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It's Been Awhile....

It's been awhile since I spent much time on here. Life has been hectic not allowing much time for much else. But now I have a bit more time to myself and can stop in more often! Guess I can recap some of the stuff I did during my absence. On the gaming side I have done quite a bit in the little freetime I had. I completed the achievement lists for both Dance Central and Fable III. DC is so much fun. It's becoming part of my daily routine. Fable III was an enjoyable game. Though their execution of that weapons achievement was horrible. DJ Hero 2 is almost done. Might be the most over looked game in 2010. Soundtrack is amazingly good. I didn't expect much from it since it seemed Actvision was rushing out a sequel. Freestyle games did an impressive job on getting a solid and all around improved sequel out in less than a year. Something Neversoft wasn't able to do with Guitar Hero. Also completed the achievement list for NFS: Hot Pursuit. Awesome game. It's nice to see two solid back to back NFS releases. It's been awhile. And had a lot of fun in the snow. Taking a rally born car through crazy blizzards was a blast. Ended up helping out a stuck police officer during one of my runs. He loved the ride, despite me breaking enough traffic laws to get me shot lol. That's all for now. Sleepy time now. Maybe next time I can recap some more!

Finally Feeling Better! Got Stabbed!

For the past couple of weeks I have been horribly sick. And as soon as I start feeling alive again I get brought right back down....

It was around 6:00 AM when it happened. Was working in the kitchen when some one accidently split a jug of oil on the floor as another person was rushing through the kitchen. She slipped on the oil and tried to save herself by reaching for the table edge. Where she reached had a freshly sharpened and fairly large blade sitting on it. With our luck combined she hits the knife which she thankfully didn't cut herself with. BUT! She launched it instead. Which flew in the direction of the innocent bystander that had nothing to do with the oil being split, her rushing through or the knife being there. Now it's 6:00 AM in the morning and I am lucky enough that I even know my name at this point let alone notice this knife flying towards me. It wasn't until it found itself lodged into my arm that I realized or even had the faintest clue of what just went down. The wound is about 6-7 inches long and down to the bone. How I didn't freak out when it happened or when I pulled it out is beyond me. Everyone else was wigging out. So now I am stitched up and in a lot of pain. It even hurts to move my hand so I am limiting how much I use it. So extremely limited gaming if any and limited computer usage for me.

And typing this with one hand sucked.

These Two Guys Put SEGA and Dimps To Shame

Recently a couple of Sonic fans released a demo of their upcoming Sonic fan project, Sonic Fan Remix. Not the most creative name, but it works. It's a short demo showcasing their re-imagining of CIassic Sonic. And they pretty much nail it dead on. The game play and the physics feel spot on with some minor tweaking done. This this the kind of game that SEGA should be releasing. Not what they call Sonic 4.

Here is a link to the demo.

Just Let Him Die With Whatever Little Dignity He Might Have Left.

Sonic 4 Episode One is out. I had some hope for this release since it looked like SEGA was finally going to let Sonic go back to his true roots and the fact that Dimps was behind it's development. Dimps did an awesome job with Sonic Rush for NDS. A game SEGA let Dimps alone with. SEGA got involved with Rush Adventure which turned out to be meh all around. I played the demo for Sonic 4 and had mixed feelings on it. So I went against my better judgment and bought it. What a waste of $15. Not only did I get a fraction of a complete game. It's watered down and completely misses what Sonic accomplished with his early releases. They completely destroyed the key factors that made the original games so enjoyable....

The goddamn game play!

Homing Attacks is completely inconsistent. He sometimes refuses to perform it. I can replay the same section over and over the exact same way and it will be completely random if he responds.

How the **** can you have a Sonic game that has ZERO momentum? Hitting bumpers, boosters and running downhills doesn't feel any faster than doing a standing speed dash. Speaking of which, why does the speed dash lack speed? In fact the game completely lacks in the speed department. This is like the Quagmire Edition of Sonic.

And Sonic 4 is apart of the trend of making old cIassic with 3D visuals played in cIassic 2D fashion. In Sonic 4... it doesn't feel or look right. It's hard to pin point the problems, but it seems like a combination of things.

Also the music aims for cIassic Sonic sound. Not happening here. It tries way way way too hard and misses the mark.

SEGA and Dimps try to use familiar enemies and level designs from the CIassic Sonic releases in hopes to win over the fan base. Which wouldn't have been bad if they actually got the game play right. Sonic 4 is a soulless game. They had their heart in the right place in the beginning, but ended up scrapping it for another shameless Sonic release.

Sonic is a ravaged, soulless husk with no honor left to speak of. He has been chained and violated in ways I can't even begin to imagine. I don't think I can bring myself to buy another Sonic release.

Getting Married and Having a Lot of Little Blue Children

BioWare released their latest DLC for Mass Effect 2, Lair of the Shadow Broker. And it shows that BioWare is learning how to do DLC right. Overlord was the first piece of DLC that showed promise for ME2 DLC. I like Kasumi as a character, but how they handled that DLC made it hard to recommend it. LotSB is an epic affair. BioWare didn't cut corners when they worked on this one. The writing and acting are all top notch and the set pieces are engaging. I don't know why they can't do the same with Dragon Age: Origins because most of what they offered for it has been mediocre in comparision.

It's a Shame That It Doesn't Sell Better.

As some of you may know very well, I love my Zune. My Ugly Little Zune 30 (Well it had a 100 GB drive in there...) dieda couple of weeksago which made way for my Zune HD to get some more attention. And as a current iPhone owner, I can't wait for Microsoft to turn the HD into a full fledged phone. The UI is more fluid and honestly makes more sense than anything Apple has been doing. Plus the sound quality of the Zune HD is even better than previous Zune hardware. To add insult to injury about Apple, the Zune 30's sound quality is still superior to anything Apple has out now. Another great thing about using my Zune is how I don't have to use iTunes. The only reason I have iTunes is to back up my phone and install updates (Which are incredibily painful to do). I hate to sound like I am bashing Apple, but I can't understand how a product with better software and hardware still can't take marketshare away from Apple which it's only saving grace is that it's a Brand name.

Since I have been using my Zune HD more often, more and more people have been noticing it when I break it out. And most people that have toyed with mine are considering it or bought one. Only big thing the unit is missing is Apps. Which I can live with. I don't get to play too many on my iPhone because the battery life is awful. Any other Zune users out there?

Nemo Recieved a Devastating Blow Today.

This not Nemo making this blog entry, but a very close friend of hers. I was just passing time here at her place on her computer as she slept. I noticed she still had a window open in Explorer and it was GameSpot. I know she has been involved with this community for several years now so I figured you guys deserve to know what happend today. Something that will have a lasting effect on her.

Lori, her girlfriend of several years and childhood friend since they were in diapers died today in a freak accident.

They planned on dropping one of Nemo's cars off to a shop to get work done to it. Lori was driving the car that needed the work. Nemo realized she forgot her phone and ran back in the house to get it while Lori waited outside in the car. As Nemo was coming back out of the house it happened. A Neighbor's dying tree finally did what Nemo has been complaining to them about for over a year now. The tree fell and crushed the car Lori was waiting in. These are the same neighbor's whose negligence also caused their house fire two years ago. And now their negligence took the life of the person Nemo held to her the dearest right in front of her. I rather not get into the details of it, but this is the second time Nemo has witnessed losing someone she cared for right in front of her.

I don't expect Nemo to be in a proper state of mind for a long time. And I don't expect you guys will see her around here for awhile. And I hope me posting this doesn't get her in trouble as a moderator here. I am trying my best to help her through this along with the rest of her friends. I know some of you guys have her AIM screen name she linked to her phone. Feel free to send supportive messages her way through that. I am sure she will appreciate them. Though I can't promise she will respond. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it's news I know she wants to say but can't bring herself to say.

It's a Crying Shame...


That there is almost no chance of this game ever seeing the light of day on retail shelves. I was honestly still looking foward to the game. It was depressing to watch that video because 3D Realms looked to be really delivering the ultimate Duke Nukem game they promised us 12 years ago. So there is a bit of regret there now that I watched that video.