watching the Nintendo press conerence, my opinion has changed.

Since Wii is basically a Gamecube on steroids it's going to be much cheaper than it's competitors, but it definately makes up for its tech specs with its new control. Putting a new spin on my favorite franchises is just what the doctor ordered. I have been an N64 fan since it was first announced and have not wanted to have anything to do with next gen systems. All the new things felt like just what I have on my N64, only more expensive, but with Wii it feels like good old Nintendo again with plenty of new to keep it fresh.

I have to say that I am very excited about Wii and Nintendo definately has my Bengamins this year.

Wii Who?!

Wii U, eh? Well I guess I had a similar reaction to the first Wii when it was announced and it has become my favorite system.

What I liked:

I'm glad they kept the Wii line going, instead of ditching it for an all new name. I like the familiarity of the name. I'm glad the system is backward compatible with games AND accessories. I'm glad that it has full HD capability (a bit late to that particular party, but better late than never).

What I didn't like:

I was disappointed to see such a violent and gory game line up. Like Nintendo is trying to be cool by making the same old shooters and dark, adult-oriented games (by the way I'm 26 years old) that all the other systems need in order to be cool.

What I'm not so sure about:

The controller is undoubtedly slick and neat, but is it over kill? Do I really need another screen to play on? If someone else wants to watch tv, shouldn't I just be considerate and save my game? Is Nintendo trying to make keep me playing games; forsaking all else? It seems like the only way to "innovate" is to saturate and permeate my life with games, games and more games and consume all my time and attention. To that I say, hmm...

As it stands right now, I believe I will end my video game rat race with the Wii and DS. It will take too much time (not to mention money) to try and keep up with what's new; especially when what's new will be last gen next year anyway.

I'm not trying to say that Wii U is dumb or anything, knowing Nintendo, I think the system will be a huge success, but at what cost. As we all enjoy the flurry of new things from our favorite companies I hope we will all keep this in mind: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Jesus Christ

Virtually There! ... I hope.

I'm finally not at work when E3 kicks off this year! So now my goal is to watch Nintendo's press conference LIVE! I can't wait. What are you looking forward to most?

So I decided after 5 years...

...that it was high time I joined as a Gamespot Plus member. Most of my justification was to get the downloadable game guides, but as it turns out, they're not that special. I thought they were the same as the online guides, but they're not. The Pokemon Platinum one I looked up was 11 pages not (not even full pages) and there was not even an item or HM/TM table or chart to be found! Hmm...not impressed so far Gamespot, not impressed.

Side Swiped!

I just picked up a budget title and as it turns out, it is a really excellent game. A review is in work right now. If you're interested, check back a bit later.


So, five years ago when I created my GS account, my all time favorite system was the Nintendo 64. I couldn't imagine not having my 64 or adding games to the rather hefty library. However, now, things are much different. I am no longer attached to my N64, although I have set aside 10 Nintendo published titles to save, I will be putting my library of more than 60 games up for sale. The change of heart? Wii. Nintendo has always been my favorite company. I'll admit I was beginning to loose faith during the GC years, but with the release of Wii, I have found a system able to surpass the awesomeness of the N64. Plus I can still play many of my favorites from the 64 days. I won't go into detail on everything I love about Wii because most of you are aware of what the console is all about, but saffice it to say, Wii4ever!