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Did you seriously make this same topic three times?

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Everytime I make a cake, I don't get the buckets back.  The wiki says i should.  happen to anybody else?

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Because I really wanna play this game, but I can't find it new. Also, if i get it for the 360, wil I be able to download the DLC, or will I not, considering it's an original Xbox title.

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I've been playing the Halo series for quite a while, and just recently started playing CoD.  I do like the game, but I hate how the leveling rewards work.  The more experienced players get better weapons, and because of that newer players have almost no chance.  It's not that you're better than me, it's that you're using a top tear weapon, and I'm using a Nerf Gun.  

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HELLO THERE. I've been wondering for a while, do the cloak spells work and stack together? Can I cast frost and shock cloaks, and activate ancestors wrath, and have all three effects going, or do they cancel each other out?


And about the shouts, there are two words only accesible by doing the College and Companions quests. However those are two of my favorite shouts (flame breath and ice form). I have no intention of doing either guild, and would rather the quests not even clutter up my quest log. Is it possible to go through those dungeons without the proper quest?