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@edgework: that is a great idea, a stack called "Games I've Rated" would be perfect solution!

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@beutlich99: My thoughts exactly beutlich99, it only makes logical sense to have games rated be carried over into one of your stacks. I cant remember half of the games I've rated and only rated once I've completed the game. I hope GS can somehow merge the ratings from the old system into one of the new stacks. I honestly don't see it happening anytime soon, maybe sometime in the future, I was a hardcore gamespot user and only used gamespot, but until they have fixed this issue, I've taken to other gaming info sites, starting from scratch.

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If not bring back, they should at least allow us to view it in the older format for a period of time. I kept a list of all my games I've rated on the old gamespot and now that its gone, I feel I've lost alot of games I will never remember.

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@supermajic: Indeed, gamespot was the only place where I kept a list of all the games I've beaten, now that the rating list is gone I've lost alot of games that I will never remember. I hope they bring the rating list back.

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I used gamespot to keep track of what games I've beat as I went through them rather quickly, now I cant see any of my ratings. Was this feature taken out?

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But I can still see about 10-15 of them when I mouse over my name to the top right. Is there anyway to fix this?

I use gamespot to keep up with the latest titles, this is a little more than frustrating to have my entire followed collection basically gone.

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Ive got a 2700k/gtx 560ti even without all the graphic settings i havent encounted a slowdown, but hopefully they add some in a future patch

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Why did you change it again? At least put in an option to have it the way it was. This new look is lame.

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I changed my email, but my gamespot updates still come to my old email... how do I make them come to my new email?

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Just wondering..